Super Gene - Chapter 27: SOS

Chapter 27: SOS

Chapter 27: SOS

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"What the heck is a pet beast soul? It’s not just for fun, right? I was really tricked by Qin Xuan. What am I going to do with it?" Han Sen’s heart sank, and he killed the copper-toothed beast that was chasing the cat. When he was about to take the cat back, it started to meow around the body of the copper-toothed beast with its mouth watering.

"Go ahead." Han Sen looked at the mutant three-eyed cat curiously. Normal fighter beast souls and mount beast souls didn’t have to eat, and they could just recover in a vacuum once injured.

Receiving the approval from Han Sen, the cat rushed to the corpse and started gnawing, but it was clear that its teeth and claws were not sharp enough to break down the skin.

Depressed, Han Sen peeled the skin off, sliced the meat with a dagger and fed it to the cat. And this little thing sure could eat. The copper-toothed beast was at least twice its size and it managed to eat all the flesh. Lying on the ground with a full belly, the cat could barely move and Han Sen was almost worried about it.

Helplessly shaking his head, Han Sen took the cat back and decided to research the use of a pet beast soul on Skynet when he got back home.

Mutant creatures were not so easy to find. Han Sen had been in the mountains for more than half a month, and did not encounter any mutant creatures. He did find quite a few primitive creatures new to him and now had more than 90 primitive geno points.

Hunting alone in the mountains was quite boring, so Han Sen would summon the cat to play with and feed for fun when he was resting.

The protection from the black beetle armor allowed him to practice Ghosthaunt even when hunting primitive creatures.

Although he was still not skilled at it, he noticed the strengths of this martial art, especially in wrestling. It was very easy to use, and would incapacitate the creatures in a short time. However, close combat can be dangerous, and there were a few times when he used the wrong movement and could have been killed by the creatures.

For over a month in the mountains, he had not found a single mutant creature, while he made a lot of progress in using Ghosthaunt.

Later, Han Sen no longer needed to rely on his armor when hunting primitive creatures.

One of his biggest gains was that he finally maxed out on primitive geno points.

Thinking of the fact that he was struggling for ordinary geno points just a few months ago, he was suddenly in a great mood and started to make a fire and barbeque some meat.

"Help ... Help..." Han Sen was sharing the barbeque with the mutant three-eyed cat he named "Meowth" when he saw a guy in ragged clothes running toward him, crying for help.

He quickly got up and looked over there. With just one look, Han Sen abandoned the meat on the ground, took back Meowth and started to run.

"Buddy, please help me! I’ll give you money, however much you want," cried the man while running.

"You can keep your money." Han Sen did not turn his head and ran desperately.

You first needed to be alive to spend money, and there were at least a hundred mommo beasts chasing him. Although mommo beasts were only primitive creatures, they each weighed more than a dozen tons and had the toughest skin. If hit or trampled by one, his internal organs would probably be shattered even with his armor on, not to mention there were so many of them.

Even if Qin Xuan, Son of Heaven and Fist Guy were all here, they’d have run under such circ.u.mstances.

"Buddy, not so fast! Give me a hand and I will thank you!" Behind Han Sen, the man was out of breath.

"I’m in danger as well. Just pray!" After running for a while, Han Sen saw a cliff ahead of him with green vines hanging, grabbed a vine and started climbing up.

The benefits of the gained geno points and practice of Ghosthaunt were showing. Han Sen was in the air with just a bit of climbing and jumped on a large stone platform extending from the cliff.

Seeing Han Sen climbing up, the man also ran over and wanted to follow him.

The man was either too weak or too tired, so he slipped down after a few tries.

"Buddy, help!" With the mammo beast less than 30 feet from him, the man was about to cry out.

"Hang on!" Han Sen grabbed the vine the man was holding on to and started pulling hard. Overjoyed, the man climbed with all fours, leveraging Han Sen’s strength. When he was 30 feet from the ground, he heard mammo beasts running into the cliff.

Han Sen and the man felt as if even the mountains were trembling. With pulling and climbing, the man was finally on the platform.

Once on the platform, the man lied down as if he were paralyzed, while breathing heavily, unable to speak.

"Friend, what on earth did you do to them?" Han Sen looked down at the mammo beasts running into one another. They wouldn’t even leave after they got up, roaring at the platform.

But they couldn’t climb up as they were even bulkier than elephants.

"Do not mention it. Worst luck ever." The man calmed down, fished out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket, lit one and offered one to Han Sen, "You saved my life and I, Lin Beifeng, will always remember. I will show my grat.i.tude after returning to the shelter."

"Best with cash." Han Sen looked at the cigarette and knew the man must be rich. A packet of Schwarzwald cigarettes cost more than ten thousand, and there was no need to be modest with such a wealthy guy.