Super Gene - Chapter 20: Her

Chapter 20: Her

Chapter 20: Her

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The next morning, Han Sen was on the train going to the teleport station, with many pa.s.sengers sharing his destination.

Most people could not afford a teleport device, so they had to enter G.o.d’s Sanctuary using a public teleport station.

Today, the conductor seemed to be in a bad mood. While Han Sen was deep in thought about what to do in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, a violent shake of the train left everyone who was standing falling to the sides.

Since he wasn’t paying attention, Han Sen also involuntarily staggered a few steps forward and fell on something soft.

Subconsciously wanting to seize something to regain his balance, he felt strange because what he was holding on to was even more soft and tender.

Then he found that he had b.u.mped into a woman in military uniform, and his hands were on her chest.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" The woman scowled and elbowed him fast and hard. If she were to succeed, Han Sen would have lost half his face. He subconsciously raised an arm to block the hit, felt a strong hit on his arm and involuntarily stepped back several steps.

The woman turned around and viciously stared at Han Sen. She exclaimed with just one look: "You! a.s.s..."

"Qin Xuan!" She didn’t finish her sentence, but Han Sen cried in fear. This woman in uniform happened to be the woman from whom he had gotten the nickname a.s.s Freak.

Han Sen did not expect Qin Xuan also to be on Roca Planet, and it seemed that she had enlisted in the army.

Being in the military was nothing uncommon in the Alliance, as all legitimate residents of the Alliance needed to serve at least five years when they turned twenty. When Han Sen turned twenty, he would also become a soldier, if there were no special reason for him not to serve.

Qin Xuan recognized Han Sen, but didn’t initiate a fight. She just looked at him with a cold and slightly disgusted look.

Han Sen thought ruefully, "She must think I’m a pervert now. I don’t even blame her. I did stab her in the bottom and now… If I were her, I’d a.s.sume the same. "

"There are so many planets in the Alliance, how is Qin Xuan here as well? And what are the chances that I would meet her and did this to her," Han Sen thought plaintively. There was no way around it; he would have to let the situation play itself out.

In the Alliance, wounding others was not allowed. Qin Xuan did not want to make a scene, so she just glowered at him and didn’t move further.

Han Sen had gooseb.u.mps from her staring and immediately got off the train once he reached the teleport station. To his surprise, Qin Xuan followed behind him.

"Dogs can't help from eating sh*t. I thought you were just innocent, while you are by nature a disgusting person," Qin Xuan said fiercely.

"You saw what happened. It was the train, and so many others also fell. It was just a coincidence," Han Sen said with a wry smile.

"Would you believe that if you were me?" Qin Xuan said coldly.

"What do you want?" Qin Xuan had identified him as a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, so there was no need to explain.

"You really are brazen, showing no remorse for what you did. It must not be the first time you have done something like this." Seeing that Han Sen wasn’t going to apologize, Qin Xuan raged, "You think I’ll just send you to the police? It’s not that easy. I can’t beat you up here, but in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, it will be a different story. You are going there right? I’ll wait for you."

Qin Xuan immediately left and the soldiers saluted her, "Good morning, Stationmaster."

Han Sen stumbled and couldn’t believe what he saw. He almost wanted to cry.

All teleport stations belonged to the military system. A garrison was a.s.signed to each station, and the stationmaster was the garrison's chief executive.

Han Sen had heard that the old stationmaster was to be transferred, and he couldn’t believe that Qin Xuan would be the new stationmaster, not even in his wildest dreams.

Han Sen had a bad feeling about the whole thing. As the stationmaster, Qin Xuan would know his whereabouts very well.

And it wasn’t even possible for him to use a different teleport station. There are three public teleport stations on Planet Roca, but the other two were too far away, and he couldn’t waste two days on travelling.

Han Sen entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary when Qin Xuan went to her office. He decided to wait until she left the shelter before he teleported back home.

Han Sen gave Qin Xuan no chance to intercept him. Taking some meat jerky made from the mutant scorpion, Han Sen left Steel Armor Shelter.

"Did I use up my luck when I found the black crystal?" Han Sen thought, depressed.

He did not go far before seeing Son of Heaven and his gang standing outside the shelter chatting.

Han Sen wasn’t interested in meeting up with them and went the other way. However, Luo Tianyang called him from behind: "a.s.s Freak, come here!"

Reluctantly, Han Sen had to turn around toward Luo Tianyang, perplexed.

"I’m calling you. Come here and you’ll get lucky." Luo Tianyang waved to him, smiling maliciously.

"There is no need. I’m not strong. I can only deal with ordinary creatures and can’t even fight primitive creatures. I am afraid I cannot help you." Han Sen knew it was never good when Luo Tianyang called him.

"Cut the c.r.a.p! Do you want a beating? I said come!" Luo Tianyang gazed at Han Sen with his face dark.