Super Gene - Chapter 243: Both Wounded

Chapter 243: Both Wounded

Chapter 243: Both Wounded

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In the beginning, Lu Weinan would come back at times. Recently, however, Han Sen rarely saw him. Han Sen did not know if Lu Weinan had given up or gone to seek others' help.

With no one around, Han Sen thought about using his bow and arrows to shoot at the sacred-blood creatures. However, he did not even have a sacred-blood beast soul arrow. Even if he could hit the creature, a mutant arrow could not cause enough harm anyway.

Luckily, Han Sen had reached the first phase of Yin Yang Blast and was ready to try it out.

Taking a deep breath, Han Sen carried the diamond sword on his back and shapes.h.i.+fted into the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer. Clenching his fists, he threw himself at the sacred-blood creatures.

The reason why he did not use the diamond sword was not that he did not want to, but that his level in Yin Yang Blast was not enough for him to integrate the forces in his weapon.

This time, Han Sen was completely focused. Without the sword, he could get seriously hurt once he made a mistake.

Han Sen was not sure why the creatures were lingering here. Han Sen had been here for almost a month, and the two creatures did not mean to leave at all. They were always around the lake, and sometimes in the lake.

Seeing Han Sen was here again, the creatures were not surprised at all. The knight immediately charged Han Sen with its spear, which reached Han Sen's neck almost instantaneously.

Han Sen growled and used Sparticle to dodge the spear with his four hooves moving rapidly.

Then Han Sen threw his fist at the knight, who immediately used its spear to block his strike.

The fist clashed with the spear. The spear suddenly spun clockwise and was about to bounce Han Sen's fist away.

Han Sen was overjoyed in that now he could see that this creature could only tell his target to attack, but not what kind of force he was using.

The clockwise spinning force did not drive his fist away, but drew his fist faster toward the creature's chest.

Han Sen wanted to hit the knight in the face, but did not control his strength very well, which was why the blow ended up thumping the creature in the chest.

Han Sen quickly moved backward after the blow, because the unicorn horse had already come toward him.

Fortunately, in nearly a month, Han Sen had seen how the mount fought many times and was prepared for it.

"I used the yin force, which should have some effect on him." Han Sen was not certain about the result.

The creature stared at Han Sen with a pair of bloodshot eyes and did not charge again. A second later, blood began to flow from the corner of its mouth.

Han Sen was pleasantly surprised. He did not realize that the yin force had such a great penetrating effect. He believed that the armor of this creature was no weaker than any sacred-blood armor, while he was still able to use the yin force to hurt its inner organs.

"Roar!" When Han Sen was getting excited, he suddenly saw the sacred-blood creature growling and charging with a spear in his hand at a greater speed than before.

Han Sen did not dare to spar with it without a weapon anymore. He drew his diamond sword and blocked its attack.


When their weapons clashed together, Han Sen lost his balance and moved back, while the sacred-blood creature had blood welling from its mouth. Using fierce spear skills, the creature was unstoppable.

"This is so weird. How come it became even stronger after getting hurt?" Han Sen decided to give up after taking two hits from it. He quickly summoned Meowth to distract the knight so that he could fly away himself.

When he was up in the air, Han Sen took Meowth back and thought he was safe. Feeling a chill all of a sudden, he tried to fly higher, but it was too late.

A black lightning bolt went across the sky and hit a wing of Han Sen's with a strong spinning force.


Although the wings were also covered in sacred-blood armor, it could not stop the spear carrying a strong penetrating spin. A wing was pierced by the spear.

Han Sen was covered in cold sweat. He was fortunate that the spear merely hurt his wing. If it were his body, he would be dead by now.

His instinct and experience gained in all his fighting and hunting saved his life. Han Sen had to drag his injured wing and tried to maintain his balance in the air. He could not fall down, or the sacred-blood creature would definitely catch him.

For some reason, the sacred-blood creature decided to let him go and left to pick up its spear.

Han Sen let out a sigh of relief, took back his wings, and landed on the gra.s.s.

"I hit the sacred-blood creature, and it was spitting blood. I believe when my flying beast soul is recovered, I could then beat it." Han Sen got excited inwardly.

Before his wings recovered, he took a sneak peek at the sacred-blood creature at night and discovered that the creature seemed to be well again.

"What? Does this creature have such a strong ability to recover?" Han Sen was dumbstruck. If the creature could heal itself overnight, it would be impossible for him to kill it.

Soon Han Sen discovered that something was wrong. The sacred-blood creature seemed to be just out of the lake. With such a serious injury, it was unlikely that it decided to have a bath.

"It is just a creature. I don't believe it enjoys bathing so much. Something must be different with that lake," thought Han Sen, gazing at the lake.