Super Gene - Chapter 577: Conspiracy

Chapter 577: Conspiracy

Chapter 577: Conspiracy

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Han Sen was still unsure whether or not his Ice Skin had issues. Regardless, he decided not to continue practicing it and put it aside. Instead, he moved his focus on to training with the Dongxue Sutra.

Han Sen wanted to learn the first tier of the Dongxue Sutra sooner now, so he could unlock his first gene lock.

He saw the strength that Xue Yi Kuang had possessed through the unlocking of his own first gene lock. Han Sen was beginning to realize that acquiring such power would be imperative for the future, particularly with his desire to do battle with super creatures. He had witnessed first-hand the strength possessed by super creatures, like what the silver fox and the blue seahorse had shown, and he knew he would have to improve a great deal before he could be a match for them.

"I wonder what powers I might gain after unlocking the first tier gene lock with the Dongxue Sutra? This skill may not have powers attributed to the elements like fire and water, or even thunder; it only makes my body smell good! Unlike Zhu Ting's Deadly Perfume, can I beat my opponents through just a pleasant body odor?" Han Sen mulled.

He came to the realization that no, it would not be possible. Dongxue was the master of Xuan Men, yet using the power of smell to beat foes seemed like such a feminine move. It didn't quite match his persona.

Han Sen was hoping to acquire grand performance enhancements following his unlocking of the first tier of the Dongxue Sutra. Still, he couldn't rush such a thing. So, Han Sen trained and practiced it every day, purifying himself from the problems that arose with Ice Skin at the same time.

Also, Han Sen's mastery of Dual was almost complete. Soon, he could take on the Twin Spirit for real, but even though victory seemed achievable, it would still be a difficult fight.

Han Sen also spent time planning how he might cooperate with Li Xing Lun and Brother Philip in launching an attack on the royal shelter. Although he would be able to take on the Twin Spirit at the royal shelter by himself and claim the area, it would be a waste not to take out the spirits and creatures that resided there.

When the spirits were there, the creatures would gather up inside the shelter. If the spirits were captured, then the creatures would run off. If you wanted to kill them, you'd have to look for them one-by-one. If he took the opportunity to launch a strike with Li Xing Lun and Brother Philip, they'd at least be able to take down a couple of sacred-blood creatures and increase his sacred geno points.

"Brother Han, are you free today? Could you teach me how to fight?" Han Sen had just returned to the BlackG.o.d Shelter, and already Qi Xiuwen was fretting for his attention.

"I don't have the time; I have had deeds of greater importance on my mind recently," Han Sen responded.

"Brother Han, what big things are you looking to do?" Qi Xiuwen's eyes possessed a strange look as he questioned Han Sen.

"It'll be a cooperative task with the Starwheel Shelter and Philip, in which we will take down the royal shelter," Han Sen casually answered.

"Brother Han really is a person who does big things. I would like to help, though. I can aid you when the time comes to take on this royal shelter you speak of," Qi Xiuwen excitedly said.

"If you have the heart, I will provide you with the task of enlisting the aid of the Starwheel Shelter and Philip Shelter." Han Sen smiled and looked at Qi Xiuwen fondly.

"I will not disappoint you!" Qi Xiuwen asked for a few of Han Sen's men, and then took off to the Philip Shelter.

"Mister Qi, you really are going to help Han Sen take down the royal shelter?" After they had left the shelter, an evolver following Qi Xiuwen posed the question.

"Why wouldn't I?" Qi Xiuwen said.

"If you are going to fight, at least wait for us to bring down Han Sen. At least that way, you can be the one to lead the fight. If we take down the royal shelter now, doesn't that just benefit Han Sen?" The evolvers weren't able to understand.

Qi Xiuwen smiled and replied, "You are wrong. If we let Han Sen take down the shelter now, we will be the ones to benefit."

"Why? What are you planning to do?" The evolvers were ardent followers of Qi Xiuwen, and their interest in their master's goals was fervent.

"Do you know what lies on the other side of the royal shelter?" Qi Xiuwen did not answer them directly.

A good many of the evolvers shook their heads because none of them had traveled beyond the royal shelter before and espied what lay behind the royal shelter of the ice field.

"After I leveled up to become an evolver and arrived at the ice field, I immediately launched an investigation of my own into the area. Not too long ago, I sent out a number of spies to check out what was behind the royal shelter." Qi Xiuwen smiled when telling them.

One evolver understood what he was getting at, and said, "Mister Qi is going to wait until Han Sen has conquered the royal shelter. At that point, we will surround Han Sen and take the shelter for ourselves!"

Qi Xiuwen elaborated by saying, "Well, it won't really be 'taking.' We are the ones who own the BlackG.o.d Shelter, whereas Han Sen only owns the people from the G.o.ddess Shelter. The royal shelter has nothing to do with my deal with my father and the Teng family. If I take that shelter, it is mine by right."

One evolver hesitatingly said, "But Han Sen is so powerful! When he killed our former master, BlackG.o.d was under the protection of a few hundred evolvers. I am afraid..." The evolver's sentence drifted off in a fearful tremble, but Qi Xiuwen understood what he was getting at.

Qi Xiuwen smiled and said, "Are you worried he will do me harm when he is angry? He wouldn't dare touch me, and I wager he doesn't have a sufficient amount of power to challenge me even if he did find the guts. Even if he hadn't harbored the desire to take on this royal shelter of his own volition, I would have pushed him to formulate this plan of attack sometime. His mentioning the plan to me was perfectly coincidental and coincidentally beneficial."

A few evolvers still seemed hesitant. Qi Xiuwen then smiled and said, "I have spent much time with Han Sen. Through the time I have asked to be taught by him, I have come to learn much about the abilities he possesses. Even if I haven't learned 100% of what he is capable of, I am fairly sure I know at least 70%. And in regards to his power? I have accurately a.s.sessed his capacity in that regard, too. There is nothing to fear. If I know all of this about him, do you really think he can escape my grasp?"

Seeing how hesitant and fearful his evolvers still were, he continued by saying, "The BlackG.o.d Shelter is composed of our people. I have even asked for the a.s.sistance of Thunder Devil and Lightning G.o.d. Do you really think Han Sen stands a chance against our combined forces?"

"Thunder Devil and Lightning G.o.d will join us?" In an instant, the mood of the evolvers took a swing for the positive.

Thunder Devil and Lightning G.o.d were brothers, but no one knew their true names. They were famous evolvers that had pledged their support to Qi Xiuwen's father. They were amongst the best an evolver could ever become and were not far off becoming surpa.s.sers. If they leveled up, they could become Celestial Beings, and neither was someone that ordinary people could touch.

This was especially true for Thunder Devil. Rumors said that he had already unlocked the first tier of his gene lock. His talents were shockingly powerful, and no evolver would dare make him their enemy.

"If we have over 10,000 evolvers in the BlackG.o.d Shelter and have the a.s.sistance of Thunder Devil and Lightning G.o.d, Han Sen is a dead man walking," an evolver then proclaimed with glee.

Qi Xiuwen smiled and went on by saying, "That being said, Han Sen is a smart person. Killing him would be quite the shame, so if he knows his place and obeys, I could keep him around as a subordinate."

"Pah, Han Sen never stood a chance of outpacing the likes of you. He would be a lucky man to be given the opportunity to follow you. But regardless, he is a dangerous person. I am afraid..."

Again, the evolver trailed off before finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, but Qi Xiuwen knew what he was implying. Acting uncaring, he merely responded, "Have him take a Geno Creation pill."

The face of each evolver warped into one of fright upon hearing the words "Geno Creation pill."