Super Gene - Chapter 568: Who Is This Person?

Chapter 568: Who Is This Person?

Chapter 568: Who Is This Person?

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The battle was about to start. Han Sen gave his beast souls to the Snow Charmer to increase her power.

The list of beast souls he gave her included the sacred-blood, Blood-Scale armor Han Sen received in exchange for the sword from earlier, a Gargoyle glyph, a Golden Roarer to ride, a Golden Rock Worm King, Berserk pet armor, Nightmare Wings, a Snow-Lady transfiguration beast soul, and a Desert Bird. The Snow Charmer would be able to take advantage of all those beast souls, and so Han Sen made sure to transfer them to her for her usage.

But the Snow Charmer used a lance, and Han Sen did not have a sacred-blood lance. This meant she would have to rely on her default weapon. However, her opponent would be another royal spirit, and so her Ice-Blood Lance was sure to deal decent damage.

In the arena, the Demon was already there. It was a two-meter tall warrior, plated in black armor and wielding a greatsword. It was no ordinary-looking greatsword, and it could very well have been a sacred-blood one.

When the Demon entered the arena, it did so to the welcoming cheers of much applause. It was to be expected; after all, a battle of royal spirits was a supremely rare occurrence. The Demon was the only one owned by the arena, too.

"Brother Han, is your Snow Charmer ready to enter the arena?" Zhang Xiang looked at Han Sen.

Han Sen nodded to confirm his preparations were complete, and then the Snow Charmer walked out and into the arena.

When the Snow Charmer came out, the audience went crazy, screaming with excitement.

"It really is a female spirit. Whoa, she is so beautiful!"

"Ah, this royal spirit is far too pretty."

"Who is the owner of this spirit? He is a lucky man, indeed."

Son of Heaven watched the Snow Charmer's reveal with focused eyes. Initially, he wasn't too concerned with the coming fight, and he hadn't even asked who his Demon's opponent would be. But the Snow Charmer's appearance startled him, and so he sat up, captivated.

In the beginning, before the arena, Son of Heaven wanted a beautiful spirit for himself, but there did not exist many in this world for him to claim. The likes of an actual lady spirit were even rarer. The appearance of his challenger was enthralling to see, and his eyes were wide in admiration.

The fight began. Holding its greatsword high, the Demon roared and dashed towards the Snow Charmer.

The Snow Charmer did not move, but her body shone with a red armor that was decorated in a variety of different glyphs. The icy cane she held in her hands became the Ice-Blood Lance she would use for battle.

Then, a golden light hovered between her legs and from it, what appeared to be a golden beast formed and raised the Snow Charmer upon its back. She had become a lancer of elegant doom.


The Snow Charmer rode the Golden Roarer majestically, and their perfect synergy made them look like they were one. The speed at which she rode towards the Demon enabled Raging Impact. The Ice-Blood Lance thrust into the Demon and the Demon's greatsword slashed the Snow Charmer.

The Demon took a few steps back, but fortunately for it, the armor had not been pierced. The slash that the Snow Charmer received was fair, but under the protection provided to her from Raging Impact, she was not hurt. After the dust settled on their opening moves, it was too early to gauge who seemed likely to win.

Son of Heaven's eyes gleamed with a certain fire. It was too soon for him to level up and gain access to the Second Shelter, so he had never seen a Golden Roarer before and was therefore unfamiliar with its talents and abilities.

Son of Heaven was shocked to see the equipment that the Snow Charmer was loaded with. He knew that whoever owned that royal spirit was no ordinary person.

"Someone call for Zhang Xiang!" Son of Heaven ordered for the people beside him to locate Zhang Xiang so he could inquire about who the Snow Charmer's owner was. He also wanted to know if there was any chance he could bargain for possession of her.

Zhang Xiang quickly appeared in front of Son of Heaven and politely said, "Boss, is there anything you require?"

"Who is the owner of that Snow Charmer?" Son of Heaven asked.

Zhang Xiang hastily replied, "It is a young man of the name 'Han.' He must have arrived here from another shelter. He is a reserved fellow, so I wasn't able to learn much about him."

"Han?" Son of Heaven could not help but frown, as that surname brought up many unpleasant memories. It reminded him of a person he hated a lot.

But Son of Heaven shrugged it off, believing the name was a coincidence and that the Snow Charmer would a.s.suredly not belong to the Han Sen he used to know. That person was a late arrival to the Second Shelter, and he had only been there for less than a year. It would be impossible for him to acquire such spirits and beast souls in that amount of time.

"Wait until the battle is over. Then bring him to me." Son of Heaven relayed this order to Zhang Xiang and did not say anything more.

Although the Snow Charmer's performance was amazing, and the beast souls she owned were pretty remarkable, Son of Heaven still believed she was no match for his Demon. He watched quietly.

The clashes of the two spirits had pumped the audience into a frenzy of sheer excitement. The colliding of lance against sword, the trading of blows between a beautiful woman and a warrior, and the accompaniment of a terrifying mount rallied the crowd's enthusiasm to the max.

"The royal spirits' fight is much better! Now that I think about it, the fights between knight cla.s.s spirits suck."

"Of course this is awesome. Just look at the beast souls they use; they are sacred-blood ones."

"I really want a royal spirit. If the Snow Charmer was mine, that would be a dream come true!"

"Stop dreaming, then! It would be impossible for an ordinary person such as you or me to take a shelter. Even if you did, the spirits would most likely ignore you. The chance to tame a royal spirit is 10,000 to 1. It would be easier for you to win the lottery."

"Demon, it is time for you to reveal your true strength!" Son of Heaven observed that the mood of his audience was fever-high. A creepy smile raised his lips.

All of a sudden, the Demon leapt out of the battleground and screamed as a light emanated from the partings in its plate armor. The body quickly morphed into that of a black ape built from metal.

"A sacred-blood Blacksteel Ape? I had no idea that the Demon had a sacred-blood transfiguration beast soul." Someone recognized the Demon's transfiguration beast soul and screamed aloud in mounting excitement.

But this was not the extent of its abilities. The Demon pointed its greatsword and summoned a yellow lion which had a horn on its head. After the lion appeared, it roared at the sky intimidatingly.

"A sacred-blood pet Golden-Horn Lion? That is not fair! How is the Snow Charmer supposed to compete with that?"

"Two versus one? And it's a sacred-blood pet! Victory for the Snow Charmer is surely un.o.btainable now."

"He is too rich. He has too much money. It's only a royal spirit, but it was stocked with so many beast souls."

"There is nothing we can do. There are not many spirits."

Everyone was in a heated debate over the most recent turn of events, and Son of Heaven was wallowing in the chatter of praise. He loved nothing more than to crush those who opposed him.

But before the Demon could start attacking, the Snow Charmer made a move of her own. Her body started to s.h.i.+ne, and a really beautiful Snow-Lady transfiguration beast soul appeared to combine with the Snow Charmer. From it, the Snow Charmer's hair turned white, her eyes gleamed silver, and her body was consumed with a biting frost.

"Ah! It is a humanoid transfiguration beast soul! It almost looks human now."

"Is the Snow Charmer's transfiguration a sacred-blood type?"

While everyone was reeling from shock, the Snow Charmer raised her lance. A red-armored beast with four wings then sp.a.w.ned. It approached the Golden-Horn Lion.

The two beasts collided with each other. One could not overcome the other, which resulted in a stalemate that rocked the audience to their cores. No one had expected the owner of the Snow Charmer to be so rich, almost as rich as the Demon's owner himself.

When Son of Heaven laid eyes on what was happening, he was just as rattled. It was normal to have armored beast souls raise a sacred-blood pet, but that wasn't something ordinary elites could do. It must have had really strong power.

"Who is this person?" Son of Heaven furrowed his brow once more.