Super Gene - Chapter 311: Spinning Away

Chapter 311: Spinning Away

Chapter 311: Spinning Away

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Han Sen waved at his friends and entered the archery range. At the same time, Jing Jiya also entered the range.

"Han Sen, there is something that I should probably tell you beforehand," Jing Jiya walked over to Han Sen and said with a smile.

"If you want to tell me, then tell me," said Han Sen casually.

Jing Jiya smiled and said nothing. He walked to the bow rack, took a 16.0 practice bow and a quiver full of arrows, and returned to Han Sen.

The next second, Jing Jiya straightened his back, nocked an arrow, and made a shot casually.

That was only a start. He then quickly shot nine more arrows, between which there was almost no gap. The ten arrows were like a straight line, flying toward the target 60 feet away.

Students were dumbstruck. If it was very hard to believe that with a 16.0 arrow, Jing Jiya was able to shoot a succession of ten arrows. His strength was beyond their imagination.

"He is indeed even stronger than Jing Jiwu at his age," mumbled Situ Xiang.

Chen Ling was also amazed. Among the unevolved, very few people had this kind of strength, not to mention Jing Jiya was just a freshman.

As people were shocked by what Jing Jiya could do, they found the bigger surprise was yet to come.

As the first arrow hit the bull's eye, the second arrow suddenly made a strange turn when it was about to hit the first, which was the same case with the remaining eight arrows.

When all ten arrows were on the target, people found that only the first one hit the bull's eye, while the other nine arrows formed a circle with the first arrow as the center.

Everybody widened their mouth. Someone yelpped and said, "Spinning arrow! Isn't that Han Sen's spinning arrow? How come Jing Jiya can also do that?"

At this point, even Situ Xiang cannot believe her eyes. Jing Jiya used a 16.0 bow to shoot a succession of ten arrows, nine of which were spinning. Judging from the way that the arrows were aligned she knew that Jing Jiya was already an archery master.

"Monster! A monster more formidable than Jing Jiwu was!" lamented Situ Xiang. She had hoped that Han Sen would win, but did not have much faith after watching Jing Jiya's performance.

Han Sen's most impressive skill was spinning arrow, with which he beat Jing Jiwu. However, Jing Jiya seemed to be even better at that, and he even had a higher fitness index than his older brother. There was simply no way that Han Sen could beat Jing Jiya.

"Jing Jiya also knows spinning arrow, and it looks like he has mastered it. Han Sen is in trouble now."

"What great archery skills! I'm afraid Han Sen will not be better than him."

"Using a 16.0 bow at will, Jing Jiya is more formidable than Jing Jiwu was."

At this point, s.h.i.+ Zhikang, Zhang Yang and Lu Meng all became pale. s.h.i.+ Zhikang exclaimed, "How come this guy also knows Han Sen's spinning arrow? I've heard that it is almost impossible for an unevolved person to do that."

"Almost, but not completely impossible. Jing Jiya and Han Sen are both exceptions," said Lu Meng calmly, looking worried nonetheless.

The crowd were in awe of Jing Jiya's archery skills, and few people believed that Han Sen could still win.

"What do you think my spinning arrow, brother?" Jing Jiya asked, amused.

"Jing Jiya, it is quite impressive for your age. Good job!" said Han Sen in appreciation.

He did appreciate what Jing Jiya could do. Although Jing Jiya had not practiced Yin Yang Blast, he managed to achieve the effect of the spinning arrow by practicing archery techniques alone.

Hearing Han Sen's words, Jing Jiya felt belittled. At your age? It sounded like he was a kid trying to impress his parents with a golden star awarded by school.

"Since you said that, you must have stronger archery skills than I do. Why don't you show us?" suggested Jing Jiya with his brows knitted.

"No need. I don't have much time. Let's just get started with the duel." Han Sen immediately went to the bow rack, picking up a bow and a quiver of arrows.

The students were surprised by Han Sen's choice of bow. He picked an 11.0 practice bow, which was too weak for any archery student. Anyone could easily use a bow like this.

"Han Sen seems to be overly confident. How can he compete with Jing Jiya with an 11.0 bow?"

"Wait a minute. The bow he used to beat Jing Jiwu was also an 11.0 bow. Maybe he wants to do it again?"

"I don't think it's going to happen. Last time the victory was mainly because of the great tactics Coach Situ Xiang used. Also, Jing Jiwu did not know there was such a thing as spinning arrow and was taken by surprise. However, now Jing Jiya knows about the spinning arrow and is even better at it than Han Sen. How can Han Sen possibly win with an 11.0 bow?"

"What is Sen trying to pull? He should have picked a strong bow in any case!" s.h.i.+ Zhikang was stunned, trying to understand why Han Sen would have picked an 11.0 bow.

Lu Meng did not speak, as he did not understand either.

Nor did Zhang Yang. He looked at w.a.n.g Mengmeng and asked, "Mengmeng, didn't you use to learn archery skills from Han Sen? Tell us, what is he trying to do?"

w.a.n.g Mengmeng pondered and answered, "Brother Han must feel that it is too easy to beat Jing Jiya anyway, so he picked the first bow he saw. I don't believe it means anything."