Super Gene - Chapter 570: Dual Blade

Chapter 570: Dual Blade

Chapter 570: Dual Blade

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Annie watched the tape for a while, and her demeanor changed. She cared little for his power or speed, but she was shocked when observing his skills.

She noticed Han Sen's left hand was holding a thin, silver sword. The style was quite floaty, and each slash was reminiscent of some toxic snake leaping out of a cave to strike. His arm was swinging from a wild variety of angles, and it was impossible to guess where he would be thrusting or slas.h.i.+ng next.

In his right hand, he was holding a purple and copper sword, and the style was very free and wide. The power of each swing brought with it the force of a mountain.

The beat and rhythm of each sword skill were different, and they didn't follow each other. If Annie saw these two skills being cast individually, she wouldn't think much of it.

It was the fact that they were being cast in tandem, by the same person, that amazed her.

Each hand rolled and waved with a different beat and a different rhythm, and it was hard to believe anyone could use both hands so effectively. It was like two people using a sword but in one.

The more Annie watched, the more shocked she was. This was not any ordinary dual-blade sword skill, that was for sure. It had to be something completely different, one that employed both hands to do things separately. Very few evolvers in the Alliance could achieve something like this.

It required more than talent to do something like this, as you needed a lot of focus to control both hands individually. If you lacked this, you would quickly become confused and lose all semblance of the skill.

There were a few surpa.s.sers that had evolved in a way that gave them two personalities, so they could control each hand independently and cast two sword skills at the same time. But amidst evolvers, such a thing was very rare.

Annie really wanted to know whether or not he could use a dual-blade skill such as this in a proper fight. It would be quite terrifying to go up against someone who could.

After thinking for a while, Annie left the control room and went towards Han Sen's training room.

Inside the training room, Han Sen was frantically practicing with his Dual skill. Han Sen did not have two personalities, and controlling two minds used a lot of focus that could be better spent elsewhere. This meant that Han Sen's willpower was far stronger than anyone else's. If it wasn't, using a Dual sword skill like this would split his personality.

All of a sudden, the training room's door was open. A shadow rushed through with a sword in its hand and speedily approached Han Sen. He didn't even see the shadow's face before lifting his sword to block the incoming strike.


The swords struck each other, and when the sparks cleared, Han Sen noticed it was Annie.

"Annie, what are you doing?" Han Sen furrowed his eyebrows.

Annie did not answer. Instead, she brought up her longsword and cast a skill. Although her move did not hit anything, it looked like a thunderbolt. It was quick enough to interrupt Han Sen's intention of continuing to talk, and it only gave him the time to try and block.

It was too quick. Han Sen's sword wasn't enough to block Annie's attack, so he had to use two. He managed, but it was no small feat, and he was sloppy in his execution.

"Annie, are you looking to kill someone?!" Han Sen managed to regather his composure and yell his question.

Although it was a question with a certain gravitas, Han Sen knew that if she truly wanted to kill him, he'd have been unable to dodge or block her previous strike.

Annie remained silent, and she restarted her a.s.sault. Her method of combat was wide and quick, like the brief flashes of lightning. To evolvers, her speed was remarkably scary, and few would be able to withstand her attacks.

Han Sen, however, was able to block every strike, and Annie could see for herself that he was using different sword skills without a single misstep. It was an exceptional choice.

"You can really do two things with one mind, can't you? You can cast two skills, one for each hand," Annie spoke with surprise, and her face looked strange.

Han Sen was super happy to be able to repel Annie's attacks. Annie's sword skills were quick, even quicker than the Twin Spirit itself. This was a perfect opportunity for Han Sen to train against someone with fast skills.

Annie was a surpa.s.ser, and although she lowered the speed of her attacks to go against Han Sen, she was still faster than any other evolver. Ordinary evolvers could never hope to dodge her frantic attacks.

Annie merely wanted to give Han Sen a quick test, and after doing so, she was ready to leave. But Han Sen shouted and ran towards Annie with both swords drawn.

"You come here, try to act cool and then just leave? I can't let you walk away so easily." Han Sen swung both of his swords in a bid to get Annie to stay.

Annie was surprised at his behavior. She made a hum sound and stayed her exit. She brought up her longsword once again and ran towards Han Sen, deciding to beat him up before leaving.

She didn't boost her sword speed from earlier but kept it at what it was instead. But even like that, it was both faster and stronger than Han Sen was capable of dealing with.

Han Sen's Dual sword skill was strange, but Annie still thought it wouldn't be difficult to beat him.


Annie's sword struck Han Sen's silver sword in his left hand. She expected the strike to knock the sword away, so she could follow up with a couple more hits and push Han Sen to the brink of defeat and achieve the revenge she sought for the game Han Sen played upon her previously.

But when the two swords collided, Han Sen's sword did not receive the impact how she predicted it would. In fact, she felt an unnerving strength encroach and push against her own sword. She felt as if she had hit nothing at all.

"This sword skill of yours is spooky." Annie's heart was wondering why her skill was unable to disarm Han Sen how she wanted it to.

After a few more slashes, Annie was fairly sure that Han Sen's left hand was imbued with Yin Force. When her sword clashed with his, she felt his sword feed and drain most of her energy and power. Unless Annie was willing to amplify her powers beyond what any evolver could do, there would be no way she could knock the sword out of his hand.

"Then I'll just go for your right-hand sword." Annie switched her target and attempted to go after Han Sen's Purple-Copper Ancient Sword.


Annie's longsword met the ancient sword and immediately felt a horrible strength push back against her. Although the force was not as grievous as her true max potential, it was enough to prevent her from knocking the sword out of his hand.

"How can he possess such power?" Annie was puzzled and distraught.

Han Sen's Dual skill was far from a combination of two separate sword skills. He was employing Yin and Yang, fusing the sword skill with Yin Yang Blast. The balance of Yin and Yang was helping each other, combining the skies and humans together.

Although now it was just the first shape, and he obviously had not mastered yet, it was still a shock for Annie to witness this.

The number of surprises she was receiving only kept growing and growing. The sword skills Han Sen possessed were incredibly special. This was the first time in her life she had been able to witness an evolver with such tremendous power, and it truly amazed Annie.


Lightning now erupted from Annie's body and following her next attack, the thenar s.p.a.ce on both of Han Sen's hands were cut. His swords were sent rocketing away, and the force made them both pierce and remain stuck in the metal walls of the room.

Annie looked at Han Sen one last time. Then she turned around and walked away. Her tall and slender shadow left the training room.