Super Gene - Chapter 204: The Emperor's Anger

Chapter 204: The Emperor's Anger

Chapter 204: The Emperor's Anger

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"d.a.m.n, I should have believed that my judgment was right." w.a.n.g Yangjun bitterly swinged his arm, regretting.

"Yangjun, what are you doing? Do not get confused, and believe in your own judgment." Xu Yundi shouted to w.a.n.g Yangjun anxiously.

w.a.n.g Yangjun gritted his teeth and went up for the second punch.

Watching Hen Sen’s fist approaching, w.a.n.g Yangjun saw clearly that like the last blow, this one was also a white fist judging from the hardly noticeable details.

"Boy, you want to use the same trick twice? You can’t get me like this." w.a.n.g Yangjun stood upright and reached out a hand to block Han Sen's fist. "With my experience, I could deal with this boy simply by using my instinct... "


Han Sen’s punch fell on the hand of w.a.n.g Yangjun, and w.a.n.g was suddenly thrown away. He rolled in the air and thumped to the ground.

Black fist! It turned out to be a black fist!

At this time, the St. Germain’s supporters became silent and so did Wen Xiuxiu, forgetting to comment. She could not believe even w.a.n.g Yangjun had lost two points, and if he lost again, w.a.n.g would be out as well.

In fact, after this punch, w.a.n.g Yangjun’s psychological defense had been completely defeated, and it was difficult for him to stay calm.

"Is it a black or white fist?" w.a.n.g Yangjun looked at Han Sen, unable to judge with logic.


There was no suspense--w.a.n.g Yangjun was eliminated zero to three.

And this was just the start of this madness. Liu Yansheng and Ma Changkong who followed w.a.n.g simply could not stop Han Sen's performance.

Three to zero, still three to zero.

Three to zero in four rounds.

The audience's comments had become wild.

"My G.o.d, who is this guy!"

"Black Fist Emperor! So domineering. Even players in top 20 like w.a.n.g Yangjun, Ma Changkong, and Liu Yansheng were unable to get a single point."

"Cruel, it is too cruel."

"Black Fist Emperor, where did such a guy come from?"

"Han Sen... the name seems ring a bell..."

"He is our genius at Blackhawk and spokesperson of SKTS. How can you be so dumb no knowing him?"

"So it is him! I just searched the Skynet."

"Wow, isn’t he driving warframes? How come he is also so great at black and white boxing?"

"Genius, show these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds what we got!"

"Rock them."

"Five straight wins!"

"It's harder to beat Nalan Chengnuo though."

"It is not impossible. Look at the score, Han Sen is an awesome black and white boxing player."


Wen Xiuxiu only felt blank. She had no idea what was going on. Four of the St. Germain team members were already eliminated by a new guy.

"Blackhawk will not only win, but their victory would also be overwhelming." Thinking of Fang Mingquan’s words, Wen felt bitter and ashamed.

"Nalan Chengnuo, there is still him. The number 2 player in the Alliance. He had lost to none but that person. He will not lose." Thinking of the last player of St. Germain, Wen Xiuxiu felt like she had grabbed on the last remaining gambits.

Nalan Chengnuo, the best Martial Arts student St. Germain had ever seen, had shown excellence in various compet.i.tions.

In addition to black and white boxing, he could rank top 3 in almost every item he had signed up for. And his overall ranking in the Military Academy League Martial Arts Tournament. His skills were beyond the level of a military school student.

Nalan was even more popular than the Chosen in military schools.

"Nalan, this one you must win," Xu Yundi said grimly, having lost the pride he had had in the beginning.

Nalan nodded slightly and went straight to the holographic equipment.

w.a.n.g Yangjun and others stared at the live show nervously, not understanding how Blackhawk had become so strong.

"h.e.l.lo, I am Nalan," Standing opposite Han Sen, Nalan Chengnuo greeted his opponent. His ID was simply "Nalan."

"h.e.l.lo, I am the Black Fist Emperor. If you feel it’s too long, you can call me emperor." Han Sen said with a smile.

Chen Ling’s hands were sweaty. She knew Han Sen was strong, but did not realize he could eliminate four members from St. Germain.

But even so, Chen Ling was still very nervous. After all, now Han Sen had to face Nalan, who was a legend in the Military Academy League. Nalan had lost to no one but the monster from the Alliance Central Military Academy.

Especially in the black and white boxing, even the guy from the Alliance Central Military Academy only beat him three to two.

According to a well-known black and white boxing expert, Nalan had a pure mind, and it seemed that he had some kind of ability to see through the false. Any disguise in front of him was useless, so it was almost impossible to cheat him.

And Han Sen was clearly a player very good at cheating. Theoretically speaking, Nalan was undoubtedly Han Sen's nemesis. That was why Chen Ling is worried.

"Lili, can he beat Nalan?" Ji Yanran tightly grabbed Lili's arm and asked.

Although she did not pay much attention to martial arts contests, Nalan Chengnuo was so famous that even she had heard about him.

Although Ji Yanran believed in her boyfriend, she was still so nervous that her palms were sweaty.

"This is really hard to say. If the opponent is someone else, the genius will definitely win. But Nalan..." Qu Lili also hesitated.

"So what? Sen will certainly win," s.h.i.+ Zhikang cried.

"Sen is someone that will only be beaten by me, and before I do, no one can beat him," Zhang Yang said.

Lu Meng smiled, "Sister-in-law, you rest a.s.sured. Sen will not lose."

This made Ji Yanran blush, but also made her feel more relaxed.