Super Gene - Chapter 648: Prediction

Chapter 648: Prediction

Chapter 648: Prediction

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Suddenly, Han Sen thought that if the beast soul had to be chosen to use the gem beast soul for evolution, did that mean humans using the Life Geno essence had to follow the same rule?

All the creatures in the First Shelter, including super creatures, only had to evolve with meat. Therefore, you could eat their Life Geno essence right away.

But when he reached the Second Shelter, creatures had their own elements. This meant that their cores were different. Did this mean that humans had to have a similar body to consume them?

Of course, Han Sen was just guessing. He didn't know for sure if things were indeed like that.

But if that was true, that meant he would have to use different elemental essences to max out his super geno points and become a surpa.s.ser. Would that mean he would receive a different super body?

Han Sen was deep in thought. If this was indeed how things worked, he wondered what element he belonged to and which Life Geno essence he would need.

Although he practiced Ice Skin, he didn't receive any icy powers. So, surely, he did not belong to the ice element.

And the Dongxue Sutra had no element, it just made him smell good. Han Sen had never heard of any creatures belonging to a perfume element, either.

"This is giving me a headache." Han Sen rubbed his temples and decided to shelve those matters for the time being.

Right now, Han Sen wanted to create a super beast soul. If it possessed the power needed to kill a super creature, then obtaining Life Geno essences would be a far easier task. His worries would most certainly be lessened.

"This T-rex gem beast soul will need another fire-element T-rex sacred-blood beast soul to have the highest success rate possible. But creatures below the super cla.s.s do not display the element they belong to, which means I will only have to care for finding another T-rex beast soul." Han Sen looked at the beast souls he was in possession of, noting that he didn't have any T-rex beast souls.

Hunting one by himself wasn't very realistic, so he decided to peruse the trading boards of Skynet. He wanted to see if anyone was selling a sacred-blood T-rex beast soul nearby.

There were quite a few T-rex beast souls for sale, and after a fair amount of time browsing, he found a person selling a Snow-Rex sacred-blood beast soul.

It was a snow-white, giant T-rex beast soul. It was a sacred-blood creature that had been hunted on some snowy mountain.

After Han Sen saw it, he quickly dismissed it. Although a sacred-blood cla.s.s beast soul did not have an element, just hearing the name and how it was related to the cold did not make him confident. Combining it with a fire-oriented gem was just asking for failure.

It was also important to note that this was an armor beast soul. Although he would need such armor eventually, he needed weapons more. If he didn't have a weapon that could pierce the thick hide of a super creature, killing them would be a tall order.

Han Sen saw countless posts about T-rex armor beast souls, but none about weaponry. Some of them were even transfigured beast souls.

"Well, I don't need a transfigured beast soul. I can't cast many skills when I look like a T-rex. Although the vitality would be fairly decent, my overall power might be worse." Han Sen considered getting a transfigured beast soul but ultimately dismissed that idea, as well.

He couldn't find a suitable beast soul, so he tried looking for something else. If he still couldn't find what he wanted, then he'd just have to try it out with an armor beast soul.

"When I went to fight the Red-Scale Dragon with Yi Dong Mu, it looked just like a T-rex. Perhaps it really is a T-rex sacred-blood beast soul. If I go kill it, maybe I could get a more useful beast soul?" Han Sen browsed for a bit longer, and being unable to find what he ultimately wanted, realized his thoughts were drifting to the Red-Scale Dragon.

"Red-Scale Dragon" was the t.i.tle he and Yi Dong Mu had devised for it. It was a sacred-blood creature that looked like a T-rex. During their fight, it crystallized and became a berserk sacred-blood beast soul. That had rendered them unable to kill it, and so they ran away.

Now that Han Sen had the peac.o.c.k crossbow, he could give it another shot. It would be fantastic news if he was able to obtain the beast soul. If he didn't get it, that would be okay, since he'd still be able to buy one, anyway.

He didn't stay in the shelter for long this time, so he used his communicator to call home and talk with his mom. They discussed various topics and spoke about what was going on with the family.

Xiao Yan's studies had been going really well, and she had many friends in the school for n.o.bles. The fact that she had become an outgoing girl made Han Sen pleased to hear.

He didn't want Xiao Yan to become a lonely person because of the family. Being a happy, outgoing girl was better than anything else.

They talked for about an hour before Han Sen had to say goodbye. Being able to talk with his family was quite the privilege. Without exclusive permission, most soldiers here were unable to talk with the outside world.

The reason Han Sen could do this was all down to Ji Yanran. So, every now and again, he was able to keep up-to-date with his family. He was not allowed to talk for long periods of time, however, and all communications to and from the Alliance were monitored.

Right now, Han Sen knew where the ice fields were in the Second Shelter. His mother was in the Sapphire Shelter, which was on the western side of a mountain range that was a thousand miles long. It was too far away from the ice fields for him to visit her. According to the Second Shelter's map, the Sapphire Shelter was several million miles away. And between them were vast swaths of wild, uncharted, dangerous land.

Han Sen's mom was training Saint Angel skills. Han Sen did not teach her or Han Yan Dongxue Sutra primarily because he was still learning it himself, and he didn't yet know if there were any troubles with it. He wanted to learn it himself first, and if there weren't any negative side effects, he would one day gladly take the time to teach them.

And in regards to his mom, Han Sen did not yet plan to visit her. He didn't believe he was strong enough to traverse such a long, treacherous road to reach the Sapphire Shelter. Furthermore, there wasn't really any point in going right now.

Han Sen had already prohibited his mom from hunting, and she only needed the money necessary to purchase food. Sapphire Shelter was a big shelter and the human faction was powerful there. It was quite difficult to buy sacred-blood flesh, but for any other cla.s.s of flesh, there was plenty available for purchase at all times.

With the money Han Sen earned, it was enough to fund her purchase of all the flesh she needed.

Back in the shelter, Han Sen prepared himself to fight the Red-Scale Dragon and try to earn its beast soul.

Han Sen left the silver fox behind in the Crystal Palace. If he brought it with him, the Red-Scale Dragon would smell it from a great distance away and run off before it was even a speck on the horizon.

He didn't dare return to the G.o.ddess Shelter, either, as he was still afraid of having any contact with w.a.n.g Yuhang. If the man's bad luck happened to infect him, and he failed to obtain the beast soul he desired, Han Sen would be heartbroken.