Super Gene - Chapter 208: Mystery Island

Chapter 208: Mystery Island

Chapter 208: Mystery Island

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When night falls, by the glistening pond and under a willow tree, a young couple were standing together.

"Close your eyes."

"Why should I do that?"



"If you don't close your eyes, I'll leave."

"You can't eat your own words."

"So close your eyes."


"No peeking."

"Alright alright."

Seeing Han Sen had closed his eyes, Ji Yanran whose cheeks were red tiptoed and leaned her face towards Han Sen's.

However, before her pink lips touched his face, she saw that he opened his eyes and watched her with a faint smile. Feeling ashamed, Ji Yanran wanted to stop and turn away.

Yet Han Sen hands had held her small waist and she suddenly fell in his arms. His mouth covered hers.


When Han Sen was enjoying making out with his beautiful girlfriend, his comlink suddenly rang.

Han Sen wanted to turn it off but his girlfriend pressed answer. Suddenly, a s.e.xy woman in white lingerie with her almost popping out showed up in the holographic image.

"I'm sorry, Sen. It seems that I am interrupting you guys. I will hang up," the s.e.xy woman said with her face gloomy and hung up.

"You a.s.shole..." Ji Yanran stepped on Han Sen's foot madly and turned away.

" I can explain." Han Sen chased after her.

"I don't want to listen." Ji Yanran did not really want to run. she turned her head away childishly.

Having to explain to her while walking, Han Sen blamed Huangfu Pingqing secretly. He believed that she was doing it on purpose.

In her dorm, Huangfu Pingqing was in a great mood and humming a song. Of course she meant it. She had been informed that Ji Yanran and Han Sen went to the lakeside, and that was why she had calculated the time and changed into the right outfit before she dialed Han Sen's number.

"You won't be able to run from me." Huangfu Pingqing said to herself while enjoying her bath.

Blackhawk’s opponent in the next round was also a strong team. Although Han Sen and Ouyang Xiaosan had each won a round, the overall level of Blackhawk was too low to win the compet.i.tion.

Han Sen could do nothing about that. He had done everything he could have and many viewers felt injustice and protested the change of rules.

However, there was nothing anyone can do about this.

Because Blackhawk and St. Germain had all been eliminated and the Alliance Central Military Academy was not in the compet.i.tion, there was little to watch. After Blackhawk was out, the popularity of the compet.i.tion was plummeting, which made the sponsor feel terrible.

Except for Blackhawk's games, other matches were all protested against and had very low ratings.

However, the video of Han Sen and St. Germain's game had been played a lot. The ID Black Fist Emperor became really popular in the circle of black and white boxing.

Han Sen did not care for that. Black and white boxing was a great way to exercise the usage of yin and yang forces and the prejudgment of the opponent's intention. However, he did not intend to commit himself to it. He was only in the compet.i.tion because of the invitation of his schoolmates and he never wanted to become a professional player.

Han Sen went to the auction that Huangfu Pingqing mentioned, and the two sacred-blood beast soul both ended up with skyrocketing prices. He had nothing to bid with in the auction.

The sacred-blood flying beast soul was bought by Lin Beifeng with 178 million dollars, whereas the three-blade harpoon was even more popular and was won by Son of Heaven in the end with 230 million dollars, which made Han Sen feel quite unbelievable.

He had wanted to sell his SKTS and put in all his savings, but had to let that thought go, because he simply did not have enough.

The crazy prices made him want to sell his own sacred-blood beast souls at one point. He could become rich immediately.

Even if he could sell his sacred-blood beast soul each at just 100 million, he would have several hundred million dollars by now.

However, this kind of money was not enough for someone rich to buy an interstellar s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, so it really was nothing.

After the auction, Han Sen was thinking where he should go hunting. The moment he walked out of Steel Armor Shelter, the sky suddenly became dark.

"It is noon now. How come it suddenly became dark? Is it going to rain?" Han Sen felt weird because the sky was very clear just now.

When he looked up, Han Sen almost jumped. There was not a piece of cloud in the sky, but a giant island floating above the Steel Armor Shelter like a Mountain upside down, blocking the Sun and covering the shelter and its surrounding areas in the shadow.

"Mystery Island, it is a Mystery Island!" exclaimed someone.

Han Sen also recognized that it was a Mystery Island. He had only seen it online before. It was his first time to see a Mystery Island in the real life.

The Mystery Island was a floating island that occasionally appeared in the sky. Each Mystery Island had a sacred-blood creature guarding it, and according to people's experience, if someone killed a sacred-blood creature on the island, one would get its sacred-blood beast soul for sure.

Therefore, seeing the island meant chance of getting a sacred-blood beast soul. However, it was not easy to fly that high and land on the Mystery Island.

Neither primitive nor mutant flying beast souls could carry one that high. Only sacred-blood beast souls could, which was the threshold to land on the island.

Han Sen became thrilled. Steel Armor Shelter did not have many flying Beast souls to offer. And people here had not even heard of any sacred-blood wings, except for his purple-winged dragon.

The other pair of wings known to people in addition to his was just sold by Huangfu Pingqing and was now in Lin Beifeng's hand.

Han Sen felt amused, "Huangfu Pingqing must be regretting right now. Had she waited a little longer, the sacred-blood wings would be even more expensive than the three-blade harpoon. Son of Heaven is definitely also regretting not having bought the sacred-blood wings."

Han Sen found a secluded spot and summoned the black beetle armor which had recovered from the previous damages and his purple-winged dragon beast soul. He could not wait to fly to the Mystery Island.

When he was up in the air, he saw from afar that from the other direction someone else was also flying toward the Mystery Island.

"Lin Beifeng is fast enough," Han Sen thought and approached that person, but when he was closer he saw that it was not Lin Beifeng, but Son of Heaven.