Super Gene - Chapter 564: Yi Dong Mu's Secret Skill

Chapter 564: Yi Dong Mu's Secret Skill

Chapter 564: Yi Dong Mu's Secret Skill

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Han Sen fed a black crystal to the silver-eye ice snake king, and then brought the silver fox back with him. On his way, he encountered several other humans, and pa.s.sed by them nervously. He held the fox extra tight, afraid that it might attack someone. It was fortunate, then, that the silver fox gave no particular reaction at all.

That put Han Sen at ease, for at least now - the silver fox was behaving unlike any other super creature, and it didn't seem likely to attack humans on sight.

Back inside the crystal palace, the silver fox acted its usual self. It remained calm even when at close proximity to Zero, who was later able to hug the fox. The silver fox seemed indeed quite tame.

The more Han Sen saw it, the more he was surprised. If he hadn't watched the silver fox hatch from out of its egg, and had just met it randomly somewhere, he wouldn't have believed it to be a super creature. He would have thought it was just some ordinary animal that was kept as a pet.

In his body, he didn't get the sense that it was a creature. It felt like an average fox from the Alliance.

The ice-snake and snake-king flesh that w.a.n.g Liang delivered was split evenly between Han Sen and each evolver. Everyone received an equal amount, which broadened the mutual respect within the group, ensuring that they could work together in the future.

Han Sen prepared a whole meal for himself with the snake-king flesh he had received, and when he was full, gave the rest to the angels.

The size of the snake-king was indeed too big, and if he spent the whole month eating it, he wasn't sure if he'd receive a single sacred-blood geno point from it. With such uncertainty, he didn't bother to spend too much time eating it.

After that, Han Sen arranged a few more hunting expeditions, with sacred-blood creatures as the target. Unfortunately, none succeeded for the monsters proved too difficult to kill.

Although they did not manage to successfully hunt a sacred-blood creature, over the course of their next few expeditions, the respect that w.a.n.g Liang and his men had for Han Sen continued to grow. They may have failed to kill their targets, but they did not incur any losses of their own, either. And they did manage to at least gather the flesh of a few mutant beast souls.

To be victorious was a joyous thing but facing an overwhelming enemy and making it out alive under the command of Han Sen was a joy of its own. With such excellent leaders.h.i.+p, their rising belief and faith in Han Sen could only accelerate.

After a period of them being together, Han Sen was totally comfortable being in the presence of the silver fox. It was so gentle and friendly, unlike anything he had ever encountered before. It was just like a pet.

When he brought the silver fox out, however, he couldn't ever find a creature no matter how many miles he travelled. To hunt with it was hopeless, as one couldn't even sniff the shadow of another creature when the fox was with him.

Humans weren't able to sense the presence of a super creature unlike how other creatures of the world could. They were sensitive to any in their remote vicinity.

The higher level a creature was, the more sensitive other creatures were to its presence. That disappointed Han Sen, because he would always have to leave the silver fox behind in the crystal palace when he ventured out.

Han Sen had now returned to what was previously known as the BlackG.o.d Shelter due to a report he had received of someone looking for him.

Han Sen went to meet this person, and was surprised to see that it was Yi Dong Mu. He hadn't seen him in quite a while, but his injuries had now fully healed and his vicious wounds were no longer visible.

"You don't need to thank me. I was just trying to help. You can let it go. Of course, if you really want to reward me, I'd gladly accept the sum of a few billion in cash," Han Sen said.

But Yi Dong Mu coldly replied, "You are asking for money? If you hadn't tricked me, my injuries would not have been so severe."

"You can't say that! I tried to stop you the first time, but you misunderstood. And after the fox was born, you ran ahead of your own volition. That had nothing to do with me," Han Sen said, with his hands raised.

"When it was born, you dared to tell me you weren't preparing to attack it yourself?" Yi Dong Mu stared at Han Sen, because he thought Han Sen truly was going to attack. He wanted to get in the first strike and earn the kill before he did.

But Han Sen did not strike, he simply wanted to step back.

"No." Han Sen denied the claim vehemently.

Yi Dong Mu did not further the subject. Instead, he looked at Han Sen and said, "There is an opportunity coming up that will allow you to make some sweet money. Are you up for it?"

"Sure. What sort of money are we talking about? If it's something risky, though, I don't want to hear another word," Han Sen said.

"It's not risky, but you are talented when it comes to, right?" Yi Dong Mu observed Han Sen closely.

"I'm all right," Han Sen responded casually.

"If you were able to kill BlackG.o.d in the midst of all that then you must be better than 'all right'. I am going to learn a hyper geno art, and if you become my training partner, I'll pay you." Yi Dong Mu explained the deal as straight as an arrow.

"Why me?" Han Sen was now quite curious.

"Because you are really good at, and your power is tremendous." Yi Dong Mu said.

"You have good taste. I like that you are honest. And, sure, I can be your training partner, but I'm an honest man, too; I must tell you that I don't come cheap." Han Sen was interested in which hyper geno art Yi Dong Mu was looking to learn.

They were both accomplished when it came to their learned skills, but if Yi Dong Mu was serious enough about learning this skill, then perhaps it would prove useful for Han Sen, too.

"A problem that can be solved with money is not a problem," Yi Dong Mu stated sagely.

Yi Dong Mu had the money it took to say something like this. Although Han Sen asked for a really high price, Yi Dong Mu didn't even blink and agreed. He didn't even try to haggle or bargain with Han Sen.

Han Sen then brought Yi Dong Mu to the BlackG.o.d Shelter's arena. He really wanted the hyper geno art he was looking to learn.

Yi Dong Mu was still using a dagger. The way that he would strike was near-untraceable, and it was obvious he had a grasp of the very essence of skills. He had come a long way since Han Sen had first seen him in the First Shelter.

What Yi Dong Mu was learning was a skill to slash shockingly fast. The power and speed burst out in under a second, so it was almost like a duplication of the Tornado Knife skill.

And Yi Dong Mu was naturally powerful. The force put into each blisteringly fast strike was remarkable.

"This is some powerful skill." Han Seen took a few steps back and dodged Yi Dong Mu's dagger. Han Sen himself was highly talented when it came to skills, but he had a great mind too, which allowed for him to sense any incoming attacks. If it had been anyone else, the dagger would have found a new home in their belly.

"I still have a long way to go." Yi Dong Mu wasn't yet satisfied with the skill, and he made sure he kept training with Han Sen.

Han Sen had met a lot of people who loved to fight over the years, but none were as crazy as Yi Dong Mu.

If Han Sen had not requested a break so that he could eat, he a.s.sumed Yi Dong Mu would have been practicing with him all day, every day.

From what Han Sen could see, Yi Dong Mu's skill was already really powerful. Not many evolvers would be able to dodge his first strike, but still, Yi Dong Mu was not completely satisfied.

"Do you have to put in this much effort? Are you that desperate to master it?" Han Sen couldn't help but ask, as he ate.

"I have to. I have no choice but to perfect this skill if I am to beat Coin." Yi Dong Mu's face looked solemn.

Han Sen almost spat out the rice in his mouth. The reason why Yi Dong Mu was trying to learn this skill so much was so that he could beat Han Sen himself.

Han Sen looked at Yi Dong Mu curiously, and with a look that almost suggested pity. In his heart, he thought, "You could have looked for someone else to train with, yet you came to me? And now I know all about your secret skill and what to expect if we fight. No matter how hard you train, you will never beat me, Yi Dong Mu."