Super Gene - Chapter 595: King of the Ice Fields

Chapter 595: King of the Ice Fields

Chapter 595: King of the Ice Fields

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"Today, I saw a lot."

"He is too strong. That elite had unlocked his first gene lock, but Han Sen whipped him like a dog."

"It's sick. That guy's little pet dog absolutely ravaged the elite who had managed to unlock his first gene lock. If that was his pet, how strong must he himself be?"

"What pet dog? It was a pet cat."

"It was stronger than a dog, no matter what it was. It possessed the strength of a G.o.d! Han Sen didn't even have to do anything. All he did was talk until he decided to sick the fiend on Thunderdevil."

"This is madness. You guys weren't there. None of you saw the look on Qi Xiuwen and his followers' faces. There were a few hundred evolvers there, forty of them with a fitness level of more than one hundred. All of them possessed a fair amount of might, but in front of Han Sen, none of them even dared to pa.s.s wind. They were afraid of doing anything that might tick Han Sen off, perhaps inciting him to slay them all in one fell swoop. Qi Xiuwen was so frightened, he almost had a heart attack and died."

"If you ever have a role model, whose footsteps you would be keen to follow in, make it Han Sen. That way, you will achieve true happiness."

"Be Han Sen? You wouldn't even qualify to be his pet!"

"Pet? You guys think you can match that pet of his? That pet killed the fellow with an unlocked gene lock. Han Sen could put you to work as a dishcloth, but beyond that, I doubt he'd find any use for you guys."

"Well, one thing has become a certainty; the Icefield are now the domain of Han Sen."

"Of course, he is unique. I bet you'd never find anyone else remotely like him elsewhere. And I'm not talking about just the Icefield. This guy would most likely be the cream of the crop no matter which shelter he went to."

"I've seen a lot in my time; but rarely have I been this excited. You didn't get to see the way those high-and-mighty elites looked that day. When they saw what Han Sen did, they were like children approaching an abusive father."

After the fighting that took place in the royal shelter, the Icefield changed. The three factions that governed the Icefield were broken. Han Sen took the royal shelter and formed an alliance with Li Xinglun and Philip, which led to the formation of a new G.o.ddess Shelter. The three armies were then split into four.

Yang Manli was made leader of the G.o.ddess Army, Li Xinglun was put in charge of the Starwheel Army, Philip became the leader of the Philip Army, and lastly, Qiu Xiuwen was made leader of the BlackG.o.d Army.

Han Sen remained leader of the G.o.ddess Shelter, but was unsatisfied with the t.i.tle. He thought "leader" lacked a certain flair.

Han Sen did not kill Qi Xiuwen, though, because that would only cause more problems in the future. He also needed the strength of Qi Xiuwen's men to keep the new royal shelter in fine operation.

Han Sen did not fear the possibility being betrayed again, either.

The three factions worked together to bring down the royal shelter, with the BlackG.o.d Shelter receiving the most benefits. But because of the treachery enacted by Qi Xiuwen and his men, all their potential rewards were forfeited and given to Han Sen exclusively.

Qi Xiuwen did not receive a penny or a sc.r.a.p of meat. Despite all of his rewards being taken by Han Sen, however, he did not complain once. He was merely happy enough to be walking away with his head still attached to his shoulders. Han Sen was no longer a man he would be keen to trifle with.

Han Sen also gave the G.o.ddess Army the greatest boons. If they required it, they could buy creature meat at very low prices. This meant the power of the troops in his army could increase at a much faster rate. Not only that, but following the news of his triumph over Qi Xiuwen's treachery, many more people came to enlist in the G.o.ddess Army. It didn't take long before the ranks of Han Sen's own army increased substantially. Although the army's power was trailing behind the other three, at its new trajectory, it would soon surpa.s.s them.

"Eat. Eat until your bellies are full! There is no need to save me some." Han Sen prepared a truck-sized feast of sacred-blood meat for the angels to dine on.

This time, Han Sen had received the bodies of four different sacred-blood creatures. They were killed by Qi Xiuwen and Thunderdevil, but it was Han Sen who became the recipient of their meat.

Unfortunately, however, they were too big. Han Sen roasted a good deal of the meat and took to eating it with Zero. The rest was given to the angels, to accelerate their growth.

Due to the silver fox's tremendous performance, Han Sen started looking forward to seeing how the angels would develop as fighters.

Aside from the sacred-blood meat they were given, there were over one hundred mutant beasts to eat, as well. Not to mention the countless ordinary monsters they had also become recipients of.

It would have been impossible for Han Sen to eat them all in any reasonable amount of time, so he had no choice but to sell them. After all, the of once-living creatures could not be kept for long.

Han Sen did keep some smaller amounts of mutant creature flesh to eat. And with it, he estimated that within a month, his mutant geno points would be maxed out.

"It's a shame I am unable to bring the silver fox out to hunt; otherwise, I would not have to worry about my sacred geno points, either." Han Sen stroked the silver fox that continued to rest in his arms and couldn't help but feel disappointed.

"Boss, I have formulated the account!" Yang Manli had prepared a ledger for Han Sen, but when she came near to deliver it, her eyes could not look away from the silver fox.

The silver fox had earned quite the name for itself across the Icefield. It was the pet that had killed an elite who had unlocked his gene lock in a single hit, after all. It was difficult to imagine something so small dealing such vast amounts of damage.

Yang Manli had seen the silver fox before, but she believed it to be an ordinary pet. It only seemed natural, as Han Sen played with it frequently. She never imagined it had such terrifying powers. It was a frightening little thing.

Han Sen took a look at the ledger and was startled to learn that the sum of money they had received from selling the excess meat in the past few days was in the billions. If they started running the royal shelter, the income they would receive would be unimaginable. They'd end up rivalling the income generated from mega corporations that ran entire planets.

Of course, it couldn't possibly rival a galactic mega corporation, but Han Sen was happy to settle for his current projections. With this royal shelter, even if Han Sen didn't lift a finger from this point on, he would be able to live a life of absolute luxury.

But this was meaningless to Han Sen, because wealth was not his purpose. Money was useless to him, if he couldn't achieve the power he was striving for.

After Yang Manli left, Han Sen lifted the bottle of Geno Creation pills he had held onto. The last time he brought it out, the silver fox had shown great interest in eating them.

But Han Sen didn't let him, as he worried various problems might arise. He wasn't sure if mutating genes was a bad thing or not, and it was different than the consumption of mutant flesh.

The silver fox reached out its paws and tried to grab ahold of the bottle. It seemed as if it greatly desired to eat them.

Han Sen hesitated for a good while, but in the end, he opened the lid and pulled one out. He placed it in the palm of his hand and folded his fingers into a fist, to prevent the silver fox from taking it, as it desperately wanted to.

"Are you sure you won't have any problems eating this?" Han Sen wasn't sure if the silver fox could understand him, but he still asked.

The silver fox quickly nodded, as if it was a genuine response to the question. Then, it moved to rub its head on Han Sen's closed fist.

Han Sen paused to think for some time, but then opened his hand. Quickly, the silver fox gobbled up the pill.

Han Sen observed the silver fox intently, anxiously waiting to see if there were any changes. He had obtained a fair amount of geno stabilizers from Qi Xiuwen, so if a problem arose, he was confident in his ability to fix it.

After a while, the only change he noticed was the silver fox's hair. Somehow, it looked a little brighter. But aside from that, nothing.

The silver fox tried to claw at the empty bottle, as if he was still hungry for them.

"It looks like the Geno Creation pills are not strong enough to mutate a super creature," Han Sen thought to himself.