Super Gene - Chapter 211: Game On

Chapter 211: Game On

Chapter 211: Game On

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There was normally only one sacred-blood creature on one Mystery Island. Han Sen did not worry he might run into any danger and sat down on a tree where he could watch the sacred-blood creature, waiting for the three to come.

In less than half an hour, the three persons had arrived, faster than Han Sen had thought.

The three also saw the angel-like humanoid creature and reacted the same way Han Sen did. They stopped far from the creature and did not dare to approach.

"Dollar, come out. Let's talk," Son of Heaven stepped back and called after consulting with Thumb and Huangfu Pingqing.

Obviously, they were also terrified of that creature and were also worried that Han Sen might take advantage of them.

Han Sen ignored them. Half a day had pa.s.sed, and Son of Heaven did not dare to go into the mountains.

"Dollar, let us talk. None of us can profit from this if we do nothing." Son of Heaven was worried. If it was some other sacred-blood beast soul, he would probably let go.

However, a humanoid sacred-blood beast soul was very rare. If he missed this one, he might never see another in his lifetime.

After he evolved and entered Second G.o.d's sanctuary, it would be even harder for him to get a humanoid beast soul.

So even if Son of Heaven hated Dollar, he still asked to work with the guy.

Han Sen pondered and flapped his wings to come out. Son of Heaven knew that he was here, so the young Master would never touch the sacred-blood creature. Thus, Han Sen had little to gain from it.

"Son of Heaven, say it if you want something from me," exclaimed Han Sen from afar.

"Dollar, I will offer you 50 million dollars to help me kill the creature, but the beast soul must be mine," said Son of Heaven.

"I will give you 50 million for the beast soul."

Son of Heaven held back his curse and said, "What would you want in return for this beast soul? Name your price."

"One sacred-blood beast soul," Han Sen said.

"Dollar, I am only getting a sacred-blood beast soul by killing this creature. Don't you feel that you're too greedy?" Son of Heaven wanted to kill Han Sen at that moment.

"I do not have to tell you the value of a humanoid sacred-blood beast soul, right?"

"Dollar, a humanoid beast soul is indeed precious, but you are asking for too much. How about we both compromise? We will offer a hundred million for the beast soul," Huangfu Pingqing smiled sensually and said.

"I am not interested in money. A sacred-blood beast soul or may the best man or woman win. You decide," Han Sen said decisively.

"Since you do not know your place, I will have to teach you," Son of Heaven suddenly growled and moved to attack Han Sen.

Huangfu Pingqing also summoned her bow and arrows and shot seven arrows at Han Sen at the same time.

Han Sen decided not to waste time on them and flew away. However, there was no wind on the island and Han Sen was not fast enough to lose them.

Huangfu Pingqing's arrows also distracted Han Sen and slowed him down.

"Son of Heaven, if you promise to give me a sacred-blood beast soul now, it is not too late. Otherwise you will regret it," exclaimed Han Sen.

"My only regret is not killing you earlier," said Son of Heaven, gritting his teeth.

"Then you will continue to live with regret," Han Sen laughed.

Suddenly, Han Sen changed his direction and rushed to where the creature was.

The rest were dumbstruck. Thumb slowed down and said, "He went after the creature. should we follow him?"

Son of Heaven said, "Do not slow down. Follow him. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d would never go risk his life. He is only trying to lose us."

Thumb felt it was a reasonable explanation. Dollar could never be so stupid that he would hand his life over to the sacred-blood creature.

The three were following Han Sen as close as they could, but soon they felt that something was wrong. Han Sen went all the way to the mountain and did not intend to change direction or stop.

"Brother, it feels weird. We should stop," said Huangfu Pingqing.

Son of Heaven also felt that and gradually slowed down, but it was too late. Han Sen hac already gone into the mountain.

When he was 300 feet from the sacred-blood creature, it suddenly opened its eyes, golden lightning bolts s.h.i.+ning in its pupils and blonde hair dancing in the air.

A sword as gorgeous as a diamond was also drawn from the rock. Spreading its wings, the creature flew up and threw itself at Han Sen.

Han Sen moved towards the three at full speed. They suddenly understood that he was trying to force them to fight the creature.

"Shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Let's run," cried the Son of Heaven.

"No way. We cannot make it. The creature is faster than we are," Thumb said calmly.

"We should work together to kill Dollar first," said Son of Heaven, seeing Han Sen was only 50 feet from them.

The sacred-blood creature had come behind Han Sen and slashed at him with its sword.

Shapes.h.i.+fting into the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer, Han Sen summoned his mutant spear and used it to block the sword.