Super Gene - Chapter 558: Electric Egg

Chapter 558: Electric Egg

Chapter 558: Electric Egg

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The ice cave wasn't too deep. After walking a few miles, he had reached the end. Once he got there, the narrow cave opened into a wide cavern. Han Sen hadn't faced any danger or come across a single creature on his way there.

In the icy hall, Han Sen noticed the presence of an egg that was about half the height of a fully-grown human. Its silver hue made it look metallic, and its glossy exterior was adorned with a variety of finely engraved patterns.

Han Sen felt happy at making this discovery. He ran towards the egg and said, "Haha! The G.o.ds must love me! I can't believe I have found such an egg - it must belong to the snake king."

Han Sen knew that it was difficult for creatures to bear children. Golden Roarers exhausted all they could to produce offspring, and they imparted their young with their geno essence. Doing so always led to the willing deaths of their mothers.

But the cavern and ice cave were entirely clear, and there was no sign of the snake king. To Han Sen, this was a golden opportunity, and he did not hesitate to reach out his hand to touch the metallic, silver egg.

"Argh!" Han Sen's fingertips recoiled at receiving an electric shock. The hair on his fingers now stood on end. The charge that had shot into his body made him take two steps back, and he almost fell over.

"My G.o.d, what is this egg? Why is it electric?" Han Sen's eyes were wide open, staring at the egg in puzzled confusion. He then saw how the egg sh.e.l.l's patterns were highlighted, but from its previously bright appearance, was now turning dim.

Han Sen eyed the egg with suspicion. He had eaten numerous eggs in the past, but never seen an egg quite like this.

While he was thinking, a noise came from outside. Han Sen was startled, thinking that the snake king had returned. He p.r.i.c.ked up his ears to listen, but all he could hear were the sounds of human footsteps.

Han Sen frowned, looking out towards the cave entrance. The guys he had brought with him had not dared come this way, so whoever it was, they weren't a.s.sociated with Han Sen or his snake king excursion that day.

Taking a look, Han Sen saw a person with blue armor, black hair and white wings enter the cave. As he had suspected, it wasn't one of the evolvers that he had left behind. But, to his comfort, it was someone he knew.

"Yi Dong Mu..." Han Sen watched him curiously, and then called out his name. He had never expected to see him here, but judging from his apparel, he had just flown in. It was fortunate that this place had no ice snakes, for flying in like that would have given him a rude welcome.

"Although you were here first, according to the rules, whoever claims it first owns it." Yi Dong Mu saw where the silver egg was and, in a flash, used all his energy to dash towards it.

"No, don't!" Han Sen reached out and attempted to grab Yi Dong Mu. Seeing Han Sen, Yi Dong Mu used his strength to go even faster. When he reached his prize, he hugged the egg with open arms.

"Aaaaaaaargh!" Yi Dong Mu cried out as letting out a final death cry. Brutally electrified, all his hair spiked upwards. He fell to the floor hard, his hands outstretched as if he was still hugging the egg. He seemed to have been paralyzed by the electric shock.

Han Sen smiled as he walked to catch up with Yi Dong Mu. He shook his head and said, "I didn't want to stop you from getting the egg. I was just trying to grab you and prevent this from happening. I was trying to be nice!"

Yi Dong Mu stared at Han Sen disapprovingly, not believing him.

Han Sen watched Yi Dong Mu struggle to sit up and wanted to laugh. Earlier, he had in fact mislead Yi Dong Mu, because he wanted to find out if there still was electricity coming out of the egg after he had touched it.

Han Sen received his answer. But it was now evident that this egg was no ordinary egg - it clearly was a powerful one.

Poor Yi Dong Mu was taking a long time to recover from the shock, but he could hardly blame Han Sen. It was his own fault for rus.h.i.+ng towards it, after all.

"I had never heard of the silver-eye ice snake king possessing electric skills; I thought it could only inflict frostbite. How can this egg have such strong electricity?" Han Sen walked around the egg a few times, observing it. The pattern on the egg seemed to have been highlighted again after it shocked Yi Dong Mu, but the light was once again beginning to fade.

"Mister Yi, I believe we are going to have to crack this egg open. Otherwise, we will be unable to eat it. I am weak compared to you, so maybe you should go ahead and do it?" Han Sen turned to look at Yi Dong Mu again, watching as he struggled to move his limbs.

Yi Dong Mu gave Han Sen a disdainful look, as if to say, "Do you think I am a fool?"

Han Sen did not dare to try to smash the egg, as the electricity given by a small touch was painful enough. If he went to smash it, and the electricity inside was unleashed, what if it turned him into charcoal?

Seeing Yi Dong Mu still unable to move, he didn't dare go first. He started to think how he might get it open.

If he returned to the Alliance, he could get himself a strong pair of insulated gloves. But he was a long way from there, and the electricity in the egg seemed unstable. Perhaps the gloves wouldn't provide much help, anyway, and since he didn't own a pair himself, he would have to go to the ha.s.sle of buying one.

But who would have guessed there would be an egg, emitting such crazy amounts of electricity in such a place? Han Sen hadn't prepared for this scenario, so his options were limited.

If he did decide to return, Han Sen didn't want to leave the egg behind, either.

"Mister Yi, if we have come all this way, there's no way we can return empty-handed. Are you sure you wouldn't mind trying again?" Han Sen wanted to convince Yi Dong Mu to give the egg another try.

"Nope, but I'll watch you give it a go." Yi Dong Mu didn't move, and continued to sit there. His face was pale, suggesting the electricity had injured him significantly.

"If you aren't willing to give it a shot, then of course I won't. But if neither of us are willing to touch it, then being here is a waste of time. And for that, I cannot remain. I will leave now." Han Sen then began walking away.

But Yi Dong Mu continued to sit where he was. He didn't even try to stop Han Sen from exiting.

"I really am leaving now." Han Sen slowly walked a few more steps, making sure Yi Dong Mu could hear him.

Yi Dong Mu simply scowled at Han Sen and muttered, "Whatever."

Han Sen walked another two steps forward, but then walked back. With a smile, he said, "You must be quite lonely. I shouldn't abandon you like this; perhaps I should just stay and keep you company."

Yi Dong Mu rolled his eyes; he wasn't a big fan of Han Sen, that was for sure.

But Han Sen really wanted to get Yi Dong Mu to give it another go. And he was afraid that if he left, and Yi Dong Mu managed to crack it open on his own, he would take all the egg yolk. That would mean a wasted trip for Han Sen.

While both of them were talking, a cracking noise could be heard coming from the egg. They both jumped and looked at it.

They saw the half-human tall egg had a few cracks on it. Somehow, it was beginning to open by itself.

Han Sen and Yi Dong Mu both jumped up and anxiously watched the egg open. If the egg was cracking because they had touched it earlier, then it was okay, but if this was a natural occurrence, then they would be in trouble.


Another cracking noise sounded, and a splintered ravine of cracks now ran the length of the egg.