Super Gene - Chapter 525: New Understanding

Chapter 525: New Understanding

Chapter 525: New Understanding

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After chatting with Professor Xu for a long while, Han Sen felt he was inspired. The materials he got from Professor Xu were also a great help to him. For the things that he couldn't understand before, he had managed to perceive them after reading Professor Xu's materials.

After that, when he read Dongxuan Sutra again, he had many new understandings. Although there were still places that he did not understand, he had a more profound grasp of the text.

Unfortunately, there were too many technical terminologies about cultivation in Dongxuan Sutra. Because it was written a long time ago, Han Sen still felt difficult to understand and translate everything with what he had learned.

However, after reading the materials and asking Professor Xu some questions, Han Sen had some new gain and translated another technique.

The reason that Han Sen was able to do that was that he had read Yin Yang Sutra, which Yin Yang Blast was based on.

This technique in Dongxuan Sutra was focused on the yin force, which had a lot of similarity with the Yin Yang Sutra.

However, obviously the technique was better. If he could practice well, he could make his force to penetrate a large object. It was a bit exaggerating to say he could hit the bull behind the mountain, but it would not be difficult for him to penetrate through a steel plate of several feet thick.

Han Sen was a big fan of the yin force, so he practiced according to the technique recorded in the Sutra. If he was able to reach that level, in the future, he could hit the inner organs of the creature when he met one and did not need to break their tough skin and bones.

After several days, Han Sen felt he had already been able to use the yin force better. Originally, he could only penetrate 3 to 4 inches, but now he could penetrate 1 foot already.

"This sutra is indeed a great book. It deserves to be called the very best secret technique of a strong man. If I could learn the true content, it should be even much better than Jadeskin." Han Sen wanted to translate the entire text right away, but he cannot rush. If he practiced before he understood, there might be danger and risk. There is no geno solution designed for Dongxuan sutra, so he might hurt himself.

When he had rested for more than ten days, eating golden crab every day in the shelter, he had eventually finished eating the crab and gained seven sacred geno points. Currently, Han Sen had twenty-eight sacred geno points.

Han Sen: super body: king spirit

Status: evolver

Lifespan: three hundred

Requirement for next evolution: one hundred geno points

Geno points owned: ordinary geno points 100, primitive geno points 100, mutant geno points 43, sacred geno points 28

Checking his progress, Han Sen felt the number was quite good for someone who had entered Second G.o.d's Sanctuary for less than a year.

Currently, Han Sen's fitness index had definitely pa.s.sed a hundred and twenty. It took a test for him to find out the exact number. Anyway, he was much stronger than Tiger of Blueblood in the past now.

Han Sen estimated that when he maxed out on all four types of geno points, he should be able to reach a hundred and seventy or a hundred and eighty. He wondered how strong the super creatures of Second G.o.d's Sanctuary were and whether he would be able to hunt them by then.

It was too early to think about that at this point. The most important thing for him was to fill up his sacred geno points. As for mutant geno points, Han Sen was not that worried, because there were a lot of mutant geno points in the ocean. If he had patience, it would be easy for him to fill up the mutant geno points.

However, in order to kill a sacred-blood creature in the ocean, it would take a lot of work. Human's ability to fight would be reduced greatly in the water and they cannot breathe in the water. To fight a sea creature on the same level as him, even Han Sen was scared.

Once he had an accident in deep ocean, there was no way for him to run.

"I will go kill the berserk gargoyle first." Han Sen entered G.o.d's sanctuary again, making up his mind to go to the nest.

Sacred-blood beast souls were still very attractive in Han Sen's eyes. In addition, the beast souls from the eggs were normally very good and of rare types.

However, before Han Sen even left the G.o.ddess Shelter, Zhu Ting found him.

"Captain, I heard you have several berserk mutant beast souls in the onesyou brought back?" Zhu Ting grinned and asked.

"There are two. What? You want them?" Han Sen looked at Zhu Ting, smiling.

"Yes, yes. Name your price." Zhu Ting nodded quickly. A berserk mutant beast soul could even have similar abilities to sacred-blood beast souls. Of course Zhu Ting wanted something like that.

In such d.a.m.ned place, if he had a berserk mutant beast soul, he could have a much better life because it would be easy for him to kill anything but sacred-blood creatures.

"Easy, you have Seven Twists to trade," Han Sen smiled and said.

Zhu Ting suddenly had a long face and said, "brother, you don't understand. I do not dare to give you Seven Twists, otherwise the Chen's will never forgive me."

"Then I have no way to help you. Just purchase them from Yang Manli," Han Sen said, looking helpless.

"No, her price is incredibly high. Except for those who are rich, no one has that kind of money."

Zhu Ting was depressed. If he had that kind of money, he wouldn't go to Han Sen.

In fact, Han Sen told Yang Manli that there was no rush to sell the berserk mutant beast souls, which was why Yang Manli's price was high. He was just trying to show off the power of G.o.ddess Gang and did not plan to sell for real.

Of course, if someone were really willing to pay a high price, Yang Manli would not turn it down.

"I could not help you with that." Han Sen patted Zhu Ting on his shoulder and left the shelter.

Zhu Ting looked at Han Sen, puzzled. He did not understand how Han Sen was able to get so many nice stuff.

Han Sen spent much less time than him in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. However, in less than one year, at such a bad Place, Han Sen had even sold berserk mutant beast souls, which was astonis.h.i.+ng.

Zhu Ting gritted his teeth and decided to purchase the berserk violent at first. He only had enough money to buy this one because of the high price Yang Manli gave.

However, when Zhu Ting found Yang Manli, Yang Manli told him that not only berserk mutant beast souls, even mutant beast souls were sold out.

"Dammit. So many rich people." Zhu Ting regretted that he did not buy violent ape when he could, and now he did not even have the chance.

"It seems that I must have a conversation with Han Sen. He must have better beast souls. Maybe that item could make him give me some better beast souls," Zhu Ting muttered to himself.