Super Gene - Chapter 413: Weird Woman

Chapter 413: Weird Woman

Chapter 413: Weird Woman

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Han Sen pondered and took back the holy angel. He shapes.h.i.+fted into the color s.h.i.+fter and leaned against the mountain wall, turning into a part of the rocks. No one could tell he was there

The rumbling continued for a while before it softened. Very soon, Han Sen saw the evil goblin king came from a wide hole.

The huge body slithered out, which was still more than 60 feet long. The injury on the end of its body was still there but had already healed.

What a large creature. It is still this long when cut in half. It must be at least 100 feet long originally. Han Sen regarded the creature, not understanding why it still dared to come out.

As Han Sen was suspicious, he did not move but watched the creature moving in the cave. The creature did nothing special, but Han Sen felt something must be wrong, so he stayed still and watched.

Suddenly, he saw something else coming from the same hole where the evil goblin king was. It was a creature that looked like a white rhinoceros with three pairs of legs, looking magnificent.

On the back of the white rhinoceros sat a person.

Han Sen was shocked to see someone else riding a creature in this place, who was also getting along with the evil goblin king. Everything seemed so odd.

Han Sen could tell that the white rhinoceros was definitely a creature instead of a beast soul pet. A creature had a murderous scent which the pet did not have.

He looked carefully at the person sitting on the back of the white rhinoceros. It should be a woman. However, she was wearing a black cloak with a hood, so Han Sen could not tell what she looked like.

"How come there is no human?" The woman looked around and muttered to herself before she rode the white rhinoceros back into the hole.

Han Sen was dazed. The woman sounded like she was not a human herself, but Han Sen had never heard a creature would look exactly like a human and could talk.

The evil goblin king which only had half its body left followed the woman into the hole. Han Sen had now understood that the goblin was a bait the woman sent.

Who is that woman? She is so strange. I have never heard that human could control a creature, which is also a super creature. How is that even possible? Han Sen felt confused. A long while after the evil goblin king disappeared, he slowly moved his body toward that hole.

Han Sen carefully entered the hole which was rather wide. When he walked deeper inside, there was a fork.

Han Sen observed the surroundings and followed one path. The evil goblin king barely left any traces as its three-fingered hands were quite small.

However, the white rhinoceros left some footprints. And he could even hear the hoof beats.

Deep inside the mountain, Han Sen carefully walked in the labyrinth. After an hour, the hoof beats could no longer be heard. Han Sen became alarmed and slowed down. He pondered and shapes.h.i.+fted again into the color s.h.i.+fter.

Very soon, he saw the evil goblin king again when he entered another big cave. Although it was still inside the mountain, there was a crack on the ceiling where the sky could be seen and light could come through.

In the big cave, there was even a stream of water. Han Sen saw the woman and the white rhinoceros again.

In addition to the woman and the white rhinoceros, many man-made tools were laid around, such as tents, woks and bowls. It seemed like the woman had spent quite some time in the cave.

Han Sen stopped breathing and integrated himself with the stone wall, observing the woman, someone who could command a super creature. Even Han Sen felt surprised by his discovery. It was hard to believe that such a person even existed.

If she had been around for a while, then super creatures should have been known to human a while back. How come there was absolutely no news about it? Even the Nings were merely guessing and had never killed a super creature.

The woman set up the wok and started to burn a kind of vines underneath. It looks like she was cooking.

Then she opened an alloy case filled with bottles and cans. When she started to pour the content of a bottle into the wok, Han Sen realized it must be spice.

Very soon, Han Sen smiled food. He wondered what meat she was cooking which was making him drool.

Seeing the meat was about ready, the woman took off her back cloak and got up to fill her bowl.

Han Sen was eventually able to see what her face, which made him stare his eyes wide and almost scream out loud.

There was a white mask made of bones on the woman's face. And a pair of purple horns were standing in her long hair like crescents.

"Shura royalty… How can this be…" Han Sen was so shocked that he was speechless, unable to believe what he had seen.

As the biggest enemy of human in the universe, Shura almost looked the same as men except for the horns. The purple horns were the characteristics of Shura royalty. A royal Shura man had single horn, and a royal Shura woman had double horns.

None of these mattered though. What shocked Han Sen was the fact that a Shura had made her way into G.o.d's Sanctuary, which was not supposed to happen.

It was not to say that Shura did not have teleport devices. Even if they had none, it would be easy for them to grab one from human in the wars.

However, Shura was rejected by G.o.d's Sanctuary itself. Even with a teleport device, no Shura would choose to enter this s.p.a.ce. Human had conducted an experiment to teleport Shura prisoners into G.o.d's Sanctuary, who immediately got sick with the symptoms of flu. As their immune system went down, they all died in G.o.d century within three days, adults and children alike, no matter how strong they were. However, this Shura royalty seemed to have lived in G.o.d's Sanctuary for a long time already.