Super Gene - Chapter 671: Elephant-Rex Strike

Chapter 671: Elephant-Rex Strike

Chapter 671: Elephant-Rex Strike

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Six raven bolts launched consecutively into the frosty bear's face. The beast tried to look away, to avoid them piercing any of its eyes, but it was too late. The bear had drawn too near to the launch-point of the bolts, and it didn't have sufficient time to react. One of the bolts struck directly underneath the eye, which caused it to bleed.

The frosty bear became incredibly angry. It threw itself back on its two hind legs and a frigid aura emanated from its body. Its paws came down, trying to strike Han Sen.

Han Sen put the peac.o.c.k crossbow away and evaded the frosty bear's lethal attack. He then jumped into the air, summoned Flaming Rex Spike, and took aim at his foe's head.


Fire and blood spewed everywhere as Han Sen crowned the bear's head with an ugly scorch mark.


Damage such as that was not enough to take the creature's life, but it did trigger its rage. Han Sen was at the center of its attention now. It quickly lunged forward with its paws in an attempt to grab Han Sen.

Again, Han Sen dodged. He evaded the bear, but it was close. He scratched his arm and noticed the presence of a cut that was bleeding through his armor.

Han Sen retreated, with frosty bear still gunning for him.

Luckily, this was Han Sen. And he did not fear the fatal, chilly aura of the bear. If the roles were reversed, and w.a.n.g Yuhang was on the run, he'd be dead right now.

"Big dumb bear, over here!" w.a.n.g Yuhang had already run a great distance away. After his swift recovery, he noticed Han Sen was in danger and so he did his best to provoke the bear.

This simple touting always worked in the past, and its winning-streak did not end this day. Despite the hatred the bear felt for Han Sen, it was once again attracted by w.a.n.g Yuhang. It was as if w.a.n.g Yuhang had murdered its parents or something.

Han Sen knew that if this were to continue, they'd be unable to win the fight. The Flaming Rex Spike was strong enough to wreck the bear's body, but Han Sen wasn't. His fitness was not high enough, which meant he was unable to deal the deadly damage he needed to bring an end to the bear.

But Han Sen knew what to do. Without saying a word, he rushed after the frosty bear, and at the same time, he cast the Dongxuan Sutra to simulate the energy of the bone elephant.

The overwhelming power of a super elephant now buffed Han Sen. His body almost imploded under the duress of handling such supreme power, as his muscles and bones struggled to maintain control.

w.a.n.g Yuhang continued running forward. Li Xinglun continued firing arrows to aid how he could, but they were useless against the enraged beast. The frosty bear was closing in on w.a.n.g Yuhang.

Han Sen was pus.h.i.+ng his potential power to the max, and it was reaching a tipping point. The bones inside him rattled and screamed for reprieve. With the bear still focused on w.a.n.g Yuhang, Han Sen leapt into the air with both of his hands clutching the Flaming Rex Spike. He swung his weapon and all the terrifying power that acc.u.mulated inside him was unleashed.

It was as if s.p.a.ce time itself was dealt a blow by the attack, and the air thundered with frightening sound.


The rex spike, blazing with fire, brought down a hideous, devastating blow against the bear's head. A deep, squelching thud accompanied its landing as the skull of its target sunk somewhat. The flames snapped in a dizzying crowd of embers as the fur of the bear's head turned to soot.

After that hit, Han Sen immediately summoned his wings to fly up to the sky. Most of his energy had been drained following the strike. If the bear was not killed by that attack and immediately retaliated, Han Sen wouldn't have had the energy to dodge the foe.

Han Sen observed the field of battle from above and noticed the bear had stopped moving. Blood seeped from the wounds of its caved-in skull as its body wobbled.

"Roar!" the frosty bear blasted, which shocked Han Sen.

Then the frosty bear ran off.

Han Sen's heart was brought much joy. He knew that his Elephant-Rex Strike must have dealt an insane amount of damage to the bear; otherwise, it wouldn't have tried to run off.

"After it! We cannot lose it!" Han Sen called out from the air as he took off in airborne pursuit.

Han Sen's body felt weak, though. He couldn't attack the bear again for a short while. It was lucky that the flying beast soul did not draw from an individual's strength. If it did, he wouldn't have been able to keep up with the fleeing creature.

w.a.n.g Yuhang and Li Xinglun obeyed the command and also went after it. They tried to cut-off and surround the escaping bear, but their attempts failed. They did not have super beast soul weapons, so they could not even deal damage to the bear's pelt.

But the frosty bear's brain must have been heavily damaged, as its judgment and movement made little sense. It did not try to jump into the sea for a quicker escape; instead, it ran off towards the Icefield. It still had speed, but its movements were shaky.

"Strike the wound on its head!" Li Xinglun fired an arrow at the wound created by Han Sen's Elephant-Rex Strike. This caused the wound to gush out more blood, and the beast to cry out in pain.

w.a.n.g Yuhang wanted to rush ahead, but he only had a single ancient sword, and thus could not get close.

The frosty bear was managing to pick up its pace, despite the pain it was enduring. The three of them were in tight pursuit, but they eventually lagged behind and felt themselves losing it.

Fortunately, the damage dealt to the brain was severe, and it wasn't working well as a result. The bear did not change direction once, maintaining its course the entire time. As a result, the trio didn't lose its tracks.

The frosty bear ran deeper and deeper into the Icefield. Eventually, its speed did slow down despite its desire to run.

"Move! Move!" Li Xinglun rode a mount to catch up. He shouted at people on the Icefield, telling them to move out of the way and not intercept the fleeing bear, lest they get grievously injured.

Most people did avoid the bear, but one group didn't. Instead, they ran towards it, wanting a piece of the action.

"Pah! Why do we have to step aside? Whoever kills it, owns it; plain and simple. I don't see your name on the bear, so why can't we kill it, huh?" the man leading the group said.

Li Xinglun looked at the people and realized it was Qi Xiuwen's men from the BlackG.o.d Army. Although they belonged to the G.o.ddess Shelter, the four armies were individual and Li Xinglun didn't have the authority to tell them to stand down.

After the people rushed towards the bear, others who were nearby noticed the possibility of nabbing an easy kill, too. They also sought to join the fray. But everyone thought Li Xinglun was only hunting a sacred-blood creature—one that looked heavily damaged. The possibility of earning an easy beast soul was all too enticing.

It was too late for Han Sen to stop them, however. He watched many people descend on the bear, to which the creature they were pursuing had a wretched reaction. It summoned its frosty aura and unleashed a hail of ice chips to pelt the fresh attackers, freezing the majority of them.

The strongest of those who sought to join in were most likely of a fitness level of about one hundred. They had not even unlocked their gene locks, and as a result, they had no chance of withstanding such an attack.

The bear then pummeled the ground, which lead to a cascade of blood. A few people were crushed, and none of their bodies were left complete. Severed limbs were strewn about, and organs were left exposed. One person was crushed into mince meat.