Super Gene - Chapter 600: Sight of Gods

Chapter 600: Sight of Gods

Chapter 600: Sight of G.o.ds

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After seeing Han Sen enter a testing lobby, Annie was again watching his every move. Quickly, she went to the observation room so she could see how he was performing.

The test Han Sen was undertaking had been designed to accurately measure the dexterity of his abilities. He had never taken this test before, so Annie did not actually know what his proper level was.

With Han Sen now taking this test, Annie wasn't going to let this opportunity for observation pa.s.s her by.

But due to the difficulty Han Sen had selected, Annie couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

He had chosen a difficulty level of one hundred, which meant Han Sen would only need a level of one hundred to beat it. Annie already knew that his power was well above one hundred.

Since she was here, anyway, she stayed to watch how he operated.

Han Sen hadn't chosen a stronger difficulty because he knew about the prying eyes, and he knew anyone could be watching from the observation room. He did not yet wish to reveal his true strength.

Han Sen's primary goal in the testing lobby was to flex and push the boundaries of the new special senses he had received by unlocking his gene lock. Therefore, he did not need to select a harder difficulty, anyway.

Han Sen crushed the testing droid swiftly, and it quickly rebuilt itself as two.

After Han Sen destroyed both robots again, they too duplicated. When the four appeared before him, Han Sen quickly cut them down. Then again when eight appeared. And in this way, he kept going.

Han Sen rapidly tore through the robots with ease.

After watching for a while longer, Annie's face started to turn heavy.

The difficulty Han Sen had selected may not have been high, but the way he was slicing through the droids was special. She did not notice it at first, but after watching for a while, her face twisted.

These droids had the established behavior for duplicating on defeat. This meant the more Han Sen killed, the more there would be. And the more droids there were, the more attacks would come Han Sen's way. Unlike humans, they were systematic and did not have to think; this also meant there was less room for error.

Such robots didn't make mistakes, and their precision greatly exceeded the capability and reliability of humans. Although these attacks could not threaten Han Sen's life, the way he cut down the droids surprised Annie.

Han Sen, despite dodging and avoiding every single attack, did not even turn around to look at the swings and slashes that were coming his way. He could accurately destroy each droid from behind. Even when many droids attempted to strike him at the same time, he did not have to turn around to dodge and strike back.

Annie almost couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was as if Han Sen had grown eyes in the back of his head.

Strength and speed were things that could be vigorously trained and improved upon, but this was something new to Annie, and she wasn't quite sure how he could have developed this power.

From what she was witnessing, she did not believe such precision could come from a quick and accurate a.n.a.lysis of noise in the room, either.

Han Sen did not make a single mistake – he was flawless. It was as if he had rehea.r.s.ed this before, and he knew each move every droid was going to make. Annie didn't believe even she could do something such as that.

As time went by, Han Sen only seemed to get better and better. It was as if he had achieved the Sight of G.o.ds and was able to look forward through time and pre-determine where and when each droid was going to attack.

Combined with the Dongxuan Sutra, Han Sen had enabled what might best be described as "Prophet Mode." Every strike against him seemed futile, and hitting him would most likely require surpa.s.sing the speed of light.

Thirty-two robots were the maximum allowed inside the room at once. Even with such a large number, none of them had even managed to lay a finger on Han Sen. He annihilated each of them, and all it took was one punch, his fists gliding through their metallic exteriors with almost no resistance.

As if they were strapped into a noose, Annie's eyebrows had become incredibly tight. She thought Han Sen looked different, but she couldn't quite put her finger on why. She looked puzzled.

Annie wanted to report to Ji Ruo Zhen immediately about what she had just witnessed. But as she continued to watch, she didn't even know how she might articulate the insane magnitude of Han Sen's precision as he fought.

After Han Sen had finished his testing, he quickly left the lobby. Anni, however, remained in the observation room with a recording of his practice, as she was keen to rewatch and review what she had just seen.

Han Sen was very impressed with his newfound abilities, following his unlocking of the gene lock. Although he hadn't been granted any special, elementally-infused powers, what he had been given made a ma.s.sive difference. Han Sen thought it was sick.

He also appreciated how discreet his powers were At first sight, no one would be able to tell he had actually unlocked his first gene lock. He thought this could prove to be quite beneficial, further down the road.

Returning to the shelter again, he found that Zhu Ting had been looking for him. "Boss, I have found a sacred-blood creature. Come and help me slay it!"

"Sure," Han Sen agreed, partially due to the fact he still felt guilty for what he had put Zhu Ting through with the red mushrooms. He also agreed to go without the promise of a return.

Even though hunting sacred-blood creatures wasn't a focus for him right now, having unlocked his first gene lock, it would prove to be far easier for him. He also imagined he could even take a trip to the seabed, hunt freely in the ocean's depths, and raise the sacred geno points of his angels at a much quicker pace.

Following the speedy agreement, Zhu Ting led Han Sen to Devil's Mountain. But Han Sen frowned and said, "Since when have you been coming to the Devil's Mountain?"

Thunderdevil and his people used to tell tales about the creatures that inhabited Devil's Mountain and the special abilities they possessed. It was a very dangerous place to venture.

"Don't worry, I have only observed it from the foot of the mountain. I have not dared to traverse its treacherous slopes," Zhu Ting explained.

Han Sen nodded in response and did not say much. Unsure of what lay ahead, he was at least confident of his ability to escape from the clutches of a super creature, now that he had unlocked his gene lock.

Not all super creatures actively pursued humans and sought to kill them on sight, though, so Han Sen thought they'd be alright if they kept out of their way.

The slopes of the mountain weren't icy and snowy. Instead, they were draped in fertile greens and dotted with luscious trees.

"Boss, there it is!" Zhu Ting was not lying. Having started their climb of Devil's Mountain, Zhu Ting pointed towards a peculiar knoll.

This knoll he was pointing at skirted Devil's Mountain at the border of the Icefield.

Han Sen followed Zhu Ting, and he led them up a small, craggy knoll. A few vines and trees prospered atop it.

When they were halfway up the knoll, a lizard-looking creature snagged their attention. It was eating the vines that wove their way across a cliff that connected with the hilltop.

Han Sen looked at the creature, which was actually of considerable size. It was about a meter long, and instead of scales, it boasted beautiful blue skin. It looked to be a meaty prize.

"Although this knoll may not be very high, it would be difficult to fight it on the cliffside it is currently eating from," Han Sen said, after observing it for some time.

"If it was an easy task, I wouldn't have come and requested your aid. Do you have any suggestions?" Zhu Ting politely asked.

"I do. You wait here." As Han Sen said this, he summoned his blood-scale armor. He planted his legs firmly on the cliffside and began running up.