Super Gene - Chapter 66: Ghost-toothed Snake King

Chapter 66: Ghost-toothed Snake King

Chapter 66: Ghost-toothed Snake King

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Qin Xuan asked Han Sen to give Blackhawk more thoughts, as he would benefit a lot from such experience.

Han Sen left Qin Xuan's office thinking to himself, "Qin Xuan is really kind, but how can I leave mother and Yan now? Before I turn 20 when I have to serve, I need to constantly go home and take care of them. In the meantime, I must earn enough money so that when I’m off to the army, they could live a good life without care."

After he got home, Han Sen contacted Lin Beifeng and asked him to send the Z-steel arrows over. He wanted to go to Dark Swamp as soon as tomorrow. After all, improving his own physique was his priority.

Yang Manli was right about the fact that the beast souls he owned now would make him a great archer. And right now, what he lacked most was a good beast soul arrow.

"Sen, I have ten sniper arrows with 5 percent Z-steel. Please take them." Lin Beifeng put a box of ten sniper arrows in front of Han Sen.

"I'll take two and I'll give them back to you if I’m able to retrieve them," Han Sen said.

"Take them all. You can give me a bigger share of mutant creature meat in return; it would be even better if there is sacred-blood meat," Lin Beifeng smiled and said.

"Don’t be greedy. All I can spare is probably one mutant creature. You can take the rest of the arrows back." Han Sen took out two arrows and pushed the rest back in front of Lin Beifeng.

"Sen, just take them all. You can give them back after. These arrows are nothing to me. Don’t you know what business my family does?" Lin Beifeng insisted, offering Han Sen the arrows again.

"Your family owns Z-steel mines?" Han Sen looked at Lin Beifeng, surprised.

Lin Beifeng shook his head, "We do not have Z-steel mines, but we do have some collaboration with groups that produce Z-steel alloy. We have a mine of a rare mineral, which is a must to increase the percentage of Z-steel to 7 or above. This mineral is very expensive and those groups are always in demand of it, so they sell me Z-steel weapons at production cost. These didn’t cost me much, and feel free to let me know if you need anything in the future."

"You rock!" Han Sen gave Lin a thumbs-up.

Lin Beifeng shook his head and said, "In fact, Z-steel alloy is great for large-scale military use, but too heavy for individuals. For example, Z-steel armor has great defence but its weight affects one’s speed and endurance. Compared with beast souls, it’s not that practical. If future technology can raise the Z-steel content to more than 50 percent, the weight can be reduced a lot."

"Sen, would you talk to your friends and let me join you? I could provide them with Z-steel supplies," Lin Beifeng asked.

"Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do," Han Sen smiled at Lin Beifeng. "In fact, you are so rich that you can set up your own team and march into the mountains. Mutant creatures would be easy to come by then."

Lin Beifeng smiled wryly, "I have tried, but it is not as easy in Steel Armor Shelter as in my previous shelter. Qin Xuan's military force is stable and no one could challenge that. Those who can be bought with money are in Son of Heaven’s gang already. Although I am rich, I don’t dare to provoke a monster like Starry Group. The rest of talents are all controlled by Fist Guy. So, there is no talented freelancer at all. I basically have nowhere to spend my money."

Han Sen nodded, he also felt deeply about this. When he was isolated by both Son of Heaven and Qin Xuan, he almost had no way to survive in Steel Armor Shelter.

Han Sen teleported into Steel Armor Shelter and sneaked out in the middle of the night, so that Son of Heaven’s gang wouldn’t notice him.

Carrying his supplies, Han Sen picked up the paths less trodden and marched toward Dark Swamp. Others saw the swamp as h.e.l.l, but it was paradise to Han Sen who had the beast soul of purple-winged dragon.

Without any surprise or risk on the way, Han Sen successfully entered Dark Swamp. He saw no one near the swamp, let alone in the swamp.

Han Sen took no risk and found a spot with absolutely n.o.body there before he summoned the black beetle and purple-winged dragon beast soul. Wearing his purple wings and golden armor, Han Sen checked his equipment again and flew toward Dark Swamp.

The environment of Dark Swamp was similar to the poster’s description. There were indeed very few flying creatures. Occasionally he saw a few carrion birds, for which he didn’t even use arrows. If any bird dared to get close, he would cut then into two halves with the Shura katana.

There were many poisonous beasts and insects in the swamp. Having flown less than a day, Han Sen saw a mutant creature. It was a scary-looking three-footed toad the size of a truck crouching in the mud, covered in lumps and exuding green gas.

Han Sen was not interested in it at all. Even if he killed this thing, it was too huge for him to carry its meat out. And it would take him months to finish eating the meat, which was not worth it for a few mutant geno points.

"This is indeed a paradise." After flying for more than two hours, Han Sen saw another mutant creature.

Surrounded by a group of black and white snakes, a blood-red snake king was swimming in the reeds.

Han Sen did not approach it but hovered in the air, flapping his enormous wings. The snakes did not notice his presence at all.

Pulling out a sniper arrow from the quiver, Han Sen put a thread into the hole on the nock, nocked the arrow and aimed at the foot-long snake king.

Suddenly, Han Sen narrowed his eyes and the sniper arrow flew across like a lightning bolt.

The blood-red snake king was just opening its mouth, about to swallow a mouse-like creature. Just when it opened its mouth, a black shadow disappeared there and went into its stomach, piercing its belly.

The snake king suddenly twisted its body in agony, hissing desperately. The black and white snakes surrounding it all went crazy, but could not find where the enemy was.

The snake king bleeded heavily through its pierced belly and stopped struggling after a while.

"Mutant ghost-toothed snake king killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly."

The wonderful voice sounded in Han Sen’s mind. He excitedly pulled the thread and dragged the body of the ghost-toothed snake king up in the air.

That thread was not much thicker than a hair, but as a high-tech product, it was very strong and could bear more than a ton. This ghost-toothed snake king weighed just dozens of pounds and he easily pulled it up.