Super Gene - Chapter 180: Lover

Chapter 180: Lover

Chapter 180: Lover

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Ji Yanran was on the Battlenet playing Hand of G.o.d when she saw a reminder saying "My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran" was online.

"You finally showed up!" Ji Yanran would like to invite Han Sen to her virtual room, but thought it would make her look bad.

Hesitant if she should ignore him, she saw an invite from him.

Ji Yanran subconsciously clicked yes, and immediately entered a room Han Sen set up.

"Sister, playing Hand of G.o.d so late at night?" Han Sen sent a voice message.

"Yes, I do not have a commercial to star, or any pretty girl to perform with. What else could I be doing?" Ji Yanran said sourly.

Han Sen quickly said, "Do not mention it. I had thought that an actress would be pretty, but was so disappointed when I saw her in person. She does not have one tenth of your beauty."

As he lied away, Han Sen thought to himself, "Yu Qianxun, thank you for the sacrifice."

Ji Yanran was secretly delighted, but pretended to be mad, "So that you went for her in the first place?"

"No way. I went for you," Han Sen quickly vowed.

"How does the commercial have anything to do with me?" Ji Yanran pouted.

"You see, I already have a Silver Killer, but you don’t. My family is not rich, so I had to work for Digang to get you a new SKTS. In the future, we could drive matching silver warframes," Han Sen said.

"Who needs that..." Ji Yanran blushed. "It’s just a warframe. I could have bought it myself."

"I had this one customized. It has blue patterns, and is unique in the Alliance, which shows our love is unique," Han Sen said.

"Just a change in the color. If I want it to be done, Liu Changming would not dare to refuse," Ji Yanran still pretended to be mad, while rejoicing at heart.

"My thought is unique though." Han Sen was a bit shocked. He knew Ji Yanran was from a prominent family, but her tone suggested that her family was probably more powerful than he had imagined.

"You would really give it to me? Yours should come with the Digang mark, right?" Ji Yanran pondered and asked.

"Of course! Nothing is more important than my future wife!" Han Sen said.

"Who is your future wife? A warframe for a wife, you are too clever." Ji Yanran pouted prettily.

"OK, a lover then," Han Sen said, grinning.

"I’ll give you a chance. If you could show up in front of me when I count to three, I could totally be your lover," Ji Yanran teased Han Sen.

"That is not fair. You know I’m not on campus," cried Han Sen.

"Anyway, I gave you the opportunity. It’s not my fault you can’t make it." Ji Yanran knew Han Sen would partic.i.p.ate in the Digang Warframe Match and must not be at school.

"One ..." Ji Yanran counted with delight.

"No..." Han Sen whimpered.

"Two... you have to seize the time..." Ji Yanran laughed.

"Can you count down in a few days?" Han Sen begged.

"No, I cannot wait to want to be your mistress. I’ve showered and been waiting for you to come. How can I stop now? Okay, two point five… Hurry... "Ji Yanran continued to tease him.

"Sweet sister, wait for me a bit longer..." Han Sen continued to plead.

"I have been so h.o.r.n.y. It has to be now..." Ji Yanran fell into a strong arm before she could finish the sentence. Surprised, she felt warmth breath next to her ear and heard a familiar voice, "Sister, you need to stay true to your words. Now you can be my lover…"

"How can you be here?" Ji Yanran was suddenly so shy that even her neck was crimson. She teased him because she was convinced he must be on the way to Di Garden or there already.

Han Sen was holding Ji Yanran behind her, looking at her pink ear, and could not help pecking on it.

Ji Yanran suddenly felt an electric shock, going limp in Han Sen’s arms.

Looking at how pretty she was, Han Sen felt an urge and kissed her deeply on her lips.

Arms around Han Lan's neck, she kissed him back.

"Ah!" While the two were at it, a scream scared them and they quickly separated.

"Ahem, I am just pa.s.sing by... Please continue..." Qu Lili who had come to look for her roommate went away, grinning.

"You come back here." Ji Yanran was full of shame. She quickly ran over to chase Qu Lili.

Han Sen looked at his own right hand with contempt. It was this guy that had touched Ji Yanran’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s when she was dazed.

Han Sen only spent one day at school before he took an interstellar s.p.a.cecraft to Di Garden. He needed to compete in Digang Warframe Match for the endors.e.m.e.nt and the prize.

There were many applicants for the match in the end. And all the finalists were strong.

Some players from military schools even gave up the Starry Cup finals for this.

Compared to the King series warframes, the mysterious SKTS was clearly more attractive.