Super Gene - Chapter 3460 - Dollar

Chapter 3460 - Dollar

Chapter 3460 Dollar

“Mister… Please… Give us the order to fight back! Even if we get destroyed along with the universe, we do not want to be humiliated in such a fas.h.i.+on.” Light G.o.ddess and the other G.o.d Spirits all kneeled before Myrtle, pleading for him to act.

“d.a.m.n it! Why has he still not revealed himself? Has it really not worked?” Myrtle looked toward the evolution wall with a serious gaze. He stood up and approached it.

Light G.o.ddess gnashed her teeth and asked, “Mister, do you mind telling me what you are waiting for? At a moment like this one, what more could you possibly be waiting for?” Myrtle said, “I am waiting for someone. I am waiting for a person who can bring hope to this bleak universe.” He reached out his hand and pressed it against the evolution wall. He could not, however, feel any sense of movement in it.

“He even beat Bao’er,” Moment G.o.d said. “Who else can bring hope to this universe? The only one who can stop Qin Xiu is you and us.” Myrtle looked at Light G.o.ddess. With a wry smile, he said, “Do you guys think I do not want to reboot the universe? I am merely worried that rebooting the universe will not hurt Qin Xiu. As a matter of fact, it will speed up his plan. That is why I am hesitant to do it.”

“You what?” Light G.o.ddess and the other G.o.d Spirits were shocked by this.

“The old leader gave his power to me so I could shepherd the geno hall and become a worthy successor for leaders.h.i.+p and earn Reboot-cla.s.s powers. Although I am Reboot cla.s.s now, compared to the old leader of this hall, I am considerably inferior in strength. The old hall leader could use his power to reboot the entire universe, whereas I must use the geno hall’s power to reboot the universe.”

After pausing, Myrtle developed a wry smile and proceeded to say, “As for Qin Xiu, he did not just inherit the old leader’s gene to earn a Reboot Blood-Pulse. He got the G.o.d Chaos Party leader’s genes and broke through to Universe cla.s.s. You might be able to say Qin Xiu is stronger than the old leader was, and he has also borrowed the geno tablet’s power. He also has Bao’er’s power. His power is too strong to imagine, and he has reboot powers. He is stronger than me. If I use my reboot power, I might not be able to stop him. I might actually end up helping him. With Qin Xiu’s tricky mind, this might be something he expects.” “I see, but things are in motion right now,” Moment G.o.d said. “If we are doomed to fail, you might as well try it. If you try it, it might work. If you don’t, then there is no additional chance. You miss every shot you don’t take.”

“No, we still have another chance,” Myrtle said as he turned his eyes to the evolution wall.

The crazy battle G.o.d, who had not been speaking, suddenly asked, “Mister, what is in the evolution wall? What other chance are you talking about?”

“Did I not just tell you guys that I am waiting for someone to come out from here?” Myrtle replied as he looked at the wall.

Moment G.o.d suddenly realized something. “Is the person you are talking about a human? What else could it be?”

“Yes, it is a human.” Myrtle nodded.

“Human? What human could possibly fight Qin Xiu?” Moment G.o.d really could not think of who this might be. Even Bao’er was beaten by Qin Xiu, so what human could possibly defeat Qin Xiu?”

Light G.o.ddess looked weird as she made a suggestion. “Could the person you are referring to be Han Sen?” All of the G.o.d Spirits felt a shock. They looked at Myrtle. He nodded in response.

Moment G.o.d looked weirded out and said, “Mister, do you think Han Sen can actually walk that step? Has it not been proven that he physically cannot take that step? And Master Bao’er, who walked that step, actually failed. Even if he takes that step, he is not a comparable rival to Qin Xiu. Plus, he could not take that step to be a Universe-cla.s.s being.” Myrtle wanted to open his mouth and say something, but the evolution wall suddenly started to s.h.i.+ne. The thousands of race texts on the wall started to glow. They flickered like many suns. All of the G.o.d Spirits looked at the evolution wall. They saw the flickering race names start to peel and crack.

Feather… Sky… Real… Rob… Destroyed… Every race name was breaking. It was like every race was being destroyed. Every race text shattered, leaving cracks behind on the evolution wall’s surface.

Thousands of race texts shattered in a moment. In the end, the word Fairy was destroyed as well. The whole evolution wall exploded to become a sky full of dust that was all over the place.

Many G.o.d Spirits looked at the evolution wall in shock. That thing had been there since the beginning of time. It was the foundation of the geno hall. Even G.o.d-kings could not destroy it. It was a geno stone that was never supposed to break.

Amidst the dust and haze, a shadow emerged. Every G.o.d Spirit’s vision started to clear. “Bao’er.” Chaos’s body power was fading away. She still went for Bao’er. She wanted to save Bao’er from Qin Xiu’s power.

Much to her dismay and the dismay of everyone who was watching these terrible events unfold, the power of her attack was wholly drained and extinguished. It was taken from her. It was s.n.a.t.c.hed out of her hands by the purple light she was desperately trying to repel. After that, she was left in a weakened state by the purple light. She was worse off than ever.

She was G.o.d Chaos Party’s leader. In the past, she was strong and famous. Now, she felt hopeless and powerless. It was the type of scenario reserved solely for nightmares.

Both of her hands were doing their best to get rid of the restrictions on Bao’er, but nothing she tried to do worked. There was nothing that could be done. It also made her power weaker and weaker. Her spirit body was on the verge of breaking for good. Bao’er was still stuck inside. Her universe power had been robbed. It became Qin Xiu’s time and s.p.a.ce reversal power. “Bao’er… Mother hurt you…” Chaos was hopelessly holding the trapped Bao’er. The sky and the ground were big, but the universe was bigger. But no one could save her dear daughter. No one could save the product of love that was produced with her lover.

“Dad! Dad will save me.” Bao’er was still struggling. She was fighting against the restrictions. She gnashed her teeth. Her voice was quiet, but it was confident. Chaos felt extremely bitter about things, but she didn’t say anything. She did not want to. She did not want to break Bao’er’s resolute hope that there was still a chance. She did not want her to face the harsh reality that surrounded her.

“That is good,” Chaos said with a sigh. She did not say anything more. She held Bao’er tight and enjoyed the final, fleeting moments of her life.

“It is over… It is all over…” In the G.o.d Chaos Party, seeing so many friends fade away because of the reversing of time and s.p.a.ce, with some being wiped out straight away, the scariness could not be described.

The whole universe’s cause connection was together. Erasing one person’s cause wiped out the people who were connected to them. The items and the people were all connected as well. It all led to more people and substances being removed.

In that cause-connection net, the weaker ones would be wiped out first. Then, the whole cause net would be taken away and scrubbed clean. In the end, they would be completely erased from time and s.p.a.ce.

“No!” Even the Break World creatures were scared and trembling now. The normal, living creatures were killed in greater swathes and even faster. In the universe of kingdoms, many humans just vanished. They would be speaking in one second and be gone in the next.

The geno universe was very much the same. The whole of the geno universe was in the grip of fear and hopelessness.

Many creatures begged for the protection of the G.o.d Spirits. When they saw the geno hall burn with a purple flame and falling in s.p.a.ce, every being felt more hopeless and terrified than they had ever been before.

“Are the G.o.ds destroyed too?” Everyone had a bad feeling.

“Mother… No… Mother…” Han Ling’er held Ji Yanran. Her tears kept dropping. Ji Yanran’s body was returning to its youth. Time kept going backward without pause.

From a married woman to a young woman, from a woman to a teen, from a teen to a child the size of Han Ling’er, Ji Yanran’s body was changing. At the same time, the things she had been through and her history were wiped out.

In s.p.a.ce Garden, many students were being turned into babies because of the reversal of time.

“This world is going to end.” Sky Palace Leader leaned against a stone pillar. He saw a purple light rise across the universe and felt bitter.

Hopelessness was everywhere.


A crunchy noise was heard throughout the sky and across the whole world. It was not loud but it was very clear in everyone’s ear. In that universe, which was covered by a weird purple light, there was a small gold light.

When the people watching were able to recognize the gold light was actually a golden coin, the people screamed. “Dollar!”