Super Gene - Chapter 25: Ghosthaunt

Chapter 25: Ghosthaunt

Chapter 25: Ghosthaunt

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"He seems to have great strength, speed and explosiveness, which indicates that he has fairly high geno points, unless he is practicing hyper geno arts." Qin Xuan looked at some data, but didn’t worry too much about it.

Han Sen's data was indeed better than average, but data like this can be seen anywhere in the shelter. It was only a bit unexpected that it belonged to Han Sen.

"Talented but vulgar and despicable. I’ll just teach him a lesson next time," thought Qin Xuan bitterly.

Because of Han Sen's sneak attacks, she labelled him as despicable again. It was indeed hard for most people to imagine that Han Sen had integrated the sneak attack skills into his practice and instinct.

The reason why Han Sen could hit Son of Heaven in the face was his sneak attack skills. Or else someone like him could never hit Son of Heaven, who had great geno points and hyper geno arts.

Sneak attack didn’t sound good, but it was practical.

When he got home, Han Sen had dinner with his mother and Han Yan. The next day, he did not go to G.o.d’s Sanctuary but took the train to a martial hall.

Han Sen had only learned basic martial arts in the past, and those were designed for people who had no geno points.

As one started to gain geno points in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, one became stronger in general. With the practice of hyper geno arts, the body had become even more unique, and this difference allowed people like him to practice certain martial arts that normal people could not practice.

These martial arts can be learned at martial halls as well as at advanced colleges. And martial masters who worked at martial halls taught these for a living.

Unlike in ancient times, these martial masters did not rely on their inherited fame, nor did they want to leave legacies. Their only goal was to make profit. So, the more money a student spent, the better martial arts were taught.

Martial arts all had certain requirements for physical conditioning. If the requirements were not met, it wouldn’t be possible to practice.

In the past, Han Sen had no money and no significant enhancement in his physical conditioning. Now with thirteen sacred geno points and lots of other geno points, he had become stronger. The practice of Jadeskin had also helped. Now his physical condition was among the best in his peer group..

Ares Martial Hall was famous on Roca planet. The tuition there was very expensive, but the martial arts taught were very good. The owner of the martial hall was a veteran and was famous back in the days when he was serving. After getting severely injured in a battle, he went back to Roca to open Ares Martial Hall.

Everyone called the veteran "Old Devil." As long as you paid enough, he would teach you anything, and you could indeed learn some really good skills.

"Young man, want to learn something? We have elementary, intermediate, advanced and special here. You can learn fist fighting, weapon skills, and even hyper geno arts here. For an elementary cla.s.s, you could choose to learn a martial art that I define as elementary for ten thousand dollars. For an intermediate cla.s.s, you could choose a martial art that I define as intermediate for a hundred thousand. Advanced are each for a million, and special are each for ten million. At these prices, I could guarantee a good learning outcome. Fellow, you look like you have a bright future ahead of you. Do you want to sign up for all special All twelve martial arts for only fifty million." Old Devil looked at Han Sen with a greedy smile, like a dragon looking at gold.

"I would like to sign up for an advanced cla.s.s to learn Ghosthaunt." Han Sen came here for a reason. His Dad had learned from Old Devil and told him Old Devil has a great martial art called "Ghosthaunt." Unfortunately, his Dad’s physical condition hadn’t reached the required level for Ghosthaunt, so he couldn’t learn it. He always had regretted that and asked Han Sen to learn Ghosthaunt when he grew up.

Han Sen also heard from his father that Ghosthaunt was especially effective on women. Han Sen had once again offended Qin Xuan, and it didn’t look like she would let it go easily. Not willing to be bullied by her, he thought of his father’s words about Old Devil and Ghosthaunt and wanted to take the opportunity. After all, a million was a piece of cake for him right now.

"Although Ghosthaunt is among the most advanced, its requirements were even higher than those of special You must at least max out on mutant geno points to stand a chance. How fit are you?" Old Devil looked at Han Sen in surprise. No one had chosen Ghosthaunt in a while because of its high entry barrier.

"You can test me to see if I can meet the standards." Han Sen was not sure whether he would pa.s.s either. Technically, with 13 sacred geno points, he should be more fit than those who had maxed out on mutant geno points.

"Ten thousand test fee for a physical fitness test." Old Devil placed a card reader in front of Han Sen.

Han Sen took out his credit card and paid ten thousand, and Old Devil was quite pleased by his generosity.

After scanning and testing in a dozen instruments, the test result was out, which slightly surprised Old Devil, "your physical fitness is very good. You must have almost maxed out on ordinary, primitive and mutant geno points."

"Can I learn Ghosthaunt? " Han Sen gave no reply, as his mutant geno points were less than ten, and sacred geno points and Jadeskin would explain his fitness.

"Yes. One million." Old Devil did not ask further, placing the card reader once again in front of Han Sen.

While a bit upset about spending his hard-earned money, Han Sen paid for it.

"Young man, you have great things lined up for you. Come with me. You’ll have to memorize Ghosthaunt first." Old Devil showed Han Sen into a screening room, turned on the hologram and left him alone in the room. It was Old Devil himself practicing Ghosthaunt in the hologram.

Han Sen looked for a while, and his eyes widened. He thought to himself, "Wow, so that’s what you mean by ‘especially effective on women,’ Dad!"