Super Gene - Chapter 54: Small Gift

Chapter 54: Small Gift

Chapter 54: Small Gift

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"Meat of copper-toothed beast eaten. One sacred geno point gained."

"Meat of copper-toothed beast eaten. One sacred geno point gained."


Two days later, Han Sen finished a big pot of copper-toothed beast meat and even sucked the bones clean. He threw the bones into the fire so that there was nothing left.

A total of seven sacred geno points was added to his former 18 points. Now Han Sen had 25 sacred geno points and his fitness had been further improved. He felt as though he had endless strength.

Looking at the primitive shrieky beast he kept in the cage now, Han Sen couldn’t help but smacked his lips.

Shrieky beasts were relatively small and had no hair, so he could just throw it in the pot entirely when it finished evolving. That was why Han San had chosen a shrieky beast to evolve.

Yesterday Qin Xuan had divided the meat of the purple-winged dragon among her gang. All she had was a smaller half of the body so all each person would get was just a slice, about a thousandth of the body, which wouldn’t be of much use at all. Hence like most people, Han Sen chose to get two hundred thousand dollars as the reward instead of the slice of meat.

Han Sen was still short of cash. It cost money for his family to live better and he also needed money to buy some necessities. When checking his bank account, he found that he still only had less than three hundred thousand dollars.

"Three hundred thousand, a Z-steel arrow would cost that much," Han Sen put on a wry smile. He had collected the parts after his Z-steel arrow was broken by Son of Heaven and wanted to see if he could pay the seller to repair it.

"I have to get myself a beast soul arrow. Z-steel arrows were expensive and not as convenient. If I had a beast soul arrow, I wouldn't have to buy new arrows or pick up the arrow after I made the shot," though Han Sen, wondering where to find a beast soul arrow.

He wasn’t interested in primitive beast soul arrows, which were barely better than his Z-steel arrow but much more expensive. What Han Sen wanted was a mutant beast soul arrow like the ones used by Son of Heaven and Yang Manli.

After some thinking, Han Sen was ready to ask Yang Manli from which creature she had gained her mutant beast soul arrow. Maybe he could go hunting it and try his luck as well.

"Yang Manli seems to dislike me. I’m afraid she will not tell me. Forget it, I haven’t been back home for days. I’ll go back and search on the Skynet for information about where the arrow beast soul are generally found near here." Han Sen teleported out of G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

When he returned home, his mother was still in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary and Han Yan was at school.

After taking a bath, he started searching the Skynet. There were many former members of Steel Armor Sanctuary that had written about their experience. Although most was useless to Han Sen, he did manage to find one useful article.

When Han Sen was going to read carefully, he suddenly heard the doorbell. Looking through the monitor, he found standing at the door were Xue Xi and her brother Fang Jingqi.

"Why is he here?" Han Sen knew Fang Jingqi didn’t like him and they also had some conflicts before, so he did not expect to see Fang Jingqi here.

Opening the door, Han Sen said with a smile, "Xi, you have not come to my house for many years."

Xue Xi looked a bit uneasy and whispered, "If this isn’t a good time, we will just leave."

Although she tried to pull Fang Jingqi away, Fang Jingqi stood still and smiled at Han Sen, "It’s always a good time for friends, isn’t it?"

"Indeed." Han Sen already understood that Fang Jingqi was looking for trouble.

Letting Fang Jingqi and Xue Xi in, Han Sen handed them two bottles of water, "Sorry. There is only water."

"Doesn’t matter." Fang Jingqi did not touch the water and asked, "Sen, which shelter are you in?"

"Steel Armor Shelter," replied Han Sen.

"Sen, you are also in Steel Armor Shelter? How come Han Hao never mentioned it?" Xue Xi was slightly startled.

Han Sen said indifferently, "Maybe we have never run into each other."

Xue Xi clearly didn’t buy it, but she didn’t continue to ask.

Fang Jingqi said, "It so happens that a cla.s.smate of mine is also there. His name is Fist Guy. Have you heard of him?"

"One of the three major leaders. It’d be hard not to hear about him," said Han Sen.

"Awesome." Fang Jingqi smiled at Han Sen, "Last time you treated me with a ritual, so today I have a gift for you. Not sure if you are interested."

"I don’t like gifts. Your visit has already made me a happy man." Looking at Xue Xi’s upset face, Han Sen shook his head and said. He didn’t want to cause any trouble and put her in a difficult place.

"A mutant beast soul. Are you still not interested?" asked Fang Jingqi slowly.

" A mutant beast soul!" Han Sen looked at him, slightly surprised. He immediately understood why Fang Jingqi had mentioned Fist Guy.

Fang Jingqi looked at Han Sen with faint smile, "Let’s go to the combat pit and have a fight. Regardless of the outcome, I will let Fist Guy give you a mutant beast soul. Sen, what do you think about this gift?"

If it was up to Han Sen, he would definitely accept it. However, he knew Xue Xi wouldn’t want him to fight her brother, so he just said, "I can’t accept the mutant beast soul. If you haven’t eaten, I’ll cook us dinner."

Fang Jingqi thought Han Sen did not believe him, so he picked up the comlink and dialed a number. Suddenly the holographic image of a hunk popped up. The hunk smiled at Fang Jingqi and said, "Jingqi, it’s been so long since we saw each other... "

"Fist Guy, I need your help. I have a friend in Steel Armor Shelter and want you to take care of him. Would you give him a mutant beast soul?" asked Fang Jingqi with a smile.

"If others asked me for this, I would tell them to f*#k off. Since it’s you asking, just send your friend to me in the shelter. And remember you owe me one," replied Fist Guy.

After hanging up, Fang Jingqi looked at Han Sen and asked, "Now, are you willing to accept my gift?"