Super Gene - Chapter 539: Learning Dongxuan Sutra

Chapter 539: Learning Dongxuan Sutra

Chapter 539: Learning Dongxuan Sutra

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Han Sen carefully inspected Xue Yi Yang, not knowing whether he had learned. If you were to search people with smooth skin, you'd find that many people's skin was like ice.

It seemed as if the people who learned Qi Gong all had skin that appeared particularly smooth. That made Han Sen feel more secure.

Han Sen wanted to ask around about the Xue family, but before he could, the speech began. Everyone fell quiet, and Han Sen had to swallow his questions and turn his attention to the stage.

The first woman who came out to talk was called Lin Wei Wei. He could not tell her age, but she looked so elegant that his eyes felt refreshed just from looking at her.

Her whole body was like silky jade, and even her hair possessed a halo of sparkling cleanliness.

The Third-World View she spoke of was a cla.s.sic in Qi Gong. It was supposed to be a proper speech, but all she did was stand on stage and discuss her own opinions on the subject. She did not even read out the sutra.

Han Sen had never learnt the Third-World View, but hearing Lin Wei Wei's explanation of the sutra made him happy.

The reason why Han Sen could not understand the Dongxuan Sutra was because he could not decipher a certain section that was composed of an abstruse lexicon. It was extremely difficult to read.

Fortunately, Lin Wei Wei's speech provided comments and explanations on the Qi Gong. After Han Sen heard what she had to say, he felt that he understood it far better. He was captivated by her talk, and so he perked his ears, eager to catch every single word.

The events on stage were unlike what he had expected. Ji Yanran had told him that Qi Gong started with the legend of the timeline of the seven emperors but ended with the Qin timeline. After Qin, no one was quite sure why Qi Gong began failing.

After it was found again in the G.o.d Sanctuary, Qi Gong returned to be something well-known.

Because it was just some ancient book and codex like the Dongxuan Sutra, its contents were incredibly difficult to decipher. Han Sen thought that the Qi Gong they spoke about was equally difficult.

But after hearing the speech, he noticed the Third-World View Lin Wei Wei spoke of had already been translated to the language used by the Alliance. It also related well to modern science, and to the G.o.d Sanctuary. Even people who could not speak or read ancient texts could understand what she said.

Although Han Sen had never learnt the Third-World View, hearing her comments about the Qi Gong was incredibly beneficial for him. It was better than learning the ancient language outright.

Han Sen was enamored by the proceedings on-stage. According to what Lin Wei Wei said, Qi Gong was just another hyper geno art. It just wasn't like the ordinary types, being designed for humans to maximize the potential of their genes instead. It was a hyper geno art that could absorb the power of the universe.

The core principle of the Qi Gong was allowing a person's body to absorb and become a vessel for the powers of the universe. It strengthened an individual's genes.

According to recent theories, it took a fitness level of 300 and obtaining the status of a Celestial Being to form the baseline of Qi Gong requirements. To break through Qi Gong was to break through the fabric of your genes.

The entrance of the Qi Gong, to use a genetic systematic term, was a sudden change in the gene lock. To reach the level of a Celestial Being meant an individual had managed to open their gene lock. If you opened a gene lock, your genes would take a great leap in evolution.

For some Qi Gong, however, you did not need to become a Celestial Being before training how to open the gene lock. Very few people would have the talent to do this, however.

But even if you could not open the gene lock before ascending to the level of a Celestial Being, learning Qi Gong was still a way in which you could refine your genes. After you opened the gene lock, the changes within your genes would be even greater.

After Lin Wei Wei concluded her talk about Third-World View, Han Sen was still eager to hear more.

Ji Yanran noticed how intently Han Sen had paid attention to the speech and asked, "Have you learnt Third-World View?"

"No," Han Sen replied.

Ji Yanran thought he had couldn't have learned it before because Third-World View was a Qi Gong codex that was exclusive to the four families. It was only natural that he didn't know about it. But if this was the case, why had he been so focused on the speech?

After Lin Wei Wei, it was time for Xue Yi Yang to give his speech. He went on stage and began to talk about Ice Heart, a subject which he could discuss with great thoroughness. Through a combination of modern science and a shelter gene system, Han Sen was able to learn a great deal about it.

This Ice Heart seemed quite familiar. After hearing Xue Yi Yang's speech, although Han Sen did not fully learn Ice Heart, his understanding of it had undoubtedly reached another level.

Han Sen had not expected the exchange event to be so beneficial to his understanding of so many things. The words of their speeches and the content of the Dongxuan Sutra flooded his mind. There were many sections he had not previously been able to understand, but now did.

Han Sen's heart was burning; and he wished he could start learning Dongxuan Sutra right away. But he continued to patiently and intently listen to what was being said on-stage. Perhaps there was even more he could learn.

A total of thirteen people would give speeches out of the four families. Each would make a speech each day for three days. This meant 39 Qi Gong's learned greatly through the speeches on-stage.

Unfortunately, each individual's commentary and personal review colored each on-stage discussion. None of them touched upon the original codexes and how to learn them. It would be impossible to learn the codexes only through hearing them speak. But the special terms and knowledge that comprized Qi Gong is what fascinated Han Sen the most.

Although Ji Yanran felt it strange that Han Sen was so interested in the discussions, it made her happy, all the same. It was nice to see Han Sen so engrossed in learning Qi Gong, as it would make it easier for him to learn the Ji family's Qi Gong in the future.

The three days of speeches were over far too quickly for Han Sen, and although he had learned a fair bit, the speeches hadn't gone deep enough for his complete satisfaction.

After Han Sen retired to take another look at the Dongxuan Sutra, he noticed that the speakers had spoken little more than a basic page of the sutra. But that was enough for Han Sen to understand the basic fundaments of the sutra, and he now understood how to get started with it.

But by the end of the speeches, there was still a lot he did not understand and could no longer enquire about, which made him feel disappointed.

But Han Sen understood that the people present were only the youngest of the four families, so their levels could not be all that high. So their own understanding would also be quite limited. Still, he was grateful for the benefits he had received, and this was surprising.

"Dongxue Sutra, I can finally learn it! Although I have only got the basics, according to what they have been saying, I should now be able to learn how to open the gene lock. The only thing I don't know is how long it'll take for me to get started." Han Sen's heart was fixated with the Dongxue Sutra's codex basics, his breath almost panting, his heart pumped faster.

Originally, Han Sen had thought the Dongxue Sutra would be really difficult to get to grips with. After all, the Qi Gong Lin Wei Wei talked about could only open three or four gene locks, but the Dongxue Sutra provided ten different entrances. According to the current theory, that meant it could open ten gene locks. The difference between the two was highly significant.

But for the time it usually took to learn these things, Han Sen's beginning was off to a good start.