Super Gene - Chapter 261: Duel

Chapter 261: Duel

Chapter 261: Duel

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"Amazing Blackhawk… Amazing Han Sen… This is definitely an epoch-making game. The Alliance Central Military Academy was never pushed this far before. Blackhawk is only one step from victory, but that one step is so difficult, because in front of them is the best player in the Military Academy League, Jing Jiwu," said Wen Xiuxiu, thrilled.

The viewers also became excited. At an absolute advantage, Blackhawk still lost three players to Jing Jiwu, who was indeed a monster.

However, at this point, Jing Jiwu was the only one that had survived on his team.

On Blackhawk's side, the remaining were only Han Sen and Lu Meng. They had every intention to eliminate Jing Jiwu, but all their attacks were in vain.

"He's no human," cursed Lu Meng behind a tree.

"Indeed," said Han Sen, also hiding behind a tree. Jing Jiwu had rushed down the mountain and entered the woods. It was almost impossible to see him at this point and both teams were reduced to the starting point.

The viewers held their breath. Before the game, none of them had thought that the Alliance Central Military Academy would be pushed this far. Without a doubt, the tactics adopted by Blackhawk were extremely successful.

However, Jing Jiwu was still there, and it was almost impossible to beat him.

As they wished, they would see the duel between Jing Jiwu and Han Sen, because the two players were both there. Although Han Sen had some advantage with a teammate on his side.

"Ha ha, the coach of Blackhawk is really good. Lin Feng, you think Han Sen could win?" Tang Zhenliu smiled and said.

"Han Sen's bow is too weak. His 11.0 bow is not enough to shoot someone like Jing Jiwu, unless they were really close to each other," said Lin Feng.

"That's right. Because of the tactics they used, they all chose 11.0 bows. Although that was successful in the beginning, facing a player like Jing Jiwu, the weapon is their biggest weakness." Tang Zhenliu knowingly nodded.

Jing Jiwu who was moving freely turned into a real monster, gliding quietly on the field.

Neither Han Sen nor Lu Meng dared to move. Without knowing where Jing Jiwu was, they were faced with great challenge although they were two.

"We cannot stay here," said Lu Meng, ready to get up. An arrow suddenly came to him.

"Move!" roared Han Sen, quickly shooting an arrow at the one threatening Lu Meng.


Han Sen's arrow were bounced off immediately and Jing Jiwu's arrow only slightly turned, ending up on Lu Meng's shoulder.

Jing Jiwu's arrow was meant to hit Lu's heart, but in an archery tournament, getting hit in the shoulder also eliminated Lu.

"All yours, Sen." Lu Meng left calmly, as he had done all he could.

The audience were again amazed by how powerful Jing Jiwu was.

"As long as Jing Jiwu's here, we will never lose. Blackhawk could try as much as they want." Students of the Alliance Central Military Academy felt a sense of pride.

"Jing Jiwu is indeed the monster."

"They had such an advantage. They should've got rid of Jing Jiwu first instead of Qin Cheng."

"Bull c.r.a.p. How can a 11.0 bow be enough to get rid of Jing Jiwu at that kind of distance?"

"Indeed, Jing Jiwu could have completely dodged an arrow like that with his speed."

"Such a shame! Blackhawk is indeed a great team with a creative coach. However, they ran into Jing Jiwu."


Han Sen moved continuously, searching for his opponent everywhere. In the field mimicking a labyrinthine, Jing Jiwu was not the only hunter. Han Sen was also looking for Jing Jiwu.

The two students quickly moved in the field. Although they had not make a single shot, their movements surprised a lot of viewers with rich combat experience.

Without the help of any equipment, both Han Sen and Jing Jiwu could always avoid the danger one step early and find a favorable spot.

If it were just only one time, that would not be so impressive. However, after half an hour that you were still not able to make a shot, because either Han Sen or Jing Jiwu could not find a good opportunity.

It was like playing chess under blindfold conditions. Without seeing each other, the two masters competed psychologically using the entire field as their chessboard without a sound.

People who really understood the game could hardly breathe when they watched this. The tension and excitement were even more intense than a real combat.

No matter Han Sen or Jing Jiwu could have fallen into the range of their opponents a million times, but they could always turn away from a crisis.

Jing Jiwu had raised his bow six times and had to put it back down. And Han Sen was the same.

"So impressive… Both of them…" Qiu Mingmei's eyes lit up and murmured.

"This might be the greatest duel in the history of Military Academy League. No matter who loses, he is no loser," Wen Xiuxiu said.

The viewers on the Skynet agreed with her.

"Absolutely great! I'm afraid we could not see the same thing in the future either."

"It's a shame that they encountered each other so early. This should happen in the final."

"I wish to see Jing Jiwu and Han Sen fighting each other again, but this year is Jing Jiwu's senior year. Han Sen could partic.i.p.ate again, but Jing Jiwu will not."

"Such strong players!"

"I don't want either of them to lose."

"One has to beat the other."

"It should be Jing Jiwu. Han Sen's bow is too weak. If he uses a 14.0 plus bow, he would have a chance to beat Jing Jiwu however, for tactics, he chose a 11.0."

"Han Sen was born three years too late. If he's a senior student and has the same strength Jing Jiwu does, the duel would be even better to watch."