Super Gene - Chapter 688: Grabbing the Holy Peach

Chapter 688: Grabbing the Holy Peach

Chapter 688: Grabbing the Holy Peach

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The lower peach was different than the upper peach. The lower peach was mostly green and pale and only a little bit red. It looked like it would still take some time for it to mature.

The legion of snakes was getting anxious and annoyed. In their impatience, they started to approach the peach tree, ever so slowly. The pink snake was riding the head of a t.i.tanboa, which flew in circles of further impatience. It looked as if it wanted to launch itself onto the upper peach, which looked as if it was almost ripe. But it didn't yet; it showed restraint due on account of its fear.

The blue beast, resting on the branch of a tree, jumped down. It walked forward and stared at the upper regions of the tree, where the peach hung. Its eyes shone a blue color, but again, even this creature did not dare to approach the tree fully.

The crane flew up from the branch it was perched on and circled the skies above the tree. It didn't get too close to the peach, despite its obvious desire for it.

The big black bear stood up on its hind legs, staring at the peach like all the rest. It did not venture a single step forward either.

Han Sen watched how all the creatures grew more and more impatient. They greatly desired the peach, but they were conflicted with a fear that prohibited them from going forward. Han Sen was surprised by the scene, and it made him even more puzzled over the nature of the bugs. Where did they come from, to possess such power that they frightened the super creatures?

After a while, the wonder of the fruit's delightful scent reached its zenith, and the red mist that the peach emitted cloaked the entire fruit and began to resemble a holy light.

The peach had become transparent, and Han Sen could see how juicy it was on the inside. The temptation to sink his teeth into it, regardless of the prospect of subsequent death, was real.

That afternoon, the peach began to s.h.i.+ne. A symbol, composed of light, appeared on its skin. At that moment, the bugs went crazy and washed up the tree like the tide of the sea. Like a shadow, they ascended all the way to the peach. They were like a murky liquid cloud.

If he looked closer, he could see the vast swarms of bugs that pushed and squeezed together in a bustle to reach the peach.

Despite watching the peach fall into the hands of the bugs, the super creatures still hesitated. Han Sen gritted his teeth, summoned his wings and rex spike, and took off towards the peach.

Han Sen's movement was like the tipping of the first domino. The pink snake screamed and leapt towards the peach, alongside its legion of other snakes.

The blue beast roared, moved its four limbs, and raced up towards the peach.

The crane was like an arrow, descending from the sky, aimed at the peach.

The black bear and its cub roared to the sky and jumped towards the tree.

Their fear of the bugs was still apparent, but they weren't willing to let the peach go that easily.

The bugs were aware of Han Sen and the super creatures coming towards them, so they rustled their little wings and took off like black smoke. They came out of the bark like a murky cloud, ready for a dogfight with the creatures.

Han Sen swung his Flaming Rex Spike, and fire incinerated swarms of the wretched bugs, which rained down to the ground like a hail of fire. They weren't killed, but they could no longer fly.

There were far more bugs beyond the ones that were hit, however, and many more weaved their way around Han Sen's rex spike.

The bugs were too small, and a weapon like the rex spike could not easily block them.

Suddenly, the silver fox screeched as it lay on Han Sen's shoulder. A bolt of silver lightning incinerated the bugs that were coming for its master.

Han Sen was thankful for the silver fox. Again, he swung his rex spike to break the mist of bugs and went forward to grab the peach. Other creatures did the same. Although the number of bugs was incomprehensible, none had managed to damage any of the super creatures.

But even though Han Sen was the one who went first, the crane was still faster. The crane had managed to fly directly in front of the peach, and it used its beak to try to peck it from the twig it clung to.


The black bugs gathered up together like a big black hand and slapped the intruding crane, which knocked it away a dozen meters. It took a moment to regather its composure and balance in the air.

The bugs in front of Han Sen were like that, as well. They swarmed together to resemble a black beast and attempted to strike him.

Han Sen and the silver fox then cooperated to take down the black beast, brought to life through the unison of black bugs. Han Sen sliced through their formation, which forced the bugs to split. But they formed back together a second later, resuming their beast-like shape, intent on murdering Han Sen.

The same thing was occurring with the black bears, too. Their ascent was hindered by the black bugs, and they found themselves unable to reach the peach because of them.

The black bugs gathered together to become a flying animal or beast that could soar the skies. And their numbers grew and grew, buzzing everywhere, attacking every creature pining for the peach.

The black bugs formed a big hand next, which gripped the tree. It clawed its way up, heading towards the peaches.

The crane wasn't very happy after it got slapped. It cawed with rage and flapped its wings frantically to birth a frightening tornado. The creepy shapes of animals formed by the bugs, and the black hand that sought to steal the peaches, were sucked into it.

The black bugs were flushed into the tornado and carried far away. The tornado was discolored, and it looked black. The number of bugs present in there was sickening to imagine.

The crane then saw its opportunity to grab the peach, so it picked up speed and flew back.

But before the crane could peck the peach free for itself, the sound of shattering wood rang out. A black hole formed in the side of the tree, and a fist-sized black bug exited from within.

It looked like a seven-spotted ladybug, but its head was far bigger, and it was entirely black. Its wings glittered translucent gold.

The bug came out from the hole and flapped its golden wings, generating a bright light. Then it buzzed directly in front of the crane, striking one of its wings.


The super creature's tough hide and feathers were torn into by the ravenous bug. The bug latched onto the crane's wing and it drove its teeth deep into the wing with a wide-open mouth.

A chunk of the crane's wing was ripped off, exposing its bones beneath the fresh gush of blood.

The crane let out an upset cry, and it flapped its wings the best it could to kick up a sharp blade-like wind. It couldn't do anything to the black bug, however. The wind struck the black bug with a sound like the ringing of a bell. Unfazed by the attack, the bug dug back into the crane's wings, hungrily munching on its flesh.

The crane cried with sadness again. It flapped its wings to fly higher, but its ascent was slow because of the one ravaged wing. Try as it might, it could not escape the gold-winged bug's attack.

Han Sen's head felt numb, watching this. But he knew it was the chance he needed to grab the holy peach, and that was where he went. The gold-winged bug had been drawn to the sky by the crane, and this was Han Sen's best chance to grab the peach.