Super Gene - Chapter 291: Hunger

Chapter 291: Hunger

Chapter 291: Hunger

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Bai Yishan was very efficient and since Han Sen all the information of Heresy Mantra the second day.

Since Heresy Mantra had not been adapted into a hyper geno art, it was written in an ancient language and was very hard to read.

It was an age when everyone practiced martial arts, most people knew some terms in the ancient language, and so did Han Sen. However, Heresy Mantra was still beyond his understanding.

Luckily, the professors that studied Heresy Mantra before had left a lot of footnotes. And the previous volunteers had provided notes and data as well, which had helped Han Sen greatly.

Bai Yishan also gave Han Sen some tips, which would help Han Sen avoid making mistakes when practicing Heresy Mantra. It seemed that Bai Yishan had also done profound research on this ancient martial art.

Han Sen did not rush to start practicing. Instead, he memorized all the information first. He did not know how long it would take for him to reach the next shelter after leaving Green Shelter. Unable to use any electronic reading device, Han Sen decided to save everything in his mind so that he would not need to carry all the doc.u.ments.

Before he set out, Han Sen called Lin Beifeng. When learning Han Sen was to travel through six shelters or more, Lin Beifeng exclaimed, "Han Sen, how did you end up there?"

"Never mind how I ended up there. Are YOU interested in doing the beast soul business again?" Han Sen felt it was hard to explain and skipped the whole story.

"Yes, of course. Only a dumba.s.s would turn down gold. When will you leave? Let me do some research on it first," set Lin Beifeng excitedly.

"Tomorrow morning," replied Han Sen casually. In fact, Huangfu Pingqing also came to him, wanting to do the same business. However, with Huangfu, he must sign an official contract with Ares Martial Hall and stay for a while in each shelter to collaborate with Huangfu Pingqing’s men.

Feeling it was too much trouble, Han Sen turned down Huangfu’s offer and decided to make money with Lin Beifeng.

They probably stayed up all night and sent Han Sen the information he collected before dawn he also transferred $1 billion to Han Sen’s account.

"Han Sen, I don’t have enough time to raise money, and this is what’s left in my allowance. Spend it however you like. I have collected the information of all the unique beast souls of each shelter you will pa.s.s, but it might not be thorough." Lin Beifeng had a lot of trust in Han Sen.

"You’re giving me so much money and once. Aren’t you afraid I might disappear?" Han Sen did not expect so much money from Lin Beifeng. He thought Lin Beifeng might give him a dozen million or 100 million at best.

"This is nothing. If I did not p.i.s.s my dad off recently, I could invest 10 times this much." Lin grinned, "and of course I trust you. If you say the word, I could give you 10 billion for free as long as you remember me as a friend."

Han Sen took the money and went to green shelter, deciding to purchase some beast soul’s before he went to the next shelter.

Han Sen did not want to waste too much time. He wanted to go back to Steel Armor Shelter as soon as possible, otherwise the sacred-blood creature he had been feeding would go to waste.

According to the information Lin Beifeng gave him, Han Sen purchased lots of beast souls and went to the next shelter.

Han Sen had searched on the Skynet to test the authenticity of the map Huangfu Pingqing gave him. Although the information online was not as clear as the map, he was able to tell that the map was indeed correct.

In addition to traveling, Han Sen had been practicing the first phase of Heresy Mantra: preserving vital energy. Heresy Mantra was different from Jadeskin in that it did not enhance one’s physique overall, but focused on the strength in blood.

Blood came from the heart and went through the veins in the whole body. Hence by practicing Heresy Mantra, one’s heart and veins would become stronger. If the heart could be compared to an engine, then its horsepower could be improved by as much as 10 times after one practiced Heresy Mantra.

This was merely an explanation for dummies. Even the professors at the Saint Hall could not understand how it actually worked.

After many researches and experiments, although no one had successfully reached the first phase of Harris mantra, people now understood that Heresy Mantra was a process to strengthen the heart, veins and blood. One had to be able to withstand the power produced in the process of practice, otherwise one would explode.

Preserving vital energy was the fundamental step of practicing Heresy Mantra. If it was not done correctly, the other three phases would cause one’s heart to explode.

Han Sen did not dare to slack a little bit when practicing Heresy Mantra. He fully prepared himself before he even started. Once the practice started, it could be run automatically during walking and sleeping unless stopped on purpose.

After several days, Han Sen started to feel the sense of hunger Bai Yishan described. No matter how much he ate, he would still feel hungry, not only in his stomach, but his entire body.

Among all the footnotes, Han Sen had noticed an interesting hypothesis: the reason for the hunger during the practice was that Heresy Mantra needed a huge amount of energy to improve the genes that controlled the heart and veins, while the nutrition contained in food was not enough. In this case, the entire body was under a lot of pressure, and all the energy went to support those specific body parts, which was why other parts of the body had basically no energy.

This theory was not corroborated. The previous volunteers were consuming most advanced nutrition solutions every day, which was still not enough to balance the hunger, which made people question the theory.