Super Gene - Chapter 453: Killing a Mutant Creature

Chapter 453: Killing a Mutant Creature

Chapter 453: Killing a Mutant Creature

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Han Sen saw most people were running and only Yang Manli, Uncle Qing, and a few gang members stayed next to him, summoning beast souls and ready to fight.

It was easy to tell that the gang members were all frightened, their hands on their weapons shaking.

All other people were running fast, about which Han Sen was not surprised. These people had lost their confidence a long while ago, so it was natural that they reacted this way facing danger.

Han Sen had considered them no good in his heart. In the future, he would not waste his time cultivating these people. To the contrary, Xu You and other young people did not escape and remained on Han Sen’s side although they were frightened. Han Sen thought they could be further cultivated to become leaders, commanding the future forces in G.o.ddess Gang.

Although they were all quite young and probably had worse physique than the older people who had run away, these were no big deal. Han Sen could easily use large amounts of meat to give them better geno point counts.

There was always a way to enhance one’s physique and martial arts skills. However, one’s character was not something could be cultivated. In Han Sen’s eyes, Xu You and other young people were all valuable a.s.sets.

"Clear." Han Sen yelled, commanding the gang members to step back. He rolled on the back of the golden growler and charged the white mammoth.

All the young gang members looked at Han Sen in surprise. As a mutant creature, the white mammoth was a top one. Even someone like Uncle Qing did not dare to face a white mammoth head on, but Han Sen simply threw himself at the creature.

Watching Han Sen with a grim face, Uncle Qing murmured to himself in a low voice, "Is he really the descendent of Instructor Han?"

Yang Manli drew her bow string and aimed her arrow at an eye of the white mammoth, ready to support Han Sen when necessary.

However, the bow and arrow she was using at the moment were still sacred-blood beast souls of First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, which almost did not work at all on a mutant creature in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary like the white mammoth.

The golden growler was going fast. In terms of size, the golden growler was no smaller than the white mammoth. As the golden growler ran, its body was quickly growing. The moment it was about to clash with the white mammoth, the golden growler was already as large as a hill, even bigger than the mammoth.

Compared to the golden growler, the white mammoth suddenly looked mini, like a baby elephant in front of an adult elephant.


The two beasts clashed together. Although the golden growler was bigger than the white mammoth, it was not at any disadvantage, but stepped back as well as the white mammoth.

"Roar!" The golden growler growled reluctantly. It was the absolute king in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary. No creature could fight it at all. However, it was forced back by a white mammoth, which made the lion very mad.

The white mammoth also roared and ran toward the golden growler.


The two huge animals were fighting it out again, making all sorts of horrendous noises. The surrounding glaciers were broken into pieces and there was snow everywhere.

Boom boom boom!

The golden growler and the white mammoth became extremely mad at each other, so neither of them intended to step back. They ran into each other hard like to oxen fighting for a cow.

The gang members were dumbstruck. They had seen many mounts before, but had never seen a mount that was able to fight the creature. It was simply beyond imagination.

Normal mount would not attack at all. However, this giant golden lion mount was somewhat different.

The people that had run away saw what was happening and slowed down, looking at the golden growler throwing itself at the white mammoth incredulously.

"That is a mutant creature. What’s the deal of the mount? It’s so strong that it could fight the white mammoth. Is that a mutant mount? Even if it is, it is still just a mount and should not be able to fight a creature like this."

Everyone had complicated emotions as they watched the golden growler.

Indeed, like they were thinking, if it were any other mount, even a mutant mount from Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, it would not be able to fight white mammoth like this.

A mount is a mount. Once the creature became a beast soul mount, no matter how fierce it was initially, it would become tame. It was like a lion turning into a herbivore. Except for its strong physique, it no longer had the instinct to kill.

However, the golden growler was different. Although it was just a beast soul mount, it still kept part of its nature. In addition, he had great physique, which was why it could still defend itself with its instinct lost. It could not be compared to other mounts.

Han Sen sighed inwardly. After all, the golden growler was just a super creature from First G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Although it was special, because it was limited to its level, it was not as strong as the white mammoth.

Watching the golden growler falling farther behind under the impact from the white mammoth and growling helplessly, Han Sen could not help becoming silent.

He was reminded of the large golden growler’s fierceness. Between the heaven and earth, no one could stand one blow from its paw. This beast soul golden growler was indeed too sullen.

"If the black crystal could really turn the beast souls of First G.o.d’s Sanctuary into the beast souls of Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, I would definitely choose the golden growler to evolve next. Han Sen thought. He did not want to see a great king being a loser.

Although he was thinking that, Han Sen decided to make a move. The moment the golden growler clashed with the white mammoth again, Han Sen jumped up from the head of the golden growler and dashed at the white mammoth like a meteor.

The physique of the white mammoth was even better than that of golden growler. However, it still had to step back when the golden growler threw itself at him.

At this very moment, Han Sen had already reached the mammoth. Holding the cursed wolf dagger in his hand, Han Sen sent himself into the wheel-sized eye of the mammoth.


The white mammoth lifted its front legs. Blood ran into rivers flowing from its eyes. The beast screamed loud.

The next moment, the stomach of the white mammoth was suddenly slashed open. A b.l.o.o.d.y figure came out of it.


The white mammoth quickly fell, splas.h.i.+ng ice and snow everywhere. Without looking at the body of the white mammoth, the b.l.o.o.d.y figure walked to the rest of the team when cleaning the dagger casually.

Almost no one was able to forget this moment. The gigantic dead creature and the b.l.o.o.d.y figure were written into their memory internally.