Super Gene - Chapter 237: Queen Restaurant

Chapter 237: Queen Restaurant

Chapter 237: Queen Restaurant

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Han Sen's roommates all widened their eyes, staring at Huangfu Pingqing who had walked up to Han Sen.

"What's the matter?" Asked Han Sen reluctantly.

"Have you forgotten what you have promised me?" Huangfu Pingqing smiled and asked. She then turned to his roommates, "do you mind if I borrow him for a second?"

"Not at all…" s.h.i.+ Zhikang blinked at Han Sen.

Han Sen remembered that he had promised to treat her to dinner. Now that she had even come to him, he had no other option than to follow her.

"First hooked up with our campus belle, now the new G.o.ddess… How come I never got lucky?" Said s.h.i.+ Zhikang admiringly.

"Because your skin isn't as smooth. Why would the pretty ladies like a rough guy like you?" Lu Meng tried to put him down.

"When the beauties get older, they would understand the benefits of being with the rough guy." reb.u.t.ted Sam.

Lu Meng threw a contemptuous gaze at Sam, who was tough-looking and full of dirty jokes.

"Aren't we going to eat? Why are we here?" Han Sen felt suspicious and looked to Huangfu Pingqing. There were now at the gate of the military school. Without permission, it was impossible to leave the campus.

"We are going to eat. Take this." Huangfu Pingqing gave Han Sen a pa.s.s and led him out of the campus. The guard checked the pa.s.s and let them go.

The minute they were out of the school, a private aircraft parked in front of Huangfu Pingqing.

"Huangfu, where are you taking me?" Han Sen frowned and asked.

"I said we're going to eat." Huangfu Pingqing held Han Sen's arm and took him onto the aircraft.

Han Sen felt his arm was in between clouds. He looked down and saw Huangfu Pingqing was wearing a white turtleneck jersey, showing off her curvaceous figure.

After 40 minutes, the aircraft landed on a magnificent dome-shaped building. Holding Han Sen's arm, Huangfu Pingqing swiped her card and entered the building.

Han Sen checked the name on the building and it was really a restaurant called "Queen," and next to the name were three stars.

Huangfu Pingqing took Han Sen to a private room on the top floor. The declaration of this room was a bit strange, different from a regular restaurant.

The sofa was crescent-shaped, facing a wall covered by a curtain. The table was also an arc facing the wall.

As Han Sen was wondering, Huangfu Pingqing had sat down on the sofa and took the remote to open the curtain. Behind the curtain, the wall was made of one-way gla.s.s, and they were actually on the balcony. When looking down, they could see a gigantic martial ring.

On the martial ring, a heated combat was going on. Outside the ring was a cheering and shouting crowd.

With another click on the remote, the sound could suddenly be heard.

"What do you want to order?" Huangfu Pingqing clicked the remote again and the holographic images of different dishes and prices were all projected.

"It's my treat, so you should order." Han Sen was completely attracted to the two persons in the combat.

There were both evolvers and it looked like they had already gained a lot of geno points. They both had practiced great hyper geno arts. The man had both his arms looking like black metal, and the woman was wearing a pair of shorts, with her long legs gleaming like silver.

One used fists and the other legs. They both had extraordinary strength and speed. Whenever there is the flesh on flesh clash, it sounded like metal.

Han Sen was strong among the unevolved. Compared to these evolvers, he still fell short. After all, they had different status.

The hyper geno arts used by the two also interested Han Sen very much, especially those that could change body cell structure. Those arts could make one's body as tough as a weapon, and one could even bear handedly smash a tank.

But they were not without flaws. Both the arms of the man and the legs of the woman could not stay like metal continuously. Every other minute, they would become normal flesh.

"Huangfu, where is this?" when the food was delivered, Han Sen asked curiously.

"The Queen restaurant is a business owned by the Ares Martial Hall. It is a combat-themed restaurant. Every day, Stevens from the Ares Martial Hall come here to perform. That not only boosts our business, but also promotes the martial Hall," Huangfu Pingqing smiled and said.

"You went through all the trouble to take me here. It could not only be for dinner." Han Sen commented. Taking him out of the school alone was a lot of trouble.

"Would you plan to do after graduation?" Ask Huangfu Pingqing, without answering Han Sen's doubt.

"What plan could I have? I am in the military school and I will naturally be enlisted," Han Sen said casually.

Huangfu Pingqing poured Han Sen a gla.s.s of wine and herself one. After taking a sip of the wine, she continued, "ordinary military school graduates would be second lieutenant or lieutenant, and for you, it would be easy for you to become a major."

"You flatter me," said Han Sen with a smile. A major would be the highest rank any military school student can be.

"So, do you plan to serve the Army always, or just finish your mandates serving term?" Ask Huangfu Pingqing again.

"I haven't planned that far," said Han Sen. Although the special school at belonged to the military, it's functions were limited to G.o.d's sanctuary, and it would not have any impact on Han Sen's official ranking.

"If you decide to work for the Army, you should consider drawing the Ares martial Hall. We have many alumni in the military right now, and they would be a huge help to you."

Han Sen had understood Huangfu's intentions by now. When he what's about to say something, Huangfu Pingqing smiled and said, "there is no hurry. You still have years until you graduate and can take your time considering."

Someone looking like a manager suddenly knocked on the door and bowed to Huangfu Pingqing, "Miss, we have prepared everything as you asked."