Super Gene - Chapter 639: Aero Skill

Chapter 639: Aero Skill

Chapter 639: Aero Skill

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"Brother Han, I have already told you everything. Fix me, quick!" Chen Ran begged.

"Old Chen, I really would like to fix you and set you free. But in addition to not telling me the truth, you are trying to kill me." Han Sen looked at Chen Ran sighed.

Chen Ran's faced changed and he said, "Brother Han, why would you say something like that? I am telling you the truth; there is no lie. And for me to be in such a position, how could I possible try to kill you?"

"After the entrance, I am supposed to go up nine tiers, not down," Han Sen coldly said.

Chen Ran's face changed, but he still insisted that he had told the truth. "How come? I have always learnt by going down nine tiers, ever since I was a kid."

"After the jade door, I should go left and then head up. The defense ballad should be three, not nine. Should I go on?" Han Sen squinted his eyes while looking at Chen Ran.

"Impossible. Impossible! Did that Zhu Ting... no... Zhu Ting shouldn't know the real Seven Twists... you... you..." Chen Ran's face looked at Han Sen as if he had just seen a ghost.

There weren't many people in the Chen family who knew how to perform Seven Twists. Those that did were afraid of outsiders learning the skill. That was why most students were only taught Three Twists instead of the original, complete variant.

In addition to Three Twists, they were also given false, filler-skills to change core components of the art. Even a master-cla.s.s person, had they not seen Seven Twists performed in its entirety, would not be able to tell the difference.

If people were being taught the fake Seven Twists, the differences were so minor they'd believe it was indeed the real thing.

But if you continued to practice it, you could become mildly paralyzed, and in extreme cases, end up dead.

Chen Ran could not understand how Han Sen already knew the real Seven Twists.

"I have given you far more chances than you are worthy of, but still, you haven't said an honest word to me." Han Sen raised his peac.o.c.k crossbow and took aim at Chen Ran.

"No... don't kill me... I can't die... I can't die..."


Chen Ran's eyes opened with a look of utter despair cast across his face. A bolt had blown a hole through his head.

"People like you, enemies of mine; I don't feel safe leaving you alive." Han Sen returned his peac.o.c.k crossbow. He didn't want to let Chen Ran go in the first place.

Han Sen burnt Chen Ran's corpse as he initially planned to, retrieved his bolts, and continued his journey back to the Icefield.

Although he already had Seven Twists, he would need Heavenly Go as a base. Otherwise, he'd have to start from scratch.

Although Han Sen had stolen Heavenly Go from Queen, he'd have to learn it in its entirety from the source Qi Gong. And that would take a long time.

Han Sen was already in the midst of learning Dongxuan Sutra and Jadeskin, so he didn't really have enough time to spare to practice another Qi Gong.

"I wonder if I can use the Dongxuan Sutra to replace Heavenly Go? After all, certain techniques of the Dongxuan Sutra aren't all that different to Heavenly Go. But I'm not sure if the Dongxuan Sutra can wholly replace Heavenly Go." Under the silver fox's protection, Han Sen's journey was almost too tame. That was why, with his thoughts free, he wondered if he could use Dongxuan Sutra for the base of Seven Twists.

The results of his attempts were better than he thought. Han Sen had noticed, ever since he stole Heavenly Go from Queen, he could use Dongxuan Sutra to simulate the skill. He could even simulate Seven Twists.

But that did not mean Han Sen had really learnt Heavenly Go and Seven Twists in their original form; he was just simulating them through the Dongxuan Sutra. And that still meant he was, at his core, using Dongxuan Sutra.

But for Han Sen, that was already enough.

When Heavenly Go and Seven Twists were combined together, Han Sen was able to fathom the terrible power such a combination could yield.

The original Seven Twists included, as the t.i.tle suggested, seven airborne twists. But combined with Heavenly Go, the move wasn't quite so simple.

With both of these together, he would not need wings to soar the skies in flight. And this was something only a handful of surpa.s.sers were capable of.

He could do it straight away if he combined Heavenly Go and Seven Twists, but he'd need enough energy. Provided he had enough, he could fly through the air as free as a bird.

Seven Twists would no longer be borrowing the strength of the air seven times, it'd be far more.

Chen Ran said you could fly for thousands of miles, but that was clearly an exaggeration. For airborne battles, however, it was something that would prove incredibly useful.

But flying required a lot of fitness and a lot of energy. Han Sen hated the fact that his Dongxuan Sutra's progress was so slow, and he had no idea when he could unlock its first gene lock.

He could use Dongxuan Sutra to simulate the Aero flying skill, but it would only last fifteen minutes.

But even that was a scary thing, because it was entirely different than using a beast soul. This was the true power of flight, and it would allow for the complete freedom of his body to do what it wished, just as efficiently as it could on the ground.

Han Sen was so excited at the prospect, he continued to practice it on his way.

Heavenly Go's formation was flat, but combined with Seven Twists, it became a three-dimensional formation with increased power. While this was quite the boon, it also required a user powerful enough to use it.

With the silver fox protecting him on his way, and the map he had received from Huangfu Pingqing, Han Sen arrived on the other side of the Devil's Mountain safely.

This whole area belonged to a man called Lu Hui. Han Sen had heard that this man was the Captain of the Blueblood Special Force and the Blueblood Reserve Force. To become such a captain meant he had to be quite a special person.

There were three royal shelters that were all under the control of Lu Hui. He was the boss of this area, and even though there existed another boss to the north, no one could dare to challenge him here. This was his domain.

Han Sen once asked around about Lu Hui's power, and the answers he received were quite shocking. Every one of Lu Hui's men were incredibly strong, far stronger than an average soldier of the Icefield.

Han Sen was lucky to have the Devil's Mountain separating his domain from Lu Hui's. Otherwise, defending the Icefield from either Lu Hui or the northern boss would be a near-futile endeavor.

Han Sen followed the path Thunder Devil once took, and it wasn't long before he caught sight of a giant floating island in the skies above the Icefield.

There were many flying creatures soaring to and fro around the mystery island, as if they were devils searching for their next hapless victims.