Super Gene - Chapter 265: Long live the Emperor

Chapter 265: Long live the Emperor

Chapter 265: Long live the Emperor

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If you are the emperor

Let me crown you

If you are the emperor

Please accept my faith and allegiance

If you're the emperor

I thank you for giving us a reason to cheer

If you are the emperor

Please hold high your arrow of victory

And guide us to a bright future

At this moment

You are the emperor

At this moment

You are our ruler

At this moment

Only you can bring us joy

At this moment

We are your followers

We cheer for you

We take pride in you

Because you are our almighty emperor

Wen Xiuxiu read aloud the prose she wrote to celebrate Han Sen's victory.

All the fans of the Alliance Central Military Academy had gone, whereas the rest of the audience was dancing.

The Skynet was all over this, as people were discussing how Han Sen beat Jing Jiwu like crazy.

"What a shot! How did he do it?"

"The old king is gone and the new king is crowned. In the future, Han Sen will rule the Military Academy League."

"Long live the emperor!"

"I still can't believe this. Did Jing Jiwu really lose?"

"This is the beginning of a new era."

"The monster died under an arrow of the emperor."

"That shot was so weird. Did he do anything to that arrow? Can he control it remotely?"

"He only won an archery match. It is way too early to call him the emperor."

"Long live the emperor!"

"What a weird shot!"

No one could sleep that night. The entire Blackhawk school team lost sleep, including Situ Xiang.

It was like a dream to beat the Alliance Central Military Academy with Jing Jiwu on their team. All the military academies had the same dream, while they were the only ones who realized it-- to beat Jing Jiwu in archery.

Although there were coincidences and lots of luck, a victory was a victory. They were the winners.

If they didn't have a match tomorrow and had to rest, they would have gone out and partied all night.

Even lying in bed, they were too excited to fall asleep.

"Han Sen, did we really win?" s.h.i.+ Zhikang asked, lying on his bed.

"Yes," replied Han Sen.

"Zhang Yang, did we really win?" s.h.i.+ Zhikang asked Zhang Yang again.

"Yes," replied Zhang Yang.

"Victor…" Before s.h.i.+ Zhikang asked, Lu Meng said directly, "If you keep disturbing us, we will suggest coach Situ Xiang put you on the bench tomorrow."

"Dammit! Why would you do that? I beat even the monster and you won't let me go when we have a weaker opponent?" s.h.i.+ Zhikang jumped up.

"You can try and say one more sentence," said Lu Meng calmly.

s.h.i.+ Zhikang opened his mouth but did not make a sound. He was indeed afraid that he would not be able to represent the school tomorrow.

Situ Xiang couldn't sleep either. Until now, she still felt unreal about the match result.

Her team beat the Alliance Central Military Academy and realized the dream of all the other military school coaches.

"Han Sen, you are amazing." Situ Xiang wished that Han Sen were in front of him so that she could give him a huge hug.

The Blackhawk team members could not sleep, and all the media also went nuts.

No one could have thought that the Alliance Central Military Academy would lose to Blackhawk. Everything happened so fast.

All the media reported the match between Blackhawk and the Alliance Central Military Academy. The highlights were Blackhawk's tactics and the duel between Han Sen and Jing Jiwu.

Most media quoted Wen Xiuxiu and called Han Sen the Emperor. Overnight the nickname was known in the entire alliance.

Jing Jiwu was so famous that Han Sen, the only person to beat him, became extremely popular quickly and was considered the new ruler of the Military Academy League.

Suddenly, Jing Jiwu seemed to be yesterday's news and Han Sen became the new hype.

On the rooftop, three young men were looking at the night view of the city, leaning over the railings.

"How do you feel about the failure?" Tang Zhenliu drank some beer and asked Jing Jiwu next to him with a smile.

"Not bad. That Han Sen was beyond my expectation. I did lose." Jing Jiwu smiled.

"So, what happened with the last shot?" Tang Zhenliu couldn't help but ask.

"The arrow was spinning," Jing Jiwu said casually.

"What do you mean by 'the arrow was spinning'?" Tang Zhenliu paused and did not understand Jing Jiwu.

The arrow was shot from a bow instead of thrown by hand. Unless the arrow was special, it was impossible that the arrow would spin. In the tournament, all the arrows were ordinary arrows provided by the sponsor, so the arrow itself could not spin either.

"I don't know," replied Jing Jiwu.

"How is it that you don't know?" Tang Zhenliu looked at Jing Jiwu in surprise. Jing Jiwu was facing that arrow. With his skills, he would definitely know if the arrow was altered.

Lin Feng cut in, "Indeed he does not know. There are ways to shoot a spinning arrow like that, using the flow of the air to make the arrow s.h.i.+ft its direction. However, none of them could be realized by the unevolved."

"Interesting guy. Unfortunately, this is already my last year and I will never have a chance to fight him again." Jing Jiwu threw the empty bottle into the trashcan and walked to the staircase. "Bye guys, I hope to see you again."

"What plan do you have now?" asked Lin Feng.

"Originally I wanted to go to the battlefield after the tournament. Now that is not necessary anymore. I will leave tonight," said Jing Jiwu without turning his head.

"I will wait for you," Lin Feng said, watching Jing Jiwu leaving.

Jing Jiwu paused, turned back and smiled. "You haven't fought him either, right?"

"You mean Han Sen?" Lin Feng paused and understood.

Jing Jiwu smiled and walked away.

"What does he mean?" Tang Zhenliu felt puzzled.

"He meant that if he did not beat Han Sen, I probably could not either," said Lin Feng casually.

Hearing this answer, Tang Zhenliu couldn't even hide his surprise.