Super Gene - Chapter 368: Another Super Beast Soul

Chapter 368: Another Super Beast Soul

Chapter 368: Another Super Beast Soul

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The wolf's whimper was stopped by the blade in its throat. However, the creature suddenly turned its head and broke the sacred-blood sword. The beast soul suddenly disappeared and metal wolf fell on the floor with blood welling from its wound.

Han Sen quickly stabbed the spinning spear at the wolf, which gave Han Sen a fierce stare and escaped deeper into the nest.

There was no way that Han Sen would let it go. He had prepared so long for this moment. Grabbing the spinning spear, Han Sen ran on his four hooves toward the wolf.

Because it was bleeding too hard, the wolf had slowed down significantly and failed to get away from Han Sen.

However, when the wolf entered where the cells were, many creatures started to rush out and come at Han Sen.

Han Sen did not even care. He dashed into the numerous creatures like a demon. Han Sen did not believe that one nest could nurture two super creatures.

He was confident to face any creature but the super creatures.

The creatures were roaring, the spear was dancing, and blood was splas.h.i.+ng. Han Sen made his way through the creatures and followed the wolf closely.

Everything changed so fast that Ye Yufeng was dumbstruck. A moment ago, Han Sen was in danger and was about to be killed, while suddenly, it was the metal wolf that suffered a severe injury and ran away. Ye Yufeng could not even understand what had happened.

Seeing Han Sen killing the creatures like death himself, Ye Yufeng suddenly came to himself and rushed forward.

The deeper Han Sen went, the more creature he saw. However, Han Sen did not even care. He simply killed everything he saw. Every creature in his way was killed with one blow. The b.l.o.o.d.y slayer's body was covered in warm blood.

The metal wolf had become slower and slower. It seemed that it was injured so badly that the creature could no longer run fast. Even when Han Sen was hindered by the creatures, the wolf still cannot get rid of him.

Suddenly, the wolf turned its head back and threw itself at Han Sen, determined. It seemed that the wolf was going for mutual destruction, knowing itself could not survive.

Seeing the wolf coming at him, Han Sen remained calm. The speed and strength of the wolf had been greatly reduced, so he could no longer pose any threat to him.

Dodging the wolf's attack, Han Sen swept the spear across at the wolf, sending it into the air.

Before the wolf fell, Han Sen lifted its body higher with the spear.

Bam Bam Bam!

The wolf was strapped by the spear so fast that it could not even land.

Han Sen knew that the spinning spear could not break the wolf's fur, so it was pointless to stab the creature. He was simply beating the wolf hard to make its wound tear. More blood flowed from the wolf's jaw.

Ye Yufeng was das.h.i.+ng among the creatures. When he approached Han Sen, he saw Han Sen whipping the metal wolf which used to be invincible and had now lost the ability to fight back.

Suddenly, Han Sen turned the spear around and drove it into the wolf's injured throat, nailing the wolf's body to the stone wall.


The wolf's body hit and smashed the wall. The spear was driven into the wolf's injury with a strong spinning force.

Blood spurted from the wolf's throat. The creature had lost all its energy and even stopped struggling.

With blood and sparkles, the head of the spear eventually hit the wolf's brain.

"Larva of super creature cursed wolf killed. Beast soul of cursed wolf gained. Life essence available. Meat inedible."

Watching the body of the cursed wolf dissolving, Han Sen quickly grabbed the black life essence, overjoyed.

"Super beast soul… Super beast soul… I have another super beast soul…" Han Sen almost wanted to shout to express his joy.

However, Han Sen stopped himself and put away the life essence before Ye Yufeng saw it.

Han Sen did not want to leak the existence of the super creatures. It would cost so much trouble.

As Ye Yufeng and Han Sen slaughtered the creatures, there was nothing that could stop the two of them. Very soon, they killed everything in the nest, including a cow-like sacred-blood creature. Han Sen killed the creature with one strike but did not gain its beast soul. However, Han Sen was not let down at all. He was very much still immersed in the excitement of gaining the super beast soul.

The two of them quickly got to where the egg was. What they saw made them feel shocked.

Where the egg should be was empty.

Han Sen and Ye Yufeng both felt odd. With all the creatures still alive, it was unlikely that the egg was gone.

It was hard for them to believe that someone could hide himself from all the creatures and break the egg.

In addition, Ye Yufeng was the one who found the nest first. Before he was there, the green gold wall was still intact, so no one could have entered the place.

"Did the Chen brothers manage to break the egg without alarming any creatures when they came down the first time?" Ye Yufeng murmured to himself, but felt his guess was unlikely.

The brothers were only in the nest for a very short amount of time. Even if they did not alarm any creature, it was impossible for them to reach the egg and return safely in such a short amount of time.

Han Sen suddenly had a thought. Was the cursed wolf hatched from the egg?