Super Gene - Chapter 68: Mutant Sawfish Spear

Chapter 68: Mutant Sawfish Spear

Chapter 68: Mutant Sawfish Spear

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"Meow..." Meowth was circling around the fire rapidly. In the fire, there were pieces of jelly-like sawfish meat. When heated up, the oil oozed from the fish, sizzling with a strong and fresh fragrance, making one’s mouth water even from afar.

Han Sen threw a large piece of cooked sawfish to Meowth and took one for himself. The fatty fish almost melted in his mouth, making him want to swallow his tongue.

Sawfish, as a mutant creature, had way more tasty meat than ordinary fish. Even fish like groupers were a far cry from it. Even just barbecued plainly with just some salt and pepper, the sawfish didn’t have a fishy smell at all, it was purely sweet and delicious.

"If this could be brought outside G.o.d’s Sanctuary, it would probably become the king of all fish. The ordinary dish wouldn’t even have any market. One mutant sawfish could probably be sold at tens of million. Such a shame..." Han Sen threw another piece of sawfish at Meowth.

Mutant creatures could not be brought away from G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Also, he didn’t have the energy to take all the sawfish he had hunted out of Dark Swamp. There were more sawfish in the lake than he had imagined. He had killed 15 these days. After eating several, his mutant geno points could no longer increase from eating sawfish. Since he couldn’t bring it all out, he decided to feed it to Meowth.

"My mutant geno points are 31 now. Such a fruitful trip! Dark Swamp is too dangerous for ordinary people, so there live so many mutant creatures. Probably I could even max out on my mutant geno points on this trip." Han Sen was in a great mood and rewarded Meowth another piece of fish.

The rest of the sawfish meat was made into jerkies by Han Sen. Before he left, he took another look inside the lake, to check if there was any fish that he had missed.

Seeing another mutant golden sawfish, Han Sen killed it in the same way.

"Mutant sawfish killed. Beast soul of mutant sawfish gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly."

It took Han Sen several seconds before he realized what had happened. He almost jumped up. It had been a long time since he had gained any beast soul and he suddenly gained one now. A mutant one!

Han Sen could not wait to see which type the sawfish beast soul was. If it was an arrow, he would be so satisfied.

Type of mutant sawfish beast soul: Spear.

Hen Sen was slightly disappointed, but overall excited. Although it was not a beast soul arrow, spear was still a popular type of weapon, especially a mutant beast soul spear.

Summoning the mutant sawfish beast soul, Han San suddenly had a gold spear in his hands. The spearhead was an inch long with sharpened cutting edge on both sides. The spear was frightening even by its look.

Han Sen wielded the spear and felt that it was heavy but easy to use. The sharp spearhead had cut down a thick tree with just a casual slash, as if he were cutting tofu.

"Whoever me off in the future will have to deal with this spear!" Han Sen tried the spear for a while, and didn’t put it away until he had sweat on his forehead.

A mutant beast soul weapon had already made his trip to Dark Swamp a success. This spear was enough to make an ordinary household rich.

After all, beast soul weapons did not need to be repaired and was easy to carry. Unless it was destroyed completely, it would recover on its own, unlike Z-steel weapons that needed fixing if chipped.

Although he had gained a lot, Han Sen still hadn’t reached his main goal, which was to gain a much-needed mutant beast soul arrow. So, he carried the rest of the jerkies and flew into the Dark Swamp again.

The poster was only trying to escape and couldn’t tell the directions. Hence it was difficult to find the forest he mentioned.

Fortunately, Han Sen had the ability to fly, so he could see far from the sky.

In the next two days, Han Sen was not so lucky. He did not encounter mutant creatures, but ran into swarms of poisonous insects several times. Watching countless insects moving under him like flood and leaving nothing alive behind them, Han Sen could not help but shuddered.

If he couldn’t fly and were attacked by these insects, it wouldn’t even matter if he was fit or not. Swarms of ants could kill an elephant, let alone these poisonous insects. Even someone with max sacred geno points could hardly survive.

Finally, Han Sen found some clean water. After replenis.h.i.+ng his water supply, he made a pot of fish soup and added some snake king meat in it.

It didn’t take long before the fragrance spread everywhere. Han Sen wasn’t afraid of attracting poisonous beasts as he had been wearing the black beetle armor since he entered Dark Swamp.

When the soup was almost ready, Han Sen was preparing to enjoy it with Meowth. Suddenly he heard a bird call followed by a whistle. A huge black bird flied down from the sky, its wings a few dozen feet long and claws sharp as metal hooks.

Hansen was shocked, "d.a.m.n, didn’t the poster say there were no advanced flying creatures in Dark Swamp? Judging from its look, this bird is at least a mutant creature."

Hansen stepped back and saw the huge bird landing by the fire. When it stood on the ground, it was taller than an elephant head. Its gleaming dark bird eyes gave it a regal look.

After the bird landed, a black-clad young man jumped down from the back of the bird and looked at the meat in the pot, "Boy, I’ll buy your meat."

He walked swaggeringly over and threw a piece of raw meat that looked like a cow leg on the ground and said, "It’s your lucky day kid. This is the thigh of a mutant poisonous-clawed beast."

Finis.h.i.+ng the sentence, the black-clad young man reached for the fragrant fish and snake meat in the pot.

"I won’t trade with you," Han Sen frowned.

The black-clad young man was fast and had already gobbled up a piece of fish. When he was about to ridicule Han Sen by pointing out the fact that he was offering Han Sen some mutant creature meat, he heard the voice telling him that he had gained one mutant geno point. His eyes suddenly widened, "How could this be? It was just one piece of meat, and it added one mutant geno point. So… there must be an entire mutant creature in the pot?"