Super Gene - Chapter 582: The Final Strike

Chapter 582: The Final Strike

Chapter 582: The Final Strike

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Ten steps... Twenty steps... Thirty steps... Everyone could calculate that the distance between Yi Dongmu and Han Sen was about fifty steps. If Han Sen still did not strike, then Yi Dongmu would be right in front of him in about fifty more steps.

Yi Dongmu had only walked thirty steps, yet his momentum had already risen a great deal. It was as if he had been possessed by a G.o.d. With every step, his momentum increased.

Every step was like the tide of the sea, and a strong, ever-surging gust of wind was blowing Han Sen. The atmosphere was volatile, teetering on the precipice of a grand storm.

Yet Han Sen still did not move. He just watched Yi Dongmu calmly, standing firm against the waves.


With every step, Yi Dongmu was generating increasingly ferocious waves that sought to topple and consume Han Sen.

Faster and faster; faster and faster; Yi Dongmu's footsteps were getting really quick, and he was now only five steps away from Han Sen. The momentum in his body was illuminating him with some form of angelic light, and it frightened those who were watching.

"He's going to strike!" Everyone had stopped breathing, and they observed Yi Dongmu without any idea what his attack was going to be like. But even now, Yi Dongmu's daggers were still in his hands, propped behind the arm in a manner that suggested he wasn't yet ready to attack.

When the distance between the two fighters had reached a mere two steps, Han Sen finally moved. But he didn't go forward; instead, he went back.

He fell back like a rowboat, that had been rocked away by a tumultuous sea. Han Sen re-faced Yi Dongmu with a calm look, in stark contrast to the fiery appearance of Yi Dongmu. Now, they were only one step away from each other. One step forward, one step back; it looked as if neither would connect.

"Dollar...he was retreating..."

The crowd's eyes widened in disbelief. No one had expected Dollar to back away, and now, no one believed that he actually had.

Does Dollar fear Yi Dongmu's Sacrifice?

Everyone was now wondering this.

"Beautiful! Dollar is a smart guy; he made the right choice." Mister Long complimented Han Sen's action.

"Mister Long thinks Dollar did a... good thing?" Fang Mingquan looked at Mister Long with a confused expression.

"Yes, it was a clever retreat," Mister Long looked excited as he continued. "Earlier, I said what was most important about Sacrifice was the momentum. If you reach max capacity, you will only get worse and worse. Yi Dongmu has already walked fifty-three steps, and he has already gathered a lot of power and momentum. If Dollar chooses to fight back with him right now, it'd be a bad decision. When he fell back just now, it opened up a great set of possibilities and opportunities. If he keeps avoiding Yi Dongmu, up until Sacrifice weakens, that would be the time for him to strike. It is a beautiful response, one that proves how smart and wise a fighter he is."

After hearing Mister Long's profound a.n.a.lysis, everyone watching understood.

"This means Yi Dongmu will have to catch up with Dollar before his momentum decreases, otherwise, it will be difficult to win. Am I understanding this correctly?" Fang Mingquan asked.

"Yes," Mister Long nodded. "The strongest person I have ever seen only managed to walk one hundred steps. If Yi Dongmu can catch up with Dollar with one hundred momentum-building steps, the power unleashed from a hit of that force may be unavoidable. That would utterly wreck and annihilate Dollar. However, if he cannot catch up by the time he hits one-hundred, there is a 90% chance Dollar will have already won."

Everyone was intently focused on these two characters, who were chasing each other around the arena. They were too nervous to say anything, and they kept their eyes fixed on two men like they had been startled by thunder.

They were both only one step away from each other. If Yi Dongmu took one more step, then his dagger could hurt Han Sen. But despite taking each "last" step, he was unable to get any closer.

They both watched each other, moving about quickly. They were like twin birds, quickly walking ten meters.

Sixty... Seventy... Eighty... Everyone quietly counted each step to themselves. Every step was like a jump scare, frightening their hearts. Through the power of his momentum and strength, Yi Dongmu's speed become frightening, and he was only continuing to get faster.

"Can Yi Dongmu really catch up with Dollar before he reaches his hundredth step?" Even Tang Zhenliu was nervous, and his hands were sweating.

Lin Feng calmly responded, "One hundred steps? That is only the start."

Shocked, Tang Zhenliu looked at Lin Feng and asked, "What does that mean?"

"Look." Lin Feng only said one word and gestured to the two fighters in the arena.

Eighty-five... ninety... ninety-five... one-hundred.

Han Sen turned around and started walking, but Yi Dongmu did not catch up. After taking his one hundredth step, everyone's heart sighed. Yi Dongmu was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with insane power, but Dollar's strategy had worked. He had made it too hard for Yi Dongmu to use his true strength.

After one hundred steps, everyone feared Yi Dongmu's momentum would fall into insignificance, and he'd be unable to catch up with Dollar at all.

Although people thought Dollar was going to win, Dollar's fans were a little disappointed. This form of winning lacked the certain spice they had come to expect, and it lacked excitement.

But people then realized that after one hundred steps, Yi Dongmu's momentum did not weaken. Instead, it was continuing to increase by a scary amount. He was like a G.o.d. And he came at Han Sen with greater ferocity.

One hundred and ten... one hundred and fifteen... one hundred and twenty...

"Oh, my days! It is too powerful. It is too powerful! A one hundred and twenty step Sacrifice?! And this insane momentum continues to grow? For this man to so young, and to have such talent with this skill, his abilities are unfathomable!" Mister Long's voice was trembling, and you could see the excitement that pounded within him.

Yi Dongmu's approach towards Han Sen was crazy, and everyone's heart leapt with each step taken. A feverish excitement had grabbed ahold of their hearts, as if it tugged them to run alongside Yi Dongmu together.


One hundred and fifty.

Yi Dongmu's body cracked the air in two, sounding thunder. His hair trailed in the wind of his pursuit, hunting after Han Sen like some mad G.o.d of lightning. His body had reached maximum capacity, and it seemed as if it would even be able to tear the s.p.a.ce by a single strike.

"One hundred and fifty steps? One hundred and fifty steps?!" Mister Long was at a loss for words. Through his whole life, this was the first time he had ever witnessed such a phenomenal talent.

And it was at this moment that Han Sen stopped. He was moving incredibly quickly, but when he stopped all of a sudden, he became a mountain, allowing the waves to shatter against his body.

After all these steps, Yi Dongmu's momentum had reached its maximum.


In this final step, Yi Dongmu no longer resembled a human being. Following his raging sprint, with his long mane of hair riding the violent winds of his pa.s.sing, the daggers in his hands moved.

In this moment, everyone understood; Dollar wasn't falling back. He did not fear his opponent, and he wasn't employing the strategy Mister Long had been talking about. All this time he had just been waiting; waiting for Yi Dongmu to reach his prime and unleash his most powerful attack.