Super Gene - Chapter 51: My Beast Soul

Chapter 51: My Beast Soul

Chapter 51: My Beast Soul

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Son of Heaven's proposal was a risky one, but it was indeed their best chance to kill the sacred-blood creature. The creature was now lying on the mountain top bleeding, its wings hardly moving. If they missed this opportunity, they might never be able to kill it.

Finally, Qin Xuan agreed with Son of Heaven, but she decided to go up the mountain, leaving Son of Heaven and Yang Manli, the only two mutant beast soul arrow owners, at the foot of the mountain.

"Xuan, no need to go up yourself. Just give orders from down here," Son of Heaven advised.

"There are no orders to be given. Since I have no mutant beast soul arrow, I might as well go up." Qin Xuan started climbing as she spoke.

The crowd was divided into seven groups, and each group was climbing toward the mountain top from a different direction. Han Sen immediately followed Qin Xuan. He noticed Son of Heaven’s cold stare at him and knew Son of Heaven was about to stab him in the back. Probably it would be Han Sen himself instead of the sacred-blood creature who got shot at first.

Hence Han Sen had made up his mind to follow Qin Xuan everywhere, so that Son of Heaven had no chance to play dirty.

Indeed, Han Sen was right. Son of Heaven had the idea of shooting Han Sen dead from the moment he proposed everyone to climb up. On the slope, Han Sen would have nowhere to hide and thus be doomed.

But now Han Sen was always following Qin Xuan. If Son of Heaven made any move, Qin Xuan would save Han Sen for sure.

However, Son of Heaven didn’t give up just for this. Instead, he now had an even stronger desire to kill Han Sen. All he needed was a moment when Qin Xuan went away from Han Sen.

Although the slope was steep, the groups were all equipped with a full set of climbing tools and they soon climbed halfway.

The sacred-blood creature was severely hurt, when it noticed the climbers, all it could do was howling at them as it was unable to go down and attack or fly away.

As Qin Xuan and others approached the top of the mountain, the creature tried to fly away by flapping its blood-stained wings, while it immediately fell.

All groups were overjoyed and started to shoot at it with arrows. Although they couldn’t harm the creature, it was infuriated.

Suddenly, the sacred-blood creature flapped its injured wings and pounced on the closest man.

The man had no place to hide on the slope and helplessly hacked his blade at the sacred-blood creature. His blade cut the creature on the head but didn’t even leave a trace on its scales. The man himself was bitten by the sacred-blood creature and torn into two halves.

His blood sprayed everywhere, which scared people off. Everyone started to climb down. It would be hard to go down the mountain, but luckily they had secured ropes on the slope when they were climbing up. Everyone just ended up using the ropes to slide down.

Seeing the sacred-blood creature being lured down and madly chasing after the climbers, Son of Heaven and Yang Manli quickly raised their bows and continuously shot their arrows at the creature.

Son of Heaven shot two arrows and both missed. He was more interested in shooting at Han Sen than the creature. However, Han Sen was sly and kept following Qin Xuan, giving him no chance to make an insidious attack.

"Coward." Son of Heaven secretly cursed and again shot at the sacred-blood creature.

At this point, everyone knew the the sacred-blood creature was a spent bullet. It had bled too much and could hardly fly. If it came down now, it wouldn’t be able to fly back up.

Despite the casualties, they were going to kill this sacred-blood creature.

Not able to find a chance to kill Han Sen, Son of heaven had to take it out on the sacred-blood creature. Arrow after arrow, the sacred-blood creature was in more pain and howled harshly.

Flapping its bleeding wings, the creature wanted to return to the mountain top, but it was hurt too badly to fly. With its desperate flapping, it was still falling. Suddenly, it flew to the slope and gripped on a stone with its claws as its fingers cut four holes in the stone as if it were b.u.t.ter. The sacred-blood creature gripped harder and started to climb up the mountain.

"We cannot let it climb up." Qin Xuan summoned her beast soul and shapes.h.i.+fted into a golden lion, climbing up using the holes left by the creature.

Han Sen was anxious. If Qin Xuan went away, he would become the target of Son of Heaven.

Han Sen reached out to grab the lion’s tail and was suddenly dragged up. Qin Xuan gave him a fierce gaze, but he pretended not having seen it and still held on to her tail. Qin Xuan had no time to beat Han Sen up and just chased after the creature at full speed.

Seeing the sacred-blood creature going out of his shooting range, Son of Heaven put away his bow and arrows and suddenly shapes.h.i.+fted into a black ape more than nine feet tall.

Son of Heaven quickly ran to the slope and started climbing at a speed much faster than the other climbers. It was as if he were running on the ground.

"Let go!" cried Qin Xuan. She couldn’t keep up with the sacred-blood creature as Han Sen was tugging at her tail.

Han Sen quickly let go of her tail. Son of Heaven was in a rush to kill the sacred-blood creature so he had no time to harm Han Sen.

"Son of Heaven is a real a.s.shole. He has such a strong mutant beast soul, yet he still sent us up and put us in danger." Han Sen felt jealous as he saw the ape climbing up at an incredible speed.

He did have the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer, but its strengths were its galloping speed on the ground and the dexterity of its human hands. For mountains as steep as this one, the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer could never climb up with its four hooves.

Son of Heaven soon went ahead of Qin Xuan the golden lion and was directly behind the sacred-blood creature. The creature that was already on the mountain top clawed at Son of Heaven as it saw him.