Super Gene - Chapter 263: Through Hell

Chapter 263: Through Hell

Chapter 263: Through h.e.l.l

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"You think you could dodge Jing Jiwu's arrow unintentionally? Even at 900 feet, I'll bet you could not," replied Qin Cheng quietly.

"This Han Sen is really somebody. Can Jing Jiwu still win?" exclaimed the team member.

"Although Han Sen is better than we thought he would be, his bow is too weak. As long as their distance is shortened to less than 300 feet, Han Sen will lose for sure. His arrow will pose no threat to Jing Jiwu, while he will not be able to dodge Jing Jiwu's arrows anymore," said Qin Cheng confidently.

"That's right. From 300 feet to 150 feet, Jing Jiwu will have the absolute advantage. With his ability, he could make at least six shots in this range, which will secure his victory," said the coach of the Alliance Central Military Academy.

"Why 300 to 150 feet?" Asked a team member puzzled.

"Because within 150 feet, Han Sen's arrows would start to pose threats to Jing Jiwu, which is why Jing Jiwu should avoid getting too close," explained Qin Cheng.

"Qin Cheng is right. Han Sen must be very eager to shorten their distance to less than 150 feet, but he would not have the opportunity," said their coach.

Not only Qin Cheng believed that, Qiu Mingmei and other archery Masters also believed that.

"The distance from 300 feet to 150 feet was h.e.l.l to Han Sen. As long as he could get through that, he might still have a chance," said Qiu Mingmei.

As Han Sen was only 300 feet from Jing Jiwu, Situ Xiang was praying secretly, "go over… He had to go over…"

"Go over…" Ji Yanran rubbed her hands together.

"Go over…" Everyone who helped Han Sen to win was shouting inwardly, although they all knew that the chance was quite slim, when the opponent was Jing Jiwu who was carrying a 16.0 bow. Even an evolver would probably not be able to make the perfect dodge.

Han Sen moved forward, shortening their distance to less than 300 feet. Everyone's hearts were in their throats.

Jing Jiwu started to shoot as he entered his perfect range. Even with Han Sen's speed, it would be hard to fend off the volley of arrows from Jing Jiwu.

However, when Jing Jiwu made the first shot, Han Sen had shot a volley of three arrows in an instant.

As Jing Jiwu's arrow brushed off Han Sen's shoulder, Han Sen quickly shot another three arrows.

"No way…" Qin Cheng and his coach exclaimed at the same time.

Even Qiu Mingmei, Situ Xiang, Wen Xiuxiu, Tang Zhenliu and Lin Feng were shocked.

No one could've thought that Han Sen would launch a full-on attack at such a distance, which was beyond what an 11.0 bow could do.

If Han Sen's opponent were any other military school student, Han Sen might have some chance. However, opposite him stood Jing Jiwu and it was highly unlikely for Han Sen to hit the target, no matter how many arrows he shot.

"Han Sen rushed. He should have gotten closer. At such a distance, it is easy for Jing Jiwu to dodge his arrows." Wen Xiuxiu was nervous.

No matter how she saw this, Han Sen could not pose any real threats to Jing Jiwu at such a distance. Launching the attack too early would do Han Sen no good.

"Terrible! Han Sen should've taken his time," Tang Zhenliu couldn't help but say.

"He did not have time. This is his last opportunity. With Jing Jiwu's ability, he could not get closer than 150 feet and even if he could, he might still miss," replied Lin Feng.

"Although that's right, it is equally useless to launch an attack now. I believe he has only 20 something arrows left in his quiver, and when he uses them all, he will have no more supplies and then lose," said Tang Zhenliu.

"So, he has to win right here," set Lin Feng.


"No idea." Lin Feng shook his head.

"Even you could not think of an idea. I think Han Sen cannot make it after all." Tang Zhenliu sighed.

Under everyone's watch, Han Sen was getting closer and closer to Jing Jiwu. An 11.0 bow had its benefits as well which allowed Han Sen to shoot volleys of arrows easily.

A rain of arrows flew toward Jing Jiwu. Although they all missed him, they forced Jing Jiwu to move around.

Han Sen grabbed the opportunity, shooting and running towards Jing Jiwu. However, anyone could tell that at the speed, he would have used up his arrows before he made it to 150 feet.

Jing Jiwu was so strong that even when he was dodging all the arrows, he was still able to make the shots using unlikely positions.

Han Sen was about 220 feet from Jing Jiwu and had to use Sparticle to the extreme to dodge Jing Jiwu's arrows.

An arrow flew by Han Sen's face. The flow of air even broke Han Sen's strands of hair.

The arrow was so powerful that even it was made with a rubber head, it would still cause serious damage once it ended up on one's face.

Han Sen still did not give up. As he moved away from Jing Jiwu's arrow, he steadied himself with only one foot on the ground. With his body extremely inclined, Han Sen still managed to make a shot at Jing Jiwu.

After this shot, Han Sen completely lost his balance and fell to the ground.

Han Sen's movements were provoking in Jing Jiwu's eyes. When Han Sen lost his balance, without trying to defend himself, he continued to attack.

Jing Jiwu was not afraid of such a challenge. He made two shots at the same time, one went to hit Han Sen's arrow, whereas the other one flew to Han Sen's face who seemed to have lost his ability to dodge.

It seemed that Han Sen had given up on avoiding Jing Jiwu's attack altogether. Before he fell, he shot twice at Jing Jiwu.

"Ah!" The stands were filled with excitement. No one thought the duel would end so fast. At this point, it seemed that Han Sen had already lost.