Super Gene - Chapter 469: Image on the Crystal Card

Chapter 469: Image on the Crystal Card

Chapter 469: Image on the Crystal Card

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"You are all official researchers in the Alliance. Haven't you thought about the consequences?" Ji Yanran frowned at the researchers and said.

"Consequences? Captain, you are indeed so naïve. Do you think we will stay in the Alliance after we succeed?" A researcher sneered with contempt.

"For something inside the Crystallizer ruin, you are willing to give up everything in the Alliance without knowing what it is?" Ji Yanran asked.

At the same time, Ji Yanran understood that these people had a plan since long ago. This was no improvised rebellion.

Without a strong support, these people would not dare to do things like this.

"Ha-ha, do know what is in the ruin?" The researchers smiled at each other, feeling amused.

"Just some crystals, right? What else could be in a Crystallizer ruin?" Ji Yanran asked, seemingly puzzled.

"Ha-ha, something wilder than your wildest dream," a researcher said with a smile.

Ji Yanran wanted to ask again, but the researchers stopped talking. One of them slapped some tape on her mouth.

"You used to be the Almighty Captain, well now you should tread carefully. Otherwise, we would not be polite with you." After he said it, he saw how helpless and beautiful Ji Yanran was, being locked up. Feeling tempted, he wanted to touch her face.

Ji Yanran quickly became pale, whined through the tape and moved backward. However, she was locked, so there was no way to go. The hand of the researcher was about to reach her face.


Momentarily, a figure flashed by, and the entire hand of the researcher was cut off and sent into the air. The researcher held his broken arm and screamed shrilly.

"It's you?" The other researchers saw who it was and became astonished.

"Who else could it be?" Han Sen reached out to cut off the chains on Ji Yanran's body.

The researchers quickly took out laser guns, ready to shoot the two of them. However, before they pulled the trigger, an elegant woman appeared behind them. Sweeping her spear, she knocked them all over.

Han Sen dashed forward like a wild beast, throwing one punch at each researcher, sending them into a coma without a chance to fight back.

"How come you are here? Where are Li Mingtang and the rest?" Ji Yanran was overjoyed and surprised, throwing herself into Han Sen's arms.

"Since you're here, how could I be somewhere else?" Han Sen stroked her hair lovingly and continued, "They have entered the core area. I don't believe they will come out anytime soon."

After feeling thrilled, Ji Yanran walked over to those researchers and woke one of them up. She pointed her laser gun at his head and commanded, "Answer my questions. Otherwise, you know the consequences."

"Ha-ha." The researcher only gave her a strange smile. The next moment, blood came out from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. The guy died instantaneously.

Han Sen and Ji Yanran were both shocked. All people feared death and would strive for survival if there was the slightest chance. However, this researcher was so resolute that he poisoned himself immediately, which was abnormal.

They woke the other researchers up, but the result was all the same. They hid their poison somewhere and ended their lives immediately after they woke up.

"Strange, it is really strange. These people would not even face death sentence after they return to the Alliance. They would end up in jail most likely. Since they would have a chance to regain freedom anyway, why would they commit suicide like this? Something must be off." Ji Yanran was shocked, watching the dead bodies of the researchers.

Even the coldest could not be as resolute as this. The reaction of these researchers did not belong to any normal human beings.

"Li Mingtang and these people all looked pretty strange. I wonder what they are after." Han Sen reached out and took out everything in the researchers' clothes.

Nothing was suspicious. They did not even have many private items. There were basically all tools necessary for the excavation work. However, one thing caught Han Sen's attention. Each of these researchers had a cardholder full of different types of crystal cards. Some were memory chips, some were credit cards, some were access cards and work permits. And there were many members.h.i.+p cards of different corporations and shops.

However, among all the cards, one seemingly ordinary crystal card caught Han Sen's attention. It looked like an access card, which most people had a few in their life. Access cards like that opened doors to homes or working s.p.a.ce.

However, each of the researchers carried such a card. Although they were of different color and design, Han Sen still could tell it was the same access card.

Because on the back of the access cards there was a hidden image of a red beast with its head and tail connected. It had a look between a cat and a fox. Han Sen was more than familiar with this image of nine-life cat.

Although the patterns on the back of the crystal cards were complicated, the image of the nine-life cat could be spotted on different corners on all of them. If not examined closely, it was hard to discern. However, because Han Sen was very sensitive about the image of nine-life cat, he immediately spotted it.

Han Sen was surprised by this finding and felt quite puzzled.

"Did you find anything?" Seeing Han Sen was dazed, Ji Yanran squatted next to him and asked.

"Nothing." Han Sen shook his head and placed the card back.

These cards could easily have smart chips installed, so it would be easy for someone else to track him down if he took it. In addition, they were just access cards and Han Sen had no idea where they led. Each of these people had a card, so it was obviously not an advanced card. There would probably be no use to take it anyway.

"What do we do now?" Ji Yanran suddenly became confused.

"I want to have a look in the core area again," Han Sen said hesitantly. If he went inside alone, it would be dangerous for Ji Yanran to stay put.

"Then I will go with you," Ji Yanran said decisively.

"Did you practice Micro Crystal?" Han Sen looked at Ji Yanran, surprised. He was lucky to have succeeded in practicing Micro Crystal and become immune to the wandering light. At such a young age, if Ji Yanran also succeeded in practicing Micro Crystal, then it would be truly impressive.

"I have not practiced Micro Crystal. However, Bone Energy of my family makes me immune to the wandering light as well." Ji Yanran was quite proud.

"Are you sure?" Han Sen had no idea what kind of hyper geno art Bone Energy was, so he confirmed it with Ji Yanran.

"Otherwise, do you think my family would let me come here?" Ji Yanran spit out her tongue and smiled prettily.

"Then we will sneak inside and find out what Li Mingtang and the rest are after." Han Sen was quite curious as to why the nine-life cat dependent would react to this place and why the researchers would be carrying access cards with the image of nine-life cat.

All these unanswered questions puzzled Han Sen very much.