Super Gene - Chapter 492: Sullen

Chapter 492: Sullen

Chapter 492: Sullen

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Same as w.a.n.g Xun, Wish I Did Not Understand was startled. She had no idea about the news of Dollar, so she was not prepared for such a large audience at all.

However, none of those chosen to be matched with Han Sen was weak. After slight surprise, Wish I Did Not Understand became calm and positioned to defend herself, waiting for attacks from her opponent. It seemed that she was not nervous at all.

Audience of the fight and viewers of Fang Mingquan's show were all surprised by the performance of the large-breasted beauty. Faced with such a situation, it was not easy to stay calm and be herself.

"Enclosed like a box, this is iron wall boxing of Taishou w.a.n.g," Fang Mingquan recognized the woman's skills and explain in excitement. "I believe we are all familiar with Taishou w.a.n.g, who is a Senator and demiG.o.d. Iron wall boxing is known as the best self-defense boxing skills in the world. We will have a great show today. When the best attacking skills meet the best defense skills, what would happen? Let's wait and see the fight between the sword and s.h.i.+eld."

"Wow. It turns out that the beauty is one of the Taishous!"

"Look at her I would surrender the moment I see them. Iron wall boxing is also good."

"I would kneel before I surrender."

"I'm afraid Dollar is in trouble this time. Iron wall boxing is very impressive indeed. I have seen it before. An evolver besieged by six persons walked out easily with this skill."

"So good. This is going to be a great show."

Seeing the defense skills of the beauty, Han Sen's eyes lit up. After fighting three dozen opponents, he had never encountered someone who was good at defense, which intrigued him very much.

Without hesitation, Han Sen threw a punch at her. There was no such thing as perfect defense in the world. Similarly, Han Sen's attack could not be flawless.

If two persons with equal strength were fighting, one would have to beat the other when there was a mistake. Without moving, there was no mistake, which was why whoever threw the first punch could more easily make mistakes and thus lose the fight.

Iron wall boxing was more than defense. It was also about fighting back.

The beauty understood the logic profoundly, so when she saw Han Sen making the first move abruptly, she felt a bit contempt toward her opponent.

Even so, the big-breasted beauty was still quite careful. Since the biggest mistake in defense was carelessness, she would not make such stupid mistakes.

The beauty used iron wall boxing skills to block Han Sen's attack.

When the two fists touched, both of them felt a shock. Han Sen did not earn any advantage, and the strength of the beauty was no weaker than his.

Han Sen did not plan to beat her with strength anyways. Her goal was to practice the techniques written in Dongxuan Sutra. To overpower his opponent would do him no good, not to mention the fact that his strength was not better than hers.

After one strike, Han Sen's fists were thrown at the beauty endlessly. She uses her fists to block his, only to find the punch a fake one.

If one put all one's force into a punch, then it would be difficult for one to take the punch back in the middle or change direction. However, if one was reserving some force in the beginning to control one's arm and fist, one could always easily change the direction of one's attack. This was the application of black and white boxing in an actual fight. Using defense, the beauty thought she had blocked Han Sen's fist, but suddenly found it was a fake move. When their fists touched, Han Sen's fist had already changed direction, hitting her in another place.

If it were a different person, the person would not be able to put up defense under such a swift change. However, the beauty stepped out and turned her waist around abruptly to put her arm in front of Han Sen's fist.

It turned out that Han Sen's second strike was still a fake move. Without even touching the girl's arm, Han Sen's arm twisted like a snake, hitting her stomach.

Iron wall boxing deserved to be called the best skills for defense. The beauty elbowed Han Sen harshly on the fist.

However, Han Sen's punch was still a fake move, after which he quickly changed direction again.

The ever-changing situation was dazzling to watch.

"Dammit. Dollar is so good at making fake moves. I could never tell that he was not putting any force into it. I thought he used all his force in the three punches. If I were her, I would have died a long time ago."

"Great offense and great defense. Dollar is in trouble."

"Excellent, iron wall boxing of Taishou. The defense is simply flawless."

"Great to watch!"

However, the fact was not as simple as people saw. The beauty was extremely p.i.s.sed off at this point, feeling her opponent was looking down on her.

Her opponent obviously knew that she was good at defense, so he used several fake moves in a row to toy with her, believing that she only knew how to defend herself without fighting back. If just now, the beauty did not pay any mind to his attacks and punched him, he would probably have died by now.

However, Han Sen made fake moves consecutively, which fooled her indeed, making her very mad.

"My family's iron wall boxing is more than just defense." The beauty felt angry, staring at Han Sen's fist closely, ready to finish him off with one punch when he made another fake move.

However, what happened next was so insulting that she was about to cry.

Han Sen made eighteen fake moves consecutively, while the beauty was never sure whether it was actually a fake move, which was why she never fought back.

Like this, the beauty was fooled by Han Sen eighteen times before she eventually decided to make a move. When Han Sen hit her again, she fought back without any hesitation.


Her face was suddenly full of helplessness, anger, and most of all, frustration. Her eyes were full of tears, which were about to fall.

She held back eighteen times and was fooled eighteen times. When she finally decided to fight back, it turned out that her opponent's strike was a real move. His strike with all his force was naturally faster and fiercer than her reaction. Before her arm was out, she was. .h.i.t by Han Sen already.

Even the audience couldn't help blaming Han Sen for being so cruel. How could you bully a beauty with like these?

However, Han Sen did not think of all that. All he wanted to do was to break the defense of iron wall boxing. The defense was so perfect that it was impossible to be tackled head on. He had to trick his opponent into fighting back using the skills of black and white boxing in order to break her defense.

If she was tough enough, staying on the defense side always, then Han Sen would make mistakes sooner or later as the proactive party. After all, making moves was riskier than making no move. When making a move in a prolonged fight, one would always risk making mistakes. If she kept her original strategy, she would have a bigger chance at winning.

Once she made a mistake, it was almost impossible for her to maintain the perfect defense. Very soon, the beauty was finished off by Han Sen.

In a room, a pretty girl came out of a holographic device, her eyes red with tears. In the end, she couldn't hold it back, and her tears fell on her fair cheeks.