Super Gene - Chapter 515: Dollar Would Be Better

Chapter 515: Dollar Would Be Better

Chapter 515: Dollar Would Be Better

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"How long have you spent in G.o.d's Sanctuary?" Yi Dongmu asked Han Sen.

"Not long, just a few days." Han Sen said.

"Have you heard about Dollar recently?" Yi Dongmu had spent about six months in the G.o.d's Sanctuary this time. He had been hunting alone all the time and did not have any news from the outside.

Han Sen was dazed, as he did not expect that was what Yi Dongmu would ask. He thought about it and said, "I heard that there was someone named Kill Dollar on the official platform. He had won consecutively. Some people said he was Dollar himself, and I wondered if that was true."

"Tell me about the details," Yi Dongmu said immediately.

Having taken the mutant meat, Han Sen explained briefly to Yi Dongmu, and added in the end deliberately, "I have only heard about it. No one knows whether Kill Dollar's actual Dollar. And I will be the last one to tell."

"It must be him. Except for him, no one could be that good," Yi Dongmu said a.s.sertively.

Han Sen was embarra.s.sed inwardly. There were definitely evolvers who could be as good. He just had not met a truly good opponent.

"I want to hunt a sacred-blood creature and need an a.s.sistant. Come with me, I will spare you 10% of the meat after I succeed," Yi Dongmu said to Han Sen after eating a smaller half of the barbecue and taking the rest into his pocket.

"20%," Han Sen blinked and doubled the price.

"Let's go." Yi Dongmu did not bargain and asked Han Sen to go with him.

Han Sen like people like this a lot. Rich people who did not care about the price and only cared to be happy are the best.

Following Yi Dongmu eastward on the icefield, Han Sen reached the snowcapped mountains in less than two days. If he were to go back to G.o.ddess shelter, he must cross this region.

However, because of the terrain, it was not easy to pa.s.s this region. Furthermore, if he encountered sacred-blood creatures, it was too dangerous to fight on the mountains without the ability to fly. If he were not careful, he would fall into deep valleys.

The reason that Li Xinglun and BlackG.o.d would try to conquer the royal shelter before they expand to the mountainous region was because of the terrain, which was unsuitable for large-scale fights.

"You are not trying to enter the mountains to hunt sacred-blood creatures?" Han Sen asked Yi Dongmu, surprised.

"Relax, there is no risks. I'm only asking you to lure the creature out for me. The rest is my job. That creature had suffered in my hands, so it would not there to come out if I were there," Yi Dongmu said quietly.

Han Sen did not say anything more and followed Yi Dongmu into the snowcapped mountains. Like Yi Dongmu said, he did not go deep into the mountains, but stopped after climbing one mountain.

"Just walk around ahead of me. When the creature had come out, run in my direction." Yi Dongmu dug a hole in the snow and lay down, asking Han Sen to bury him with the snow.

Han Sen knew that like himself, Yi Dongmu was also an He did not say much and followed Yi Dongmu's instruction, walking around in the valley ahead of him.

Looking around, all he could see was continuous snowcapped mountains. There were no creatures, let alone sacred-blood creatures.

"What creatures would be here?" Han Sen looked for a while and did not spot any creatures.

As Han Sen became impatient, he suddenly heard hoofbeat. From afar, he saw a donkey-like creature with a pair of antlers running from behind a mountain.

Its hooves were rather wide, which prevented it from being trapped in the snow. It ran toward Han Sen quickly, faster and faster.

"There is a creature indeed!" Han Sen did not know whether this one was the one that Yi Dongmu was talking about. He turned around to run toward were Yi Dongmu was hiding.

The creature looked like it could fly, running fast on the snow. Luckily, Han Sen was close to where Yi Dongmu was hiding and soon reached him.

The creature followed Han Sen and approached him quickly. Yi Dongmu quickly emerged from underneath the snow, appearing under the stomach of the creature, stabbing his dagger into its stomach, making a long cut.

The creature was bleeding on its stomach. Forgetting about Han Sen, it neighed, turned around and ran.

However, Yi Dongmu would never let it go. Catching up with it, he cut the creature repeatedly. The creature finally fell on the floor quietly.

"Good skills, good footwork." Han Sen couldn't help complimenting. Yi Dongmu had made great progress in these years indeed. In addition, he was in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary several years earlier, so he had improved his geno points greatly.

"If it were Dollar, he would have killed the creature with the first strike. I am not good enough." Yi Dongmu said seriously.

Han Sen felt very embarra.s.sed inwardly. Yi Dongmu was simply obsessed.

It should have been several years since Yi Dongmu saw him. So, there was no way Yi Dongmu knew what level Han Sen was on. It was completely his own illusion.

"Is that the sacred-blood creature that you were talking about?" Han Sen walked up to the creature and asked, puzzled.

Although this creature ran fast, it did not look like a sacred-blood creature judging from its fitness.

Yi Dongmu shook his head. "Not this one. This is a mutant creature."

Yi Dongmu then paused and said, "This is good as well. We will use this body as the bait. That creature would come out smelling the blood. You can stay here and make a barbecue out of this mutant creature."

Yi Dongmu then dug another hole and hid himself again.

"Brother, you do not need to work so hard. How about we continue after eating something together?" Asked Han Sen.

"No need. If it were Dollar, he would have done even better." Yi Dongmu said seriously and urged Han Sen to bury him up.

Han Sen did not know what to say. Even he felt somewhat embarra.s.sed. He did not feel he was as good as Yi Dongmu had described.

Han Sen buried Yi Dongmu up again. Dissecting the mutant creature's body, Han Sen thought it was a bit too big for him to eat. He then summoned Meowth to offer him the food.

Meowth bit the body of the mutant creature excitedly. As for Archangel, she did not care to eat mutant meat at all, not wanting to come out.

Han Sen took out a piece of barbecued snake fish king, eating while squatting. He soon heard the voice telling him the increase of sacred geno points.

Seeing that Han Sen was feeding mutant meat to his pet, Yi Dongmu frowned slightly. This behavior was a bit too extravagant. Even Yi Dongmu himself had never done that before.

After all, the resources on this icefield were so limited that Yi Dongmu had not even filled up his mutant geno points yet.

After Han Sen had just taken a few bites, he heard loud hoofbeat behind the mountain again.