Super Gene - Chapter 214: Huangfu’s Offer

Chapter 214: Huangfu’s Offer

Chapter 214: Huangfu’s Offer

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A teenage girl with long dark hair stood barefoot in front of Han Sen, wearing a white dress, her eyes blinking.

"Beast Soul pet... Another one." Looking at the Holy Angel in the form of a pretty little girl, Han Sen did not know how to react.

This was such a big change. She had lost her wings and halo. You could not even tell that she was an angel. There was nothing fearful about her and she looked just like a cute human girl.

Despite her cuteness, she could not fight at all. He did not even know how long it would take for a sacred-blood beast soul pet to transform.

Fortunately, Han Sen also had gained sacred-blood gear, the diamond sword, otherwise he would be very upset. After all he had traded one katana, two mutant weapons, and a sacred-blood b.u.t.terfly boomerang for the sacred-blood pet.

One thing was for sure: the sacred-blood holy angel was worth a lot of money. Sacred-blood pets were rare. And a pet as cute as this one, which looked almost exactly like a human, could be sold at a great price, maybe even higher than the price of any practical sacred-bloods.

"Can you talk?" Han Sen looked at the Holy Angel and asked. She looked so much like a pretty human girl.

The holy angel widened her eyes and smiled at him, looking innocent.

Seeing that she could not talk, Han Sen took her back, and took up the gorgeous diamond sword.

The diamond sword was like an ice sculpture, and was slightly heavier than a steel sword.

Han Sen waved the sword around, and thought it was very smooth to use.

"What a great sword! It is very much worth what it has cost me." Han Sen felt more and more at ease waving the sword around, thinking it was easier to use than the katana.

As for the sharpness and toughness of the sword, there was no question, since it could cut through his sacred-blood armor.

Even the sacred-blood s.h.i.+eld of Thumb's was left with deep marks, whereas the sword itself was still intact. It was easy to imagine how good it was.

"It is such a shame that the sword could not be taken back like a sacred-blood beast soul. I could only carry it with me and use it here in G.o.d's Sanctuary," Han Sen thought. The sword had a very memorable look. Since Son of Heaven, Huangfu Pingqing and Thumb had all seen it, it would be a lot of trouble if he wanted to use it in the future. He could only use it when he pretended to be Dollar. Otherwise any of them could guess that Han Sen was Dollar.

Leaving G.o.d's sanctuary, Han Sens comlink immediately rang.

Seeing Huangfu Pingqing's number, Han Sen bristled. It was because of this woman that his girlfriend was still mad at him.

Having answered the call, he wanted to talk some sense into Huangfu Pingqing, teaching her right from wrong. While he just opened his mouth, he was rendered speechless.

Huangfu Pingqing was in a bubble bath. Covered under foam, he could only see her arms and the top of her globes, which still made his heart race.

"Brother Han, am I interrupting something?" as she asked, she lifted one of her legs and started to caress it.

Han Sen felt his nose was about to bleed. He touched his nose and said seriously, "Miss Huangfu Pingqing, do you need me for something? If not, I have to go."

Han Sen could not help throwing another glance at her leg.

"Of course I need you. Did you know that there is a mystery island floating above the Steel Armor Shelter now?" Huangfu Pingqing smiled sensually.

"Of course I know that. But I could never go up there since I do not have sacred-blood wings." Han Sen became nervous.

"That's a problem easy to solve. I can lend you a flying beast soul." Huangfu Pingqing turned around in the water and moved closer to the comlink.

Looking at the close-up of her white globes, he was about to explode. Han Sen said hurriedly, "Don't joke with me. Why would you lend me such a precious sacred-blood?"

"I am not joking. If you want it, you can come and get it right now. My door is open," Huangfu Pingqing said, blinking.

"You could say what you want here and now." Han Sen did not believe Huangfu Pingqing would be so generous.

"Since you won't come over. We should find somewhere to discuss. How about the cafeteria in section A?" Huangfu Pingqing said.

"No, I'd rather talk in the shelter." Since this was breakfast time, if someone saw Huangfu Pingqing and him together, he could never prove his innocence.

Although Huangfu Pingqing was s.e.xy and as pretty as Ji Yanran, Ji Yanran was more Han Sen's type.

Huangfu Pingqing was too cunning. Even though she looked great, it was tiring to talk to her.

Shutting down his comlink, Han Sen went back to Steel Armor Shelter and waited for Huangfu Pingqing at their agreed place.

Huangfu Pingqing was not a bimbo. On the contrary, she was smarter than anyone he knew. When she first came to Steel Armor Shelter, she pretended not to know Son of Heaven, so that the young master could help raise the price of many beast souls.

The sacred-blood flying beast soul was thus sold at a high price to Lin Beifeng. Because of the appearance of the Mystery Island, Son of Heaven had to buy it back from Lin, who ended up making some money.

Such a woman would not invite him to a date for no reason. She must want to discuss with him the sacred-blood creature on the Mystery Island.

He knew that Holy Angel was gone now, which other people were not aware of, and they were still preparing to hunt the creature.

"Maybe I can even gain something from this." Han Sen said to himself. However, he was still not sure how Son Of Heaven and Huangfu Pingqing knew each other.