Super Gene - Chapter 58: Great Gift for Great Man

Chapter 58: Great Gift for Great Man

Chapter 58: Great Gift for Great Man

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"How much is that knife?" asked Han Sen curiously.

"A hundred million," the blacksmith said coldly, pus.h.i.+ng Hen Sen out.

"A hundred million? What material did you use to make that?" Han Sen could not help but asked.

"75 percent Z-steel," the blacksmith said. "Next time you need to buy something, come here directly."

"75 percent Z-steel? He must be exaggerating. With the current technology, we can’t even produce alloy with more than 5 percent Z-steel." Han Sen whispered to himself. He didn’t say anything though since he wouldn’t buy it anyway.

Back home, Han Sen carefully reviewed the dagger. Pulling it out from the wooden sheath, Han Sen suddenly felt a cold breeze. The dagger was eight inches long, its blade green with ripple patterns.

The angle of the blade was very small, about just 20 degrees; the edge of the blade was as thin as onion skin with double blood grooves. The handle was made of high-tech materials with ergonomic design, so it had a comfortable grip.

Han Sen drew the alpha alloy broadsword out and slashed the dagger at the the broadsword to test the hardness and toughness of the dagger. Alloy with 5 percent Z-steel should be much stronger than this broadsword so it shouldn’t chip.


The broadsword was chopped into halves by the dagger and half of the blade fell to the ground.

"My G.o.d!" Han Sen was taken aback. He then remembered that the blacksmith had said, this dagger was made from the cutting blade of a manufacturing machine so it was meant to cut alloy.

Checking the blade of the dagger, Han Sen found absolutely no damage.

"S*#t! My broadsword..." Han Sen suddenly realized that he had destroyed a weapon that could be sold for a million in the store and let out a scream.

He had thought that the dagger might leave a mark on the broadsword but didn’t expect the dagger to be so sharp that it could cut off the broadsword.

While banging his head with his hands in frustration, he heard the ringtone from his comlink and saw Zhang Danfeng’s number on the screen. He answered the call.

"Sen, come to Twilight. I have a gift for you," said Zhang Danfeng excitedly.

"What gift?" asked Han Sen.

"You’ll know when you get here. See ya," replied Zhang Danfeng, keeping Han Sen in suspense.

Han Sen changed his outfit and went to Twilight Tavern, which was a restaurant Zhang Danfeng often took him to. The dishes served here were delicious and the decoration was outstanding.

When he arrived at the reserved private room, Han Sen was surprised to see Han Hao there as well. Han Hao saw him and looked very uncomfortable. Han Hao forced a smile and said h.e.l.lo.

Han Sen smiled back at him, and was then pulled aside by Zhang Danfeng.

Being a private person, Han Sen thought it was quite alright if Han Hao didn’t want to have any contact with him, and he had no hard feeling about it.

Zhang Danfeng did not pay attention to any of these and asked Han Sen to sit on the sofa. Zhang summoned a white sabre-toothed tiger beast soul, which turned into a sharp knife in his hands. Showing a few tricks with the knife, he asked proudly, "Sen, what do you think of my newly gained mutant beast soul?"

"One word, awesome." Han Sen gave him a thumbs-up. Han Sen had wanted a mutant beast soul weapon for a while, but he had no luck with beast souls recently.

"Old friend, now I have a new knife, so I want to give my old weapon to you, if you don’t mind." Zhang Danfeng slipped Han Sen an alpha alloy broadsword.

Han Sen was a bit surprised to see the broadsword, which was of the same style as the one he just cut off.

"This broadsword..." Han Xin was touched. Zhang Danfeng was such a dear friend that he would just give away a weapon worth a million dollars to him.

Before Han Sen had time to say something, the door of the private room was pushed open and a fat woman draped in jewels squeezed herself in.

"Son, I saw you when you came up here. You said you had important things to do when I asked you to go Mr. Hu’s banquet. So, this is what you call important? What do you expect to gain from hanging out with these lads? Mr. Hu has invited his son’s friends, who are all young leaders on Planet Roca. You should make friends with them to succeed in the future..." Han Yumei threw a rampage at Han Hao, taking him out.

"Mom, I..." By the time Han Hao wanted to explain, he had been pulled out the room.

"Stop it. The young master of Sunwood Mining, Lin Beifeng is also here at the banquet, I heard that he is also in Steel Armor Shelter now. If you two can bond, you would do so great in the shelter..." said Han Yumei.

Han Hao was a little depressed. He had come here to make things right with Han Sen and use his connections to enter Qin Xuan’s Steel Armor Gang.

Han Yumei’s words had rendered that impossible.

Han Hao thought that Han Sen was definitely sleeping with Qin Xuan to get where he was. Or else how could he confront Luo Tianyang and be recruited into Bullseye?

Although Han Hao was disgusted by a gigolo like his cousin, he wanted to use Han Sen’s connections to enter Steel Armor Gang himself. That was why he didn’t show up at the banquet and came to Zhang Danfeng’s gathering instead.

Surprisingly, Mr. Hu's banquet was also held in this building, and Han Yumei happened to see him. Hence he had no time to mend his relations.h.i.+p with Han Sen.

"Nevermind, the young master of Sunwood Mining, Lin Beifeng happens to be in my shelter and now he has come to Planet Roca for the banquet. This is indeed a great opportunity. I heard he is an upstart and spends money like water. It would be great if I could cozy up to him," thought Han Hao, as he straightened his clothing and followed Han Yumei to the banquet hall.