Super Gene - Chapter 625: Hunting Birds on the Sea of Clouds

Chapter 625: Hunting Birds on the Sea of Clouds

Chapter 625: Hunting Birds on the Sea of Clouds

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Chen Ran was surprised that Han Sen stepped forward to hunt the Sky Falcons, not the Queen.

Xu Dong Jin and the rest looked at Han Sen, as if they were getting comfy for an unsuccessful – albeit hilarious – spectacle. The Queen's Heavenly Go was infamous, however, and they thought if the Queen were the one to go, she might have been able to run up the tree, kill the bird she sought, and make it back in one piece.

None of them had heard of Han Sen's name before, and when he proclaimed his intent of hunting a Sky Falcon solo, they thought it was a foolish notion. They believed the deed to be impossible for him and that he'd only cause them grief.

The Queen nodded, "Okay. I'll wait for you here."

Unexpectedly for Xu Dong Jin, the Queen agreed instead of preventing Han Sen from going alone.

Han Sen summoned his wings and took off into the skies. He circled the tree and then went up to the top.

Watching Han Sen fly straight to the top to slay a Sky Falcon, Chen Ran shook his head and confessed, "This Brother Han lacks patience. To rush in like that is a fool's errand, and I fear he will be killed before he even reaches the top. What is this reckless boy doing?"

In silence, the Queen looked to the top of the tree and watched Han Sen fly. She was looking forward to seeing how Han Sen would defeat any birds that dared attack him in midair.

Although a human could fly with wings, the speed statistic of a pair of wings had no correlation to a person's body. He could not just push it whenever he wanted to, like on land. Dealing with such birds in the air was indeed quite dangerous, and as a result, he most likely would not be able to compete with them.

Chen Ran observed the silhouette of Han Sen. Even though he was from the Chen family, and a learner of Seven Twists, even he would not dare provoke a flock of such hazardous birds. To him, Han Sen looked like someone with a death wish.

When Han Sen was one hundred meters from the top, the birds on the tree noticed him. All sorts of birds flew out from the tree, all targeting Han Sen. It was a terrifying sight to witness.

There were so many birds that the skies became black, blotting out the sun and shrouding the area in darkness.

It was riveting to watch due to the size of the birds, as well. They were each quite small and the biggest was roughly the size of a white crane. Most of them were only the size of ravens or sparrows.

But size did not matter, and the sight was ugly all the same. No matter how hard they might try, a person with arms and legs could do little to deflect such swarming creatures.

Although he was expecting this sort of situation, it was still a shock for Xu Dong Jin to witness a man be a.s.saulted by so many angry birds.

Han Sen, who was still in the sky, had yet to react. He remained fearless, and focused on a.n.a.lyzing the flocks of birds to find out which were the Sky Falcons he sought.

According to the information he had obtained, Sky Falcons looked like owls – just a little slimmer. They were greenish-blue in color and flew incredibly fast.

Han Sen knew where the Sky Falcons lived and so he continued to observe the top of the tree as he went through the air, so he'd be able to see them the moment they emerged.

Just like the information he had obtained suggested, the Sky Falcons were faster than any other bird. All of a sudden, they came speeding out to the head of the crowd of birds coming for Han Sen.

But in the group of Sky Falcons that came for him, Han Sen could not catch a glimpse of the extra large Sky Falcon king in their midst. This puzzled him.

In the blink of an eye, a large group of enemies were directly in front of Han Sen. He summoned his ancient sword and silver snake sword, flapped his wings, and challenged the birds head-on.

"This man is incredibly brave." Seeing Han Sen go up against the birds with equal aggression, Xu Dong Jin could not refrain from commenting.

These words were not complimenting Han Sen. The words were spoken to put emphasis on his recklessness. To go all-in like that was insane, and even if he had unlocked his gene lock, performing this deed in such a manner was sure to result in his death.

After all, opening your gene lock did not make you invincible. Everything was limited and gauged by an individual's fitness. The same as ever, it was incredibly difficult to survive a situation in which you were surrounded.

But in the next second, Xu Dong Jin and his people abandoned their thoughts and dropped their jaws to the rocky ground. They witnessed Han Sen emerging from the other side of the black bird-veil of the sky, with a few dead Sky Falcons exploding in plumes of red feathers. Han Sen then stretched his wings and escaped the crowd of birds that were now unable to catch up with him.

"How can this person possibly be so fast?" Xu Dong Jin said in absolute shock.

Han Sen was like lightning, zipping backwards and forwards in the air. He was much quicker than the birds that attempted to surround him. Every time he killed a few Sky Falcons, he'd zip away and gain some distance from the crowd. Even the sacred-blood creatures that chased after him could not catch him.

"Berserk sacred-blood wings?!" Chen Ran squinted his eyes as he suddenly shouted in excitement.

After Xu Dong Jin and his people heard it, they understood. But in this new understanding, they were shocked even more.

It was rare to see a berserk sacred-blood creature, let alone a beast soul. This was a flying-type berserk sacred-blood beast soul. To purchase such wings would put many young evolvers out of business and bankrupt many shopkeepers.

Han Sen was twirling around the skies, killing what he wished with little to no effort. Unable to catch up with Han Sen, the birds couldn't do anything.

Across the sea of clouds, Han Sen weaved his way around, killing and dodging every foe he chose to. Cut feathers were beginning to mask the skies as blood painted the ground below.

While Han Sen was enjoying his time, a sudden green-and-blue light flashed. A blue King Fisher appeared, about the same size as someone's palm. Flapping its wings madly, it shot out of the tree. Its speed was no less than Han Sen's berserk sacred-blood wings, and it may even have been faster.

Although the blue King Fisher was small, it was no less intimidating, and its face looked as if it had murder on its mind. It darted towards Han Sen like a hawk, trying its best to peck him.

"Is this the Sky Falcon king?" Han Sen looked at the King Fisher's face and noticed it appeared similar to a Sky Falcon, just smaller. The feathers on its body looked as if they had been carved in jade and its beak was like a hook of crystal.

No matter what, Han Sen wanted to kill this new challenger. He unsheathed his silver snake sword and took aim at the King Fisher like a bolt of silver lightning.

But at that moment, the King Fisher barrel-rolled to the side and dodged Han Sen's strike. The bird circled around and came back for Han Sen.

Han Sen saw the flock of birds coming his way, and not wanting to fight them, he flapped his wings and tried to avoid them.

The King Fisher was too fast, however, and before Han Sen could gain some distance, it caught up with him.

Han Sen cast his Dual skill and attempted to kill the King Fisher again. But this foe was much too fast for his berserk sacred-blood wings, and far more agile, too. Han Sen's sword could not hit it due to his inability to focus. But he couldn't remain still, because he'd be ravaged by the flock of birds if he did. The situation was quickly going pear-shaped.

"Your partner is talented. He is so talented, he has managed to draw the ire of the Sky Falcon king." Chen Ran squinted at Han Sen, telling himself he would do well to get better acquainted with the young man when he returned.

He did not know someone such as that accompanied the Queen. With a power so impressive, he would be worth keeping an eye on.

Although Zhu Ting used to send information to the Chen family, not very often would his news garner any attention. Thus, very few people were even familiar with his name.

Han Sen continued to fight as he fell back, bit by bit. The prospect of winning against the falcon king of the sea of clouds seemed unlikely. Xu Dong Jin and the rest leaned forward to watch the battle with greater intensity, still caught up in the admiration of his berserk sacred-blood wings.