Super Gene - Chapter 738: Twin-Tail Purple Scorpion

Chapter 738: Twin-Tail Purple Scorpion

Chapter 738: Twin-Tail Purple Scorpion

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"No." Han Sen pushed her away and went back to lie down on the bench.

"Why? I can pay you!" Zhou Yumei quickly suggested.

"It's because I can't; that's why," Han Sen replied coldly.

"You..." Zhou Yumei quickly got angry, wis.h.i.+ng she could just bite Han Sen. But she knew she couldn't compete with him, despite her desire for him to escort her out of that place.

"Big Brother, if I offended you earlier—in any capacity—it was because of how young and reckless I was back then. Could you find it in your heart to forgive me?" Zhou Yumei held onto the urge to try to strangle Han Sen. She hovered around him in a cute pose, smiling fondly towards him as she spoke.

"Okay, I forgive you." Han Sen nodded.

"Brilliant! Then come on, let's go. I'll pay you back once we're free from this place. When should we head out?" Zhou Yumei had been driven slightly mad, after being here all alone for so long.

Humans desired and required social correspondence, and they always lived together. She, however, had been stuck in this place for over a year all by herself. If it wasn't for the presence of Little Orange, she would most likely have been driven completely insane. Although her initial encounter with Han Sen had been a bad one, her desire for contact with someone else—no matter who that was—overcame her wrath. That was why she had made the decision to stay.

She was afraid of being alone once more, and even if it was with a bad person or a person she would incessantly argue with, it was better than being alone.

"I told you I forgave you, didn't I? I didn't say I'd take you out of this place," Han Sen calmly told her.

"You... what do you want?" Zhou Yumei almost fainted in anger, and her finger trembled as she pointed it at Han Sen.

"Nothing. I just don't want to commit to the effort of getting you out of here," Han Sen told her, drinking his beverage.

Saving people was a good thing, but it was more often than not a troublesome task. If he brought Zhou Yumei out with him now, the Zhou family would most likely be made aware of the connection he had with her.

If he didn't bring Zhou Yumei, perhaps the Zhou family would hate him for it. If Han Sen tried escorting her away, and something was to happen to her while she was in his hands, the Zhou family would be out for his blood, too.

Perhaps the Zhou family would be understanding, but with what he had recently been embroiled in, he wanted to be more careful. He would rather have her see him as a bad guy, than end up in trouble.

If Zhou Yumei followed him, he would have liked to bring her along. If something did happen through such a circ.u.mstance, perhaps the Zhou family would not treat him as a foe.

Zhou Yumei was fuming mad, but she knew there was nothing she could do. She couldn't beg, fight, or do anything for him.

Suddenly, Zhou Yumei's eyes drifted to the snacks Han Sen had brought with him. She suddenly grabbed the bag and ran. While she ran off she said, "You drank all my beverages; this is payment for that!"

Zhou Yumei quickly jumped on top of Little Orange and presented Han Sen with an ugly face. She pulled the drinks and snacks out of the rucksack and shouted to Han Sen, "Since you aren't going to make an effort to bring me away from this place, I'm going eat all the snacks envisioning they are you!"

Zhou Yumei imagined the snacks were Han Sen, and so she ripped, tore, and bit into them to release her anger.

It had been a long time since she last ate and drank like that. Once her belly had been stuffed and she couldn't eat anymore, she went to sleep atop Little Orange.

When Zhou Yumei next woke up, she noticed Han Sen and the silver fox were gone. She thought Han Sen had returned to the Alliance for a while and would come back shortly, but after he had disappeared for a whole day, she began to get worried.

Han Sen had previously asked her what points of interests there were in the area, and she had informed him of a black mountain that wasn't too far off. That mountain was inhabited by a strange Twin-Tail Purple Scorpion. It was a creature that even Little Orange was afraid of, and was most likely a fearsome super creature.

When Han Sen heard of a lonely super creature out there, he had shown a feverish desire to slay it. If it was a second-generation super creature, that would have been the icing on the cake he very much desired.

According to the directions Zhou Yumei gave him, Han Sen had to walk one hundred miles to just about see the mountain in the distance. The mountain did not have a sharpened peak, and was more like a rolling mountain range. It was strange to see mountains lined up like so, out in a place such as that.

Han Sen rode his Golden Growler towards the mountain, and with the silver fox by his side, all the other creatures that inhabited the area hid. The creatures he did see, however, were not grouped as he expected.

The Black Desert was very unique in this aspect, as most of the creatures that inhabited this place tended to be alone.

It wasn't long before he began his ascent of the black mountains. He managed to detect the life force he had been searching for and hurried his Golden Growler up the slopes. Eventually, he laid eyes on the Twin-Tail Purple Scorpion, which he found wandering the foothills of the mountain. It was fervently digging into the sand.

There were many black rocks in the hole it dug, and it was a trying task for it to remove them. The Twin-Tail Purple Scorpion was one meter deep, but Han Sen could not guess what it may have been searching for.

Han Sen wanted to observe the twin-tail scorpion's strange behavior for a little while longer, so he did not summon his little angel to immediately attack the fiend. For a better view, he climbed atop a ten meter tall boulder and then resumed watching the scorpion digging up the rocks. He had become quite keen.

While watching, he opened his gene lock with the Dongxuan Sutra to observe its energy flow and a.s.sert whether or not it was a second-generation super creature as he had hoped it to be.

Han Sen was disappointed, however. The energy inside the scorpion was all blurred, and he could not watch the energy flow properly, which meant it was only a first-generation super creature.

Since it was only a first-generation super creature, all he could hope for by defeating it was a beast soul. The Life Geno essences weren't useful to him, and only fronted a monetary value.

Han Sen didn't want to sell too many Life Geno essences, either, as they tended to make others jealous. The entire Alliance was currently focusing on him like starved beggars admiring a spit roast. Unsure of what others were thinking, Han Sen thought it was best to maintain as low a profile as possible.

"Let's see if I can get a beast soul, at least." Han Sen stared at the twin-tail scorpion, knowing that the chances of obtaining a beast soul were low no matter which way it was cut. He had calculated that, even with his own luck, the drop-rate for a beast soul was only around fifty percent.

But Han Sen was still quite curious, and he was keen to learn what the scorpion was doing. It continued to dig into the black rocks beneath, and by now, it had dug three meters into the ground without slowing down.

"Is this guy a little too thirsty, maybe? Perhaps it's trying to get some water?" Han Sen said this in half jest, because he knew that super creatures did not need to eat or drink to survive.

Only certain special super creatures or pregnant super creatures would occasionally eat. But even still, he had never seen them drink water.

"What is it doing?" Han Sen had a strange feeling while observing this.