Super Gene - Chapter 560: Unbelievable Creature

Chapter 560: Unbelievable Creature

Chapter 560: Unbelievable Creature

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Han Sen's face changed. The silver fox had only just been born, but it was already so quick. What's more, it was accelerating as it got nearer. Before long, it stood just five meters from them. For a brief moment, Han Sen thought about summoning his wings to escape.

But the silver fox didn't do anything. It just stood there watching Han Sen with its phoenix-like eyes.

Han Sen's heart was chilled, and he took a few steps back, removing himself from Yi Dong Mu's proximity. He thought to himself, "What are you looking at me for? The person who attacked you is right there."

But the silver fox didn't look at Yi Dong Mu at all. Its eyes just traced Han Sen's every move, which scared him.

As Han Sen moved to the left, his steps were accompanied by the silver fox's gaze.

Han Sen's heart was thumping, and he said, "Oh no! Are this creature's eyes so weak that it can't recognize who harmed it?"

Yi Dong Mu was still on the floor, but then all of a sudden, he quickly summoned another pair of purple wings and flew off into the sky.

"Thanks so much, I'll make sure to pay you back later!" Yi Dong Mu said, as he flew away.

Han Sen was angry, and said to himself, "What an ungrateful son of a troll! If I hadn't saved you earlier, you'd be fox-puppy chow. And now you leave me here, all alone?"

Yi Dong Mu didn't even look back as he ascended - he just flew right above the Ice Valley and soared away. It wasn't long before he had totally vanished from sight.

Han Sen knew that Yi Dong Mu had been heavily injured and left unable to fight. As such, he wasn't really angry at him. It was a matter of principle, more than anything.

The silver fox continued to stare at Han Sen, but did so with a puzzled expression.

Han Sen did not feel that the silver fox was being aggressive and intended to kill him. But it was natural for creatures to do this, and such habits were not easily hidden. Still, Han Sen knew that the fox did not intend to murder him.

But as the fox stood there, staring at him, Han Sen couldn't help but feel uneasy. After all, a creature's whim can change in an instant. What if it became hungry in the next instant and decided to use Han Sen for a snack?

"Okay, little guy. Your bones have grown really strong, and your face has a holy aura; you'll undoubtedly grow to become something quite powerful in the future. But if you want to eat, eat a sacred-blood creature or something. Not me. My flesh is cheap and lacks the nutrients a young and healthy fox such as yourself would require." As Han Sen tried to appease the silver fox, he slowly stepped backwards.

But every step back that Han Sen took, the silver fox stepped forwards. When Han Sen went left, it went right. The way it stared seemed to suggest that it recognised him.

"Oh, what are you following me for?" Han Sen's mind raced, wondering what exactly was going on.

All of a sudden, he thought – cats and dogs loved to chase things!

People would often throw b.a.l.l.s for cats and dogs to catch or chase. The fox wasn't too different from a cat or a dog - perhaps it shared the same habit?

Han Sen rummaged through his pockets, but was unable to find a ball. All he could find was a fist-sized bottle. Inside it, however, was an elixir worth a tens of thousands. This was the sort of medicine he wasn't willing to spend on Yi Dong Mu. With his own life on the line, however, he just bit down and lobbed the bottle away.

Han Sen was only trying to see what would happen, before the silver fox thought iof killing him. As he had hoped, the silver fox watched where the bottle went, sprang to its feet and chased after it.

Han Sen was delighted, as he hadn't been sure whether it would actually work. With the time he'd just bought himself, he immediately turned and started running. The last thing he wanted to do was displease a super creature, and after seeing what had happened to Yi Dong Mu, he was aware of the stakes.

But Han Sen hadn't run far when he saw the silver fox running across the white snow. Despite running as fast as he could, the silver fox was able to catch up with him with ease.

In the silver fox's mouth, the creature was holding the bottle Han Sen had thrown away.

Han Sen was flabbergasted at how quickly the silver fox had caught up with him, and knew that his own running speed was nowhere close enough. Now he was seriously considering the prospect of summoning his wings and taking to the skies.

But the next second, Han Sen gave up that idea. The silver fox then chose to rapidly climb a tall rock pillar, and when it reached the top, it jumped. Its leap arced over ten meters, and the speed at which it soared was faster than Han Sen's Berserk sacred-blood wings. If Han Sen really did summon his wings, and that angered the silver fox, he was likely to incur a far more grievous attack than what befell Yi Dong Mu.

Han Sen stopped running, feeling hopeless. The silver fox also stopped and stood just a meter away. It placed the medicine bottle on the ground near Han Sen's feet.

"Good boy." Han Seen forced a smile. He wanted to pat the silver fox on his head and stroke it in congratulations, but he only stretched his arms out at half-length before freezing.

This was a super creature. If he reached out his hand and the silver fox did not think kindly of his approach and got angry, he would likely lose his arm.

Seeing Han Sen stop moving, the silver fox walked closer. It gently approached his leg and began licking it.

Han Sen was so terrified that he almost kicked the silver fox in the face. But when he looked down, he noticed that the silver fox was licking him where Yi Dong Mu had bit him.

Although the bleeding had stopped, the wound remained. But when the silver fox started licking it, something strange happened. With his own two eyes, Han Sen witnessed his wounds mysteriously vanish.

He froze, almost unable to believe that the silver fox was healing him.

The silver fox took a few steps back and like a cute little girl, stood to look up at him with a tilted head.

Han Sen was perplexed and all at once, he felt his entire past understanding of creatures had not only been subverted but flipped entirely on its head.

He tried reaching out his hand again and thought to stroke the silver fox's head, but still, a fear nagged at him not to do it. His hand froze in place once more.

But then the silver fox elegantly approached and actively placed its own head into the palms of Han Sen's hand. It closed its eyes and rubbed its head there, seeming to enjoy it.

"Is this thing really a wild creature?" Han Sen wasn't quite sure what to say, so he engaged the silver fox himself. With that same hand, he began stroking its head.

The silver fox was like a little girl, in the way that it was cute when Han Sen stroked its head. Just seeing the creature made you want to hug it.

"No. Foxes are cunning. Is this thing just tricking me into hugging it? Maybe it's making me lower my guard, so it can attack me before I get a chance to defend myself!" Han Sen told himself. This was a super creature, after all, so he couldn't afford to drop his guard.

But after Han Sen stroked the silver fox a few more times, the creature walked between his legs and used its body to rub against them. It genuinely seemed as if it wanted some love.