Super Gene - Chapter 30: An Empty Egg

Chapter 30: An Empty Egg

Chapter 30: An Empty Egg

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Han Sen climbed up every day to steal some egg juice and never met a sacred-blood creature returning to the nest. Han Sen thought the egg’s parents might have been hunted already. But to be safe, every time he finished drinking from the egg, he would return to where Lin Beifeng was instead of staying inside the nest.

Lin Beifeng just a.s.sumed that Han Sen was going up to find a way. When they had waited for two or three days, Lin Beifeng looked down, and with the fog he wasn’t sure if the mammo beasts had left.

"Sen, how about we go down a bit and check if they have left?" Lin Beifeng couldn’t handle the heat during the day and coldness at night on the cliff anymore.

"Let’s wait for two more days to be safe. If they see us now and guard the place for another week, we will run out of food." Han Sen's geno points were higher, so he had heard the mammo beasts leaving the previous night. But he didn’t want to go now, as he hadn’t finished the egg.

Lin Beifeng felt that made sense, so he held on.

However, after two days, Lin Beifeng still saw Han Sen making his daily climb. The vines only covered a small part, and if Han Sen was just exploring the way, he should have done that already, so why did he keep climbing?

"What is it?" Lin Beifeng wondered, yet he still did not believe there could be sacred-blood creatures.

"Sen, why is it that you climb every day?" Lin Beifeng could not help but ask.

"I told you, there are sacred-blood creatures, and I’m going up to eat," replied Han Sen.

"Would you take me with you?" Lin Beifeng did not believe Han Sen's words but was very curious.

"OK!" Hanson smiled, grabbed a vine and started climbing.

Lin Beifeng followed him up, but he was so weak that he stopped halfway and asked, "Sen, I’ve gotta stop. Where are you going?"

"We are almost there. Wait here and I’ll pull you up." Han Sen climbed up like a gecko.

In a short while, Lin Beifeng saw a vine thrown from above. Tying himself to the vine, he borrowed Han Sen’s strength and climbed.

When he reached the stone, Lin Beifeng was stunned by the size of the egg. "My G.o.d, such a big egg. Is it sacred-blood?"

"Yes, this is a sacred-blood creature’s egg." Han Sen nodded.

"Gee, it really is a sacred-blood egg. Sen, you are amazing." Lin Beifeng was pleasantly surprised. He smashed the egg with a fist and wanted to drink.

Stretching his tongue out and waiting, Lin Beifeng saw no egg juice flowing out and smashed a few times more, making a big hole in the eggsh.e.l.l.

"Where is the egg juice?" Lin Beifeng looked blankly inside the hollow eggsh.e.l.l.

"I drank it." Han Sen blinked.

"You drank it?" Lin Beifeng looked at Han Sen.

"A few days ago, I told you that and invited you to join me. I thought you didn’t want to come." Han Sen spread out his hands.

Lin Beifeng regretted so much that he was ready to kill himself right then. "Sen, I had no way of knowing you were telling the truth. Who could have imagined a sacred-blood egg on the cliff? If I knew, I would have come, even if I had broken all my limbs."

"Beifeng, don’t worry. I’ll inform you next time I find a sacred-blood egg." Han Sen smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

"Sen, next time such good things happen, you must remember to let me know. Money is not a problem, and I promise I will never say no to you again." Lin Beifeng was upset.

"I promise." Han Sen made such an effort to bring him up just to hear these words from him. People like Lin Beifeng made great customers.

Lin Beifeng sighed for a while, smashed the eggsh.e.l.l and carried it with him. He wanted to see if he could boil some sacred geno points from it.

"Not in a hundred years," Han Sen chuckled to himself.

When they got to the bottom of the cliff, the mammo beasts had left already, so the two went back to Steel Armor Shelter.

When they were about to arrive, Hen Sen smiled and said to Lin Beifeng, "Beifeng, my reputation is not that great here, so I won’t go in with you. I’ll see you around."

Lin Beifeng quickly said, "Sen, what do you take me for? We have been through death together, and I’ll kill whoever is disrespectful to you."

"It’s fine. I have to go and want no trouble. Just enter alone." Han Sen would not believe someone as glib as him, so he waved goodbye and entered the shelter first.

The stormbird egg added five more sacred geno points to Han Sen, which were fewer than he had expected, but it was a surprise in itself, so it was still great. Now Han Sen had 18 sacred geno points.

It was a shame that he didn’t get a beast soul from it, but it was quite normal, since killing ten creatures wouldn’t even guarantee a beast soul. Han Sen just got lucky previously.

Han Sen happily returned to his room, and was teleported out of G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Before he left the station, a slim figure blocked his way.

"Stationmaster! Such a coincidence." Han Sen groaned inwardly. He had totally forgot about his discord with Qin Xuan.

"Come with me," Qin Xuan said coldly, walking toward the combat room. She was upset that Han Sen had been able to hit her last time and wanted to kick his a.s.s before she could let it go.