Super Gene - Chapter 584: Red-Scale Dragon

Chapter 584: Red-Scale Dragon

Chapter 584: Red-Scale Dragon

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"Watching Dollar battle is so boring. I want to watch Han Sen battle Yi Dongmu; two fighting each other would be pretty fun!" Tang Zhenliu sat on his sofa rewatching the video of Yi Dongmu and Dollar's final battle.

"A battle between two would be too fatal," Lin Feng said quietly.

"That's why it would be exciting! But those two don't have a grudge with each other, so the chance of them fighting would be pretty low. It is a shame, though." Tang Zhenliu felt remorseful.

The two people that Tang Zhenliu spoke about were in the shelter, one meter apart.

"I am going to hunt a red-scale dragon. Do you want to come?" Yi Dongmu looked at Han Sen and asked.

"That is too dangerous." Han Sen blinked.

The red-scale dragon that Yi Dongmu mentioned was a powerful sacred-blood creature. Even with the powers they both possessed, it would be an incredibly difficult fight.

"It is dangerous; that is why I am going." Yi Dongmu turned to leave as he spoke.

"Then let's go." Han Sen knew that Yi Dongmu's spirit had been crushed. He didn't say much, he just followed Yi Dongmu to the slopes of a particularly snowy mountain.

Yi Dongmu killed the creatures along the way in one hit. Seeing him angry like that, Han Sen began to believe it may have been better if he had thrown the match and lost.

But Yi Dongmu was really powerful, and if it wasn't for Han Sen's constant practice of wind strike with him, he most likely would not have been able to block the skill. The win didn't feel entirely clean, and it made Han Sen feel a little ashamed.

Before long, they both reached the cap of the mountain where the red-scale dragon was said to reside. From afar, they saw a creature that looked like a T-rex on the slopes of the mountain, curled up and sleeping in the snow.

Because it had not yet been given a name, it was Yi Dongmu who called it "red-scale dragon." According to him, the power and speed of the creature were incredibly high. And even with sacred-blood weaponry, its scales would be extremely difficult to penetrate. He had come here twice before attempting to kill it, but had failed both times.

But today, Yi Dongmu had clearly resolved not to be beaten again. He was going to kill it, no matter what it took.

Yi Dongmu summoned his beast soul daggers and ran towards the red-scale dragon. He was shouting all the way, and it gave Han Sen a cold sweat.

"Geez, you are an What is wrong with you, running in with a battle cry like some brutish warrior?!" Han Sen felt deflated, but still, he summoned his silver-eye ice snake king sword and ancient mascot sword and ran to the other side of the red-scale dragon, which was now rising from its slumber.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Han Sen and Yi Dongmu's weapons were slas.h.i.+ng the red-scale dragon with ardent ferocity, but their strikes only left shallow scratches in the dragon's scales. The creature was unharmed.

The red-scale dragon was like a mechanical truck that kept sprinting up and down the slopes of that mountain. It was so fast and fierce that Yi Dongmu and Han Sen could only dodge again and again, unable to get in hits from the front.

"You go draw its attention!" Yi Dongmu barked the order at Han Sen before running behind the red-scale dragon.

"Why don't you draw its attention?!" Han Sen felt frustrated, but he still waved his two blades to hack at the red-scale dragon's legs. He managed to obtain the red-scale dragon's attention, and with a capped aggro, was promptly chased all over the mountainside.

Yi Dongmu found the perfect opening and managed to leap onto its head from behind. He repeatedly stabbed the creature in its neck, the only spot that wasn't plated in thick scales.


The red-scale dragon thundered its agony. It shook its head and threw Yi Dongmu down into the snow. Then the red-scales of the dragon burst into flames. As they seared in fire, the scales turned to crystal.

"Holy smokes, it's turning Berzerk! Run!" Han Sen yelled, and then started running away.

Although Yi Dongmu's mood was foul, he wasn't stupid. He joined Han Sen and ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

But the red-scale dragon was furious. It chased them over the mountains and valleys for over one hundred miles before they finally lost the monster on their heels.

Yi Dongmu and Han Sen felt as if their legs were ready to snap by the time they outran their pursuer. Gasping in unison, they collapsed to the ground for respite.

After a while, Yi Dongmu said, "You are going to attack the royal shelter?"

"Yes." Han Sen looked at Yi Dongmu and then continued, "You want to join me?"

"Be careful of Qi Xiuwen." After Yi Dongmu issued his warning, he got up and turned to leave.

Han Sen remained sitting in the snow. He shook his head and said, "I don't know if Qi Xiuwen convinced Li Xinglunand and Philip to join me yet, but I have to take down that royal shelter as soon as I possibly can."

Han Sen remained unconcerned about Qi Xiuwen. With the silver fox around him most of the time, he knew no evolver could cause him great harm; no one across the ice fields, at least. Before the terrifying power of the silver fox, all conspiracies would be useless against him.

Han Sen then got up but noticed something moving in the snow up ahead. He stayed as still as he could, trying to figure out what he had just seen.

He saw something move around in the snow, and after a while, a big white turtle came out from under the powdery snow.

The turtle was pretty large. After it emerged from the snow, it poked its head about to look around. It seemed to be searching for something.

Han Sen watched the turtle from a good distance, but he could see where it had come from. Behind it there was an ice cave that appeared to have been flooded. The surface of the water was mostly ice, and it was dressed in thick snow, so it took a decent pair of eyes to see it.

The big turtle wasn't looking for Han Sen, and after it walked around in a few circles, it returned to the cave it had emerged from. It then dipped its head into the water. Whether it was drinking or not remained to be seen.

A while later, the turtle pulled its head back and simply looked into the ice cave. Han Sen thought it was a strange sight, so he sat back down and continued his observation in greater comfort. After some time had pa.s.sed, another turtle came out of the water in the cave.

But compared to the first turtle, this turtle was much smaller. It was like a small rice bowl. After this small turtle exited the water, many more followed. At final count, nine turtles came out of the water of the ice cave.

Han Sen, who was hiding in the snow, opened his eyes wide and said, "These cannot be the babies of the big turtle, right?"

Han Sen was aware that it was a difficult task for creatures to breed. He had only ever seen a Golden Growler, an Old Turtle, and an Obsidian Dragon give birth, and their litters were incredibly small, usually singular.

Yet this big turtle had eight baby turtles behind it. If they were its children, those numbers were crazy.

After the eight turtles came out to join the big turtle, the big turtle led them down to a wide basin below the snow-cloaked mountain. Watching the trail of turtles take off on their little adventure, Han Sen could not help but admire them and think they were rather cute.

Han Sen did not know the details of the snow turtles he had just seen and could not tell what tier of monster they could be considered. So, all he did was hide in the snow and watch.

After the big turtle reached the basin below the mountain, it used its claws to dig into the snow. Han Sen watched as it slowly unearthed red mushrooms. Then, when the smaller turtles arrived, they each happily started eating their bounty of food.