Super Gene - Chapter 545: Killing a Sacred-Blood Beneath the Sea

Chapter 545: Killing a Sacred-Blood Beneath the Sea

Chapter 545: Killing a Sacred-Blood Beneath the Sea

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"A sacred-blood creature." Han Sen was not alarmed and instead was feeling happy. He had been looking for a sacred-blood creature to train upon, after all. Now, with a poisonous sea bug king appearing right before him, Han Sen considered it the best thing ever.

He did not remain idle, and swam quickly towards the poisonous sea bug king. However, he noticed that its body strangely appeared to be shrinking. A new dark liquid was emitted from its large spikes. This substance made the entire water glow in a bright purple haze.

When Han Sen's golden armor touched the purple water, it was as if it had been plunged into a vat of powerful acid. White foam enveloped the armor, and bubbles frothed angrily all around it, as if it was being violently corroded away.

A large regiment of mutant poisonous sea bugs came to surround the sea bug king, seemingly attracted to the purple mixture. They consumed the nectar of their master and began to s.h.i.+ne in likeness to the king, surrounding it like a net of stars.

Han Sen was slightly taken aback by the quick turn of events and held off from attacking the mutant sea bug king. He turned around to escape the purple cloud.

The poisonous sea bug did not chase after Han Sen. Instead, it stayed put, discharging more and more of its purple fluids. After a short while, it looked as though the entire sea had turned purple.

Han Sen did not dare remain still, and to hasten his pa.s.sage he rode on the back of a silver eel. With an armful of slain mutant sea bugs, he returned to the Crystal Palace. The sacred-blood creature was too much for him.

Seeing Han Sen enter the Crystal Palace, a group of mutant sea bugs launched themselves against the Crystal Palace. Their battering attempts were futile, however, because the Crystal Palace was indestructible. They kept at it for some time, but when they realised their efforts were for nothing, they gave up and swam away.

Seeing the purple sea, Han Sen ordered the Mermaid Princess to take control of the Crystal Palace and get them away. He knew that he hadn't the appropriate skills to take down a sacred-blood creature such as that.

"Why are the sacred-blood creatures in the water so strange?" Han Sen was a little depressed, following his encounter and subsequent escape. The red-demon jellyfish and sea bug king were strange indeed, and their abilities were as dangerous as they were unique.

Overall, it appeared as if the creatures of the sea were stronger.

But Han Sen's venture was not for nothing. He had managed to slay 30 sea bugs, and he had even got his hands on a beast soul – not a bad haul.

Mutant Poisonous Sea Bug Beast Soul: Spiky-s.h.i.+eld Type

Han Sen summoned his new beast soul. It was like a small, round s.h.i.+eld that was adorned with a large number of spikes. Its size was like that of a frying pan. Being an arm-s.h.i.+eld type, it could be equipped and used like a buckler.

The purple spikes obviously contained the poison. Although he saw it could effectively corrode metal and armor, he wasn't yet sure whether it could corrode the body of a living thing.

Han Sen thought about preparing a few sea bugs to eat, but he noticed that the bodies of the dead sea bugs had turned purple. After poking them with his finger, he felt them burn his skin; and that surely rendered the sea bugs inedible.

Han Sen lobbed the bodies away, disappointed. He wasn't going to risk eating tainted meat like that - what if it corroded his stomach?

With no food, he wasn't satisfied returning just yet. He ordered the Mermaid Princess to keep driving the Crystal Palace under the sea. At the very least, he wanted to hunt some form of a sacred-blood creature.

The Crystal Palace had been sailing under the sea for two days. Han Sen managed to capture a few lonely mutant creatures but he wasn't having any luck finding a sacred-blood variant he deemed suitable.

The main reason for this was because the sacred-blood creatures beneath the sea were gargantuan in size, and Han Sen knew they would be too difficult to hunt.

Han Sen then caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a bull, walking across the sea bed. Its body was pitch-black, and it had the scales of a lizard, but its figure was unmistakably that of a bull.

The creature also appeared to be walking alone, with no other creature nearby. The creature was quite pleasant to look at, and was the first of its kind Han Sen had seen. Not wanting to take any chances, he summoned the golden rock worm king once again.

Once it was in the water, the creature arousing Han Sen's curiosity saw the golden rock worm king approach. All of a sudden, it turned like an enraged bull. It charged at the golden rock worm king and smashed into it. The hit was so severe that it went careering for miles across the sea bed. Even though the super pet armor was mostly concave, the golden rock worm king had almost been killed by this new foe.

Han Sen wasn't surprised, so he quickly called back the golden rock worm king. With power such as that, it had to be a sacred-blood creature.

It seemed that it was a creature that prioritized strength above all else. Han Sen guessed that it would not therefore possess any abilities that were too unusual.

Han Sen summoned a beast soul and dived back into the waters. He approached the lizard-scaled bull.

The big bull was not only aggressive but combative, too. After he saw Han Sen, it eagerly charged towards its next target. Due to it moving at great speed, a current and underwater wake followed its path. A great surf at least ten metres high built up behind it, and made for a terrifying sight.

Han Sen followed the water and dashed out of the way. After dodging the bull's fierce attack, the bull let out a weird, watery moan. Then it turned around and tried to charge Han Sen again. It was a frightening moment.

"Good timing." Han Sen said to himself. He cast his latest skill "Tide" to battle the bull.

Han Sen had expended a great deal of effort in learning how to use Tide effectively, and without concerning himself with breathing, so any of his abilities could be cast naturally as the creatures he would be fighting would be underwater. He performed his underwater talents with the grace of a mermaid. Going up against this bull, there was nothing to handicap him.


The ghost-pawed claw slashed the bull, which emitted a shower of sparks in the water. All it left, however, were three scuffs against the bull's lizard-like-scales. It didn't cut through like Han Sen had antic.i.p.ated.

"Those are some tough scales!" Han Sen was surprised. He swam away to dodge the raging stampede of the bull.

The next half hour was spent battling the bull. Han Sen had managed to get in numerous good hits, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not draw blood. The scales were too resilient.

Eventually, Han Sen put away his ghost-pawed claws and started running the Dongxuan Sutra. With his Yin Force, he punched the bull.


The bull let out a frightened cry as its mouth spewed blood.

But the stubbornness of the bull did not let up, and it did not fall back. It roared like thunder, and it dashed madly towards Han Sen again.

He was not afraid of a creature that possessed mere brute force such as this, however. Han Sen's body was like Jiaolong as he spiraled through the water. He discovered another opening and struck the rampaging bull once more.

The Yin Force punctured the bull's body and blood gushed out of its mouth.

Pow! Pow! Pow!

A huge amount of Yin Force was drilling its way into the bull's body. It did not matter how strong its body was, or how resilient its scales were - nothing could withstand the Yin Force. The bull was being beaten to a pulp, as blood streamed from its mouth, ears and nose, and its organs had been dealt critical damage.

It was by now too late for the bull to even think of retreating. It had been struck by Han Sen's Yin Force dozens of times. The creature's heart had been mashed into jelly and its body was limp in the sea.

"Mutant Creature Hunted: sacred-blood Water Buffalo. The beast soul was not acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random amount of sacred geno points, between zero and ten."

Han Sen was overjoyed. He had already received the ability that enabled trouble-free underwater sacred-blood battling, and all he had to do was track one down before fighting it. He no longer had to worry about a lack of resources.

"Hopefully, I can maximize my sacred geno points in the near future." Han Sen's heart was ecstatic.