Super Gene - Chapter 621: Indestructible

Chapter 621: Indestructible

Chapter 621: Indestructible

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The atmosphere was cold. It was so cold, it felt as if the air itself was close to freezing over.

"Big Sis, we have spent so many years together... are you just going to throw it all away?" Lazy Cat pleaded with red eyes.

Queen's eyes moved. With a frosty tone of voice, she said, "When we built the team, I told you what my aim was. I told you that all I wanted to do was hunt super creatures. I have no warmth or love for the friends.h.i.+ps and relations.h.i.+ps we have established in our time together. This is who I am."

After that, Queen turned around and left.

Tyrant clenched his fists but did not speak another word.

Sky Jealousy was merely dim, left speechless by the whole affair.

Tears began to flow from the corners of Lazy Cat's eyes, as she nervously nibbled at her own lips.

Huangfu Pingqing tugged at Han Sen to go after Queen. Despite their speedy pursuit, they weren't quick enough, and by the time they exited the shelter after her, Queen was gone.

"Sometimes, even I cannot understand how she works," Huangfu Pingqing sighed.

"She must have had a reason to say what she did. Can you think of anything?" Han Sen enquired with a bewildered look.

Queen was raised by the Huangfu family, so it was only natural for him to expect Huangfu Pingqing would know something.

With a wry smile, she just shook her head and said, "Not me. In the Ares Martial Hall, there are only two people who are close enough with her to ask such personal questions."

Han Sen nodded, acknowledging that she was referring to Huangfu Xiong Cheng and his wife.

"I'm going to the mountain. Since they won't be tagging along, it'll be too difficult for me to protect you. You should return to the shelter," Han Sen said.

This time, she did not object. She merely nodded.

After splitting up with Huangfu Pingqing, Han Sen rode Golden Growler to the Sky Pillar mountain. He was unconcerned with what others thought, and his plan wasn't going to change on account of some drama.

Han Sen left Whitesand Shelter and ventured off into the mountainous regions. Before long, his pa.s.sage was suddenly blocked by three people. These three were Tyrant, Sky Jealousy, and Lazy Cat.

"Out of us three, I want you to pick one." Tyrant coldly looked at Han Sen.

"Pick one for what?" Han Sen asked.

"Combat. If you beat one of us, I will allow you to join," Tyrant answered, with a proud tone of voice.

Han Sen laughed. "Sorry, I don't even want to join your team. I'm not interested in humiliating you in combat, either."

The three of them were no ordinary evolvers. They were strong and they were the most elite there were. But despite their accomplishments, Han Sen thought there was still no point in joining their team, for despite their unity, they still lacked the ability slay a super creature.

After that, Han Sen wished to walk past them and continue his venture.

Lazy Cat was enraged. She summoned a dagger and attacked Han Sen in her fury, yelling, "You only say this now, do you? You have deliberately tried to sabotage our group! I am going to kill you, you a.s.shole!"

Lazy Cat was incredibly quick, and streams of wind were visible as she ran. Although she was not as strong as the White Tiger, her speed surpa.s.sed any evolver Han Sen had ever seen.


Han Sen did not even need to turn around. The ancient sword that was in his right hand swooped around his back and stopped Lazy Cat's killing dagger in its tracks.

Lazy Cat shouted and spun like a tornado to Han Sen's other side, with her dagger now aiming for his neck.

Han Sen's body did not move, but his sword did. Effortlessly, it swung around and put an end to the course her dagger followed.

Lazy Cat's small body had a wild, primitive energy. Her right hand summoned another dagger, which targeted Han Sen's waist.

Han Sen lowered the ancient sword in his hand, using the hilt to deflect her attack.

Like a hurricane, Lazy Cat started spinning around Han Sen. Her two daggers were thrusting and slas.h.i.+ng from every angle at ridiculous speed.

But Han Sen was still standing, seemingly unfazed. With just one sword and one hand, he moved them around, deflecting every single strike with the precision of a machine. The way Han Sen responded almost seemed casual and unconcerned.

The sounds emitted by the clas.h.i.+ng of the dagger and ancient sword rung out far and wide, with nary the smallest break. With remarkable efficiency, Han Sen had managed to block every single attack Lazy Cat made. She couldn't even nick his clothing.

After Tyrant and Sky Jealousy observed what was happening, they wanted to join in. Lazy Cat employed the power of the wind and her daggers were unbelievable as a result, but here, Han Sen had effortlessly deflected every single attack. The power he possessed was something else.

"Cat, fall back!" Sky Jealousy pulled out his soft sword, which reached out for Han Sen like snow.

"He's mine! Leave him to me!" Lazy Cat's fury for Han Sen ruining her relations.h.i.+p with Queen showed no sign of going away any time soon.

Han Sen's mascot sword continued to block and deflect every single one of Lazy Cat's attacks, but with the approach of Sky Jealousy, Han Sen had to summon his silver snake sword.

Sky Jealousy's soft sword was infamous for its ability to grow hard and soft on a whim. When he approached Han Sen, it shot out a white, frosty miasma to freeze him.

Unfortunately for Sky Jealousy, this manner of attack was useless against someone like Han Sen. His Jadeskin made him nearly invulnerable to all frost-based attacks, and when it came to swordfighting, Han Sen was better on nearly all counts.

It was only now that Han Sen noticed that, after unlocking his gene lock with Jadeskin, his speed and strength were the best they could be.

His speed was no less than Lazy Cat's, but he was superior in every other facet. Han Sen excelled due to his balance. He wasn't lacking in any specific department, and he was strong in every aspect.

Despite going up against two people, Han Sen was still not at a disadvantage. He didn't even fight back; all he did was remain where he was, deflecting attacks and being as defensive as possible.

Tyrant's face displayed a mixture of emotions as he witnessed the battle. He had previously looked down on Han Sen, believing him to be worthless. He had never guessed Han Sen possessed such power. To fight two people simultaneously and not sweat, with no obvious depletion of power, was an impressive feat.

But still, Han Sen was not fighting back.

Tyrant gritted his teeth and his body shone with the color of gold. He summoned his black lance and, like a toxic dragon, he lunged towards Han Sen.


Han Sen's ancient sword clashed against the black lance. They were both pushed back, which gave neither of them an advantage.

Tyrant joined in the fight. All three of them fought Han Sen, with no winner yet looking likely to be determined. It was a frightening sight to see, and their inability to overcome one solo battler left the three attackers with conflicted emotions.

Han Sen's speed was on par with Lazy Cat, his strength was no worse than the strength-excelling Tyrant, and Sky Jealousy's frost air had no effect on him. This was the first time they had ever come across such a powerful human, and he seemed stronger than Queen herself.

He was indestructible.

Under the barrage of attacks from three people, the swords in Han Sen's arms danced with alarming speed, accuracy, and efficiency. As time went by, the realization they could not beat him began to sink in. Their unified push was slowly starting to become a unified retreat.

Han Sen was pus.h.i.+ng his Dual skill to the max, but he couldn't afford to remain defensive forever. Switching to the offensive, Han Sen's swords swung around like the frantic flapping of a b.u.t.terfly. The strength and power of each swing was unbelievable, however, and his opponents hastened to take a few more steps back. Despite going up against three accomplished evolvers, Han Sen was emerging victorious.