Super Gene - Chapter 693: Peach Core

Chapter 693: Peach Core

Chapter 693: Peach Core

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The periods of time between the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary's holy battles were long. Humans were rarely excited for the event, primarily due to the power of the spirits that partic.i.p.ated. Having an unlocked gene lock was in no way an a.s.surance of having what it took to compete.

If combatants fought in a human versus human fight, unless they met someone particularly cruel and heartless, there was at least the chance of surviving.

But going up against spirits was different. Spirits gave whatever they could and fought as ruthlessly as they might. There was no benefit to killing a spirit, either, as they could always resp.a.w.n at their spirit stones.

So, even though many humans signed up to partic.i.p.ate in the holy battles, they'd immediately withdraw and forfeit when put against a powerful spirit. Although humans made up the majority of the population in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, no human had won the tournament and earned the t.i.tle Son of G.o.d. With such a long losing streak, the general enthusiasm for the holy battles was pretty low.

To sign-up for the holy battles, only royal-cla.s.s shelters could host an arena. The Crystal Palace, while relatively small, was a royal-cla.s.s shelter. It had a small battle arena, but it was no larger than an average room.

After signing-up, you also had to match up and duel another person who had signed-up in the same shelter. Whichever combatant emerged victorious at a shelter, beating the rest, would then go against winners of other shelters. Only Han Sen resided at the Crystal Palace, so by default, he was the winner. As such, he did not have to battle with any others to qualify. He merely had to wait for the real, juicy Son of G.o.d battles to begin.

"I wonder what rewards I would get, if I was to win my final fight, the Divinity's Bout. Not even the most elite evolvers, who had unlocked their gene locks, could even dream of earning their place amongst the ten prior Son of G.o.d's. The spirits that compete there must be on the same level as super creatures, for sure. The rewards for being victorious in the Divinity's Bout and reaching the top ten should be very good. Might it be a random super beast soul? Or perhaps even a spirit that is above the royal cla.s.s?" Han Sen, merely contemplating the prospects, began getting quite excited.

If it was a spirit above royal cla.s.s, Han Sen definitely wanted it. Even Han Sen, who owned the little angel, had not yet obtained a spirit above royal-cla.s.s that obeyed him.

If spirits like that did exist, there wouldn't be just one or two super creatures in their shelter. Taking down such a shelter would prove impossible for humans, in their current state.

Han Sen then needed to think about what his ident.i.ty should be when taking part in Divinity's Bout. If Han Sen used his own ident.i.ty to join, he could use his little angel to fight alongside him. That would increase his odds of joining the ranks of the top ten for sure.

But right now, his popularity had never been so grand. There were eyes upon him, from the Alliance, tracing his every move. If he displayed a power that was above what could be achieved from sacred geno points, then it would become known that he had managed to absorb super geno points.

The entire Alliance would undoubtedly pester him for the method of doing so, and certain official organizations might even curtail his freedom until he disclosed the information. It was a matter that concerned the entire human race, so spearheading this development would put him in an awkward position.

It wasn't that Han Sen would mind aiding the development of the human race, it was just that he had only learnt how to absorb Life Geno essences through the Dongxuan Sutra. He couldn't teach everyone how to learn the Dongxuan Sutra.

Han Sen had the opportunity not to put any effort into the fight and let his little angel do all the work, but that would be useless too, if they were pitted against a super creature cla.s.s spirit that targeted him. There was no guarantee the angel could save him, if that were to happen. After all, the little angel was an offensive pet; she was not trained in the arts of defense. She was a fighter, not a protector.

Han Sen, without being able to use his powers, would become an obvious weakness in their partners.h.i.+p. He would most certainly not enter the top ten and become a Son of G.o.d.

But if Han Sen did not act at all, what was the point in partic.i.p.ating in Divinity's Bout? He wanted to use this opportunity to see if he could simulate the energy flow of his opponents there and learn.

After much consideration, Han Sen decided to adopt his old persona Dollar for Divinity's Bout. Although it was difficult to beat super cla.s.s creatures, fighting this way only provided him benefits. He could learn the way in which they fought. Such knowledge could prove to be quite the boon in the future.

There was still a month to go before Divinity's Bout started. Han Sen was in no rush to prepare, however. What he wanted to do was locate a second generation super creature.

After Han Sen left his room, the silver fox looked at Han Sen angrily. Then, it quickly spun around and ignored him. It looked like it was still in a bad mood because Han Sen kept the entire peach for himself.

"Good boy. I ate the peach, yes; but I still have the core. See if you can eat it!" Han Sen placed the jewel-like core of the peach behind the silver fox.

The silver fox then turned around and bit the peach core without hesitation. Han Sen heard it break and the jewel-like peach core was crushed. Strangely, from out of the core came another core. This one was white. The silver fox then spit the crushed remains of the first layer of the core out of its mouth and quickly swallowed the white nut.

"You can actually eat that thing?" Han Sen said, with wide-open eyes. All he was doing was trying to comfort the silver fox; he never expected there to be anything edible inside the core and that it could eat.

The silver fox ate the peach nut and then yawned. It leapt onto Han Sen's shoulder and looked as if it was going to sleep.

"That's it? You eat my peach core and then go to sleep? Give me a reaction or something!" Han Sen looked depressed. The silver fox ate so many good, valuable things each and every day. Yet despite that, it continued to grow so slowly.

If the silver fox could grow up quicker, he'd have two super creature cla.s.s powers to fight by his side. Fighting second generation super creatures would be even easier, if that were so.

After all, the second generation always seemed to have another super creature in tow. With the little angel's help, the probabilities of killing one still weren't in their favor.

The search for a second generation super creature could not be rushed, so Han Sen himself was not in a rush. What he wanted right now was to learn of what benefit he might receive from the Ji and Qin families.

The Ji family provided Han Sen with a few separate choices, each of which pleased him. He decided to accept five percent of shares in Sky Technology.

Five percent might sound small, but Sky Technology was in the top twenty corporations of the Alliance. Most of the Ji family didn't have a single share in it, as most of the important family members could only have a max share percentage of one or two percent. As such, five was a very good number.

A few core members of the Ji family might have had above ten percent of the shares, but for an outsider of the family to receive such shares was tremendous. It was also the first time such a thing had ever occurred.

If Han Sen sold his five percent share, he could do nothing for the rest of his life.

Of course, the Ji family's provision of a five percent share was not entirely down to Han Sen's gifting of the Life Geno essence. It was to establish a deeper tie between them.

After all, Han Sen was the only person who could kill a super creature in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

But what interested Han Sen the most was what the Qin family was preparing to offer him.