Super Gene - Chapter 641: Misunderstanding

Chapter 641: Misunderstanding

Chapter 641: Misunderstanding

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Han Sen entered the menacing metal shelter. All of a sudden, he saw a dark figure fly across the Mystery Island. He furrowed his brows and called aloud, "I have already issued a command prohibiting access to the Mystery Island. Who has disobeyed my orders and come?"

Standing on the high wall of the metal shelter, Han Sen noticed it was the figure of a man that was nearing. He did not have a pet like the silver fox by his side, and he was being chased by a host of monsters.

He was fighting his way through the hordes of creature, bones and blood paving his wake. No monster could hinder his approach, and he was coming directly for the metal shelter.

Han Sen caught a glimpse of the man's face, which was unknown to him. He had black hair and black armor, his eyes were pretty, and a copper sword gleamed in his hand. His finesse with the sword was remarkable and each swipe of the sword was intimidating to watch.

"Strange. How come I have never seen this man in the ice fields before?" Han Sen was positive he had never seen this person on the ice fields before. With sword skills like that, he would have recognized him with ease.

The man rushed near, and when he saw Han Sen standing atop the high wall, his expression was puzzled.

Han Sen stood on the wall of the spirit shelter without a single creature around him. A silver fox rested gracefully on his shoulders. The two looked like a spirit themselves.

And that's what the man believed Han Sen to be. Without prior warning, the man began swinging his sword towards Han Sen.

Han Sen frowned, not sure what was wrong with the stranger. Without saying a word, he had cast a powerful skill and was attempting to a.s.sault him.

Wind streams trailed behind the sword as it soared through the air with a frightening velocity. With such power, this man had most likely opened his gene lock.

As Han Sen watched him come, he was positive this man had decided to steal the shelter away from him. He would not comply with his brutish introduction, and so Han Sen decided to engage the man in combat.

w.a.n.g Yuhang was shocked as the fight began. He had been in the Second Shelter for over a decade and had sieged many royal shelters and battled many royal spirits in that time.

After he managed to unlock his gene lock, he had never gone against an opponent that rivalled his own talent. Within two seconds, two long swords were coming down on him wildly and he could not gain an advantage.

He had never been in such a situation before, for he did not think royal spirits could become so powerful.

Han Sen believed his opponent was quite powerful, too. He was using his Dual sword skill to the best of his abilities, and while it may have suppressed his latest opponent for the time being, he'd need to do more if he sought victory.

The opponent was not just dexterous with the sword, but also profoundly capable in a variety of ways. He looked like a genius, who hailed from a big family. Han Sen feared that he might even be stronger than Xue Yi Kuang.

"I have no quarrel with you. Even if owners.h.i.+p of the royal shelter is your goal, killing me is hardly necessary." Han Sen was preparing to use his peac.o.c.k crossbow to kill his attacker. The last thing he wanted right now was entanglement with another fighter, so he decided to test his resolve through dialogue first.

"You aren't a spirit?" When w.a.n.g Yuhang heard what Han Sen said, he was surprised. Quickly, he returned his weapons and looked upon Han Sen's face in disbelief.

"How could you mistake me for a spirit? Have you ever seen a spirit like this before?" Han Sen breathed a sigh of relief, but he never expected his opponent to believe he was a spirit.

w.a.n.g Yuhang observed Han Sen for a little while longer and then approached to hold his fists together and bow. He said, "I apologize. I did not mean to offend you, my friend. I looked upon you as you stood atop the high wall. The creatures encircled you, not daring to approach in fear. With your gracious looks, you being the ruler of this place was a natural a.s.sumption of mine. Or so I thought. Looks can be deceiving! But again, I must apologize for the skipping of formalities, so perhaps we can start over. Might I know your name?"

Han Sen reviewed his explanation and thought that it made sense. With a wry smile he responded, "I am Han Sen. Out here in the ice fields, I can only presume you have heard of me."

"You are Han Sen?" w.a.n.g Yuhang looked even more surprised. With a look of greater disbelief, he had to ask, "You are the Han Sen that graduated from Blackhark Military Academy?"

"a.s.suming Blackhark Military Academy did not have a second Han Sen, then yes, that would be me," Han Sen jovially responded.

"How is this possible? You have only been in the Second Shelter for just over a year, and yet, you have already unlocked your gene lock. Pray, tell me how you accomplished such a praise-worthy feat!" Upon hearing what Han Sen told him, w.a.n.g Yuhang was no longer confused. Instead, he was now merely rattled with surprise.

"I like to chalk it up to natural talent." Han Sen touched his nose, starting to feel like every Tom, d.i.c.k, and Harry knew about his brief, one year tenure in the Second Shelter.

w.a.n.g Yuhang froze for a moment, but after a while, started saying, "For one to open their gene lock in one year is not something the mere talented are capable of. Nay, such an accomplished deed is reserved for those that hail from the realm of the super talented."

After another brief silence, w.a.n.g Yuhang self-mockingly proceeded to say, "My name is w.a.n.g Yuhang. I am w.a.n.g Mengmeng's uncle. Before I embarked upon the adventure that led me here, to the ice fields, w.a.n.g Mengmeng recommended that I seek you out and see if there was aught you required a.s.sistance with. Now, clearly, do I see that there is not."

"You are Mengmeng's uncle?" It was now Han Sen's turn to be surprised.

"I am her uncle, yes; twenty years her senior, as a matter of fact." w.a.n.g Yuhang smiled and continued to say, "If you would prefer it, feel free to refer to me as Little Uncle just as she does. If uncle does not sound appropriate, then how about Big Brother w.a.n.g? Either of those will do."

"I will stick to Little Uncle, Little Uncle. Else, I am unsure how I would tell Mengmeng about our meeting here today." Han Sen coughed. This man was twenty years older than her but still spoke as if he were young. What a man.

"Seeing as we are now formally acquainted with one another, I won't beat around the bush; we'll venture inside this place together. He who deals the final strike to a creature will get to keep the body, but no matter what, owners.h.i.+p of this shelter will be yours," w.a.n.g Yuhang said.

"Little Uncle, you should go inside by yourself. I believe it would be inconvenient for us to go inside together," Han Sen suggested.

"Excuse me? Little Han, are you issuing me a handicap?" w.a.n.g Yuhang smiled.

Han Sen pointed at the fox on his shoulder, and as he did so, he said, "This pet I have has a special power. For as long as it is with me, even monsters that lurk below the blackest waves of the sea will steer clear of me. If we go in together, I fear we won't be able to obtain any kills."

"A pet such as this truly exists? My oh my, that is remarkable!" w.a.n.g Yuhang, with another look of shock, peered intently at the silver fox. But at least now he understood why all the creatures were staying away from Han Sen.

"What a wonderful creature; it brims with a delectable power. With this fox in tow, does that not enable you easy pa.s.sage to the inner-sanctum of any spirit shelter? You could own any spirit shelter you desired, with this little thing," w.a.n.g Yuhang wondered.

"This ability only works against creatures, unfortunately. The spirits have to be dealt with manually," Han Sen told him, not feeling the need to hide any of this information.

"Well, that's good enough for me. Come on, let us venture inside. Perhaps you can show me what it's got?" w.a.n.g Yuhang tugged at Han Sen's sleeves, leading him inside the metal shelter.

Like usual, no creature dared to come close, and without any hindrances, they found their way into the spirit hall with little to no trouble. This amazed w.a.n.g Yuhang.

"A most powerful pet, indeed." w.a.n.g Yuhang was not interested in the spirit, and only continued to stare at the silver fox. It looked as if he really wanted one for himself.

Han Sen gazed at the spirit in front of him, and this brought a great joy to his heart.